Top 7 Best Running Shoes For Women 2021 Reviews

The best running shoes for women share the same class-leading features together with the best shoes overall–they are mild, comfortable, cushioned, and just supportive enough where you need it most. Have a look at our 8 top choices below, or scroll deeper for more detailed reviews of those sneakers which earned especially significant positions from our female testers. Plus, you will also find expert tips and suggestions for buying your next pair.

Best running shoes for women

1. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

The 1080 was the plushest trainer in New Balance’s secure, but the new version is”bouncy, responsive, and mild,” says one former collegiate runner on our evaluation team. Give attention to Fresh Foam X, the company’s soft and light midsole foam. The only is thicker than before and has more energy return, but it doesn’t feel too stiff because New Balance gave it a more pronounced curve, particularly beneath the forefoot.

On top, its top uses an engineered knit, a one-piece fabric that is stretchy across the toes although sturdy across the surfaces of the shoe so that it delivers a secure fit. The molded heel comes with a deep pocket plus wraps comfortably up the back of the foot to eliminate any unwanted movement–a characteristic that was praised by women with narrow toes onto our wear-test team.


  • Softer than previous versions
  • Feels quickly, even for a heavier shoe


  • Some testers needed more padding in the collar

2. Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoe

A featherlight upper with a glove-like match holds your foot in without inducing any overheating or constriction, whereas the bouncy Zoom foam and beveled heel can help you push away, and fast. This is a speedy shoe, but that doesn’t mean it is just for race day. Faster runners adore it because of its pillow and flexibility on speed work and long runs alike, but any runner will appreciate the rapid turnaround of these shoes.

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  • Beveled heel and breathable, glove-like upper work together to enhance rate; good durability with Time


  • Price

3. Salomon Women’s Wildcross W Trail Running Shoes

Prime your legs for mud-splattering, because that’s exactly what the Wild cross is made for. Deep, spaced-out, toothy lugs ensure a strong hold on gloppy terrain, while the upper’s cozy, locked-in fit gave testers confidence on sloshy, soupy trails post-rainstorm. Both nimble and rugged, this shoe is for racing in dirt, gravel, and even snow, thanks to the protective, water-repellent mesh upper.



  • Spaced out, conspicuous lugs for dependable traction
  • Water-repellent mesh top


  • No rock plate

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

The support chassis consists of DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technologies, which can help stop drained ankles from rolling inward. From our very first test run to our last, we never felt hotspots or stress. The 27th variant of this Gel-Kayano really hits the mark when it comes to combining softness with power.

The compact shape increases the above-average responsiveness, a caliber that we love for race-paced trips. We analyzed the standard diameter Gel-Kayano, which felt fantastic on our exceptional average feet. ASICS makes a narrow, wide, and extra-wide choice to accommodate a larger range of foot shapes. Though the ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 boasts a streamlined profile, it weighs far above average.

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  • Outstanding support
  • Great landing comfort
  • Many width options
  • Well-shaped


  • Heavy
  • Aggressive support won’t suit everyone

5. Saucony Women’s Freedom 3

Their lightweight enables wearers to kick up the rate while the PWRRUN+ cushion offers noticeable comfort. The 4-millimeter heel-to-toe fall is made up of a FORM FIT upper mesh and patented PWRRUN+ interior foam. Because the sole is made from rubber, the impact absorption is high without giving the shoe a maximalist feel, and it holds up even through marathon training, which is irregular for additional light shoes.

The base is tough enough to withstand abrasions from tear and wear also. The support frame around the heel adds to the stability, and the extra-plush collar helps prevent blisters.

Saucony designed the Freedom 3 to be both flexible and responsive, and we absolutely felt that when running. The entirety of this shoe was reconfigured in the preceding version, which was plush but also heavier and slower.



  • Very comfortable


  • Less supportive
  • Pricey

6. Brooks Glycerin 19 Women’s Neutral Running Shoe

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is smooth, comfortable, and competitively moisture-wicking. Their comfort, responsiveness, and durability motivated us to maximize our distances because our runs felt effortless and amazingly light. Often, responsiveness and comfort are mutually exclusive, but that’s not true with Glycerin.

The addition of extra DNA Loft along with the reconfigured outsole of the model provides well-balanced functionality and comfort. The outsole shape offers quick energy yield, and the 10-millimeter heel-to-toe drop provides extreme underfoot softness without compromising responsiveness. Runners and walkers having a background of lower-body accidents will likely adore the upgraded service and space offered through the foundation of the shoe.

And, while very heavy, our reviewers concur that the smooth ride, DNA Loft technologies, and ultra-comfortable fit help negate this shoe’s less-than-amazing weight. Our group unanimously agrees that the weight does not detract from the operation of these shoes. Anyone needing a supportive, conventional, and durable shoe for everyday usage will be pleased by the texture and fit of their Glycerin 19.

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  • Smooth footstrike
  • Durable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Great lateral equilibrium
  • Tried and true


  • Less silky-smooth than previous models
  • Not as light
  • Somewhat pricey

7. Brooks Women’s Revel 4

The energetic BioMoGo DNA and Green Rubber come together to create a lighter-than-average, long-distance winner with a moderate arch and neutral design. These kicks are highly comfortable and breathable, both pre-and post-run.

Each women’s size 7 shoe weighs in at 7.9 ounces, which is lower compared to other Brooks models we have tested. The lighter-weight and unencumbered sense of the Revel makes it great for runners hoping to up their space. The 8-millimeter toe-to-heel fall is less competitive than a traditional 10-12 millimeter drop shoe, which makes the underfoot feel comfortable and natural.

That breathable mesh comes in the price of protection, however — runners looking for a trail crossover shoe will come across the structure onto the Revel to be lacking. And, while Brooks shed the weight for this shoe, sadly, it comes at the expense of top relaxation.

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  • Comfortable
  • Less rigid
  • Breathable


  • Less supportive
  • Less protective

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s running shoes?

It is really important to keep in mind that women and men both operate differently, and have different shaped feet… so opt for a pair of sneakers that have been specifically made with women in mind.

1. Lighter and Softer

Women’s shoes discuss a few features based on characteristics that might or might not apply to you. The designs of these sneakers are based on general group tendencies–like that women have less muscle mass than men and tend to weigh less consequently. Because of this, women’s shoes frequently have a milder and lighter midsole to make up for the lower amount of impact put on the shoe with every stride.

2. Foot Shape

Women often have a thinner heel in comparison with the circumference of the ball of their foot than men do. This implies that if a girl wears a size nine running shoe, she will likely have a wider ball, wider basketball girth and narrower heels compared to a guy with the same sized foot. We told you that it was a bit specialized.

3. The Hip Factor

Researchers also have found that because women generally have wider hips than men, our feet are more inclined to hit the ground toward the outside of the shoe soles. The inward rolling of the foot that results in this is called pronation, which explains why more women are believed to overpronate than men. Some women’s running shoes account for this increased tendency with different materials utilized for support through the sole.

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How look for when purchasing the best running shoes for women?

With so many Distinct shoes aimed at different kinds of jogging, consider to buying best sneakers for girls:

1. Cushioning

This assists the ground to feel softer underfoot and encourages ground-contact equilibrium.

2. Weight

Lighter shoes generally have less cushioning, giving a heightened rebound off the floor. They’re created for speedy splits and strong runs. For longer distances choose thicker shoes with more cushioning.

3. Fit

When it comes to matching, you need to size up by a half or full size – compared to your normal footwear. You want about a horn’s width of space between the end of your feet and the cap of this shoe.

4. Drop

This is the gap in the cushioning level from the rear foot to the forefoot. Speed shoes will often have around a 4mm drop.

best running shoes for women


Which shoe is ideal for you? It may take a few tries to find out.

Any added bells and whistles do not necessarily matter if they aren’t on your”want” or”need” lists. And just because a shoe is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s inherently better either. Use the manufacturer’s listed features as a manual, however, go with your gut and select something that feels comfortable and gives you reassurance for your miles you intend to run.

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