Best Running Shoes For Narrow Feet 2021

In this article, we will share the best running shoes for narrow feet. Most running shoes are also designed for medium to wide feet. What exactly can you do if you have narrow feet?

In case you’ve got narrow feet, you know it can be frustrating locating sneakers that are a fantastic fit. Moderate width shoes can feel sloppy during runs. Too much room on your shoes can cause your toes to maneuver around. This commonly leads to discomfort and blisters.

It can be difficult to discover shoes for runners with narrow feet. Many versions are not even given in narrow widths, even when they come in medium and wide dimensions. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the best running shoes only for you.

Best running shoes for narrow feet

1. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is one of the best-selling running shoes on the market. It is cushioned, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable. The soft, seamless upper molds to the shape of the foot with no stitching which may rub against your toes.

This running shoe comes with narrow widths, plus a huge size array, to accommodate feet of all sizes. It uses a soft palate in its own midsole to keep you comfy and encouraged during your run.

The Brooks Ghost 13 is designed to be breathable, using a 3D-print engineered mesh upper to keep you cool and dry. This upper additionally includes specially made stretch and construction for added support and a great fit. In addition to this, the shoe uses Flex Grooves to market forefoot flexibility.

Like a lot of Brooks’ sneakers, the Ghost 13 has a wide toe box. This shoe is excellent if you want a narrow midfoot and heel, but need some excess room around the toes.

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  • The width of the shoe is true to size
  • Lightweight
  • High levels of comfort and cushion
  • Good for heel pain


  • Limited color choices in narrow widths

2. New Balance Men’s Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker

The New Balance 990v5 is an excellent choice for anybody who finds they have trouble receiving their size correctly. Like other New Balance running shoes, the 990v5 comes in a variety of widths from additional narrow to extra, extra wide.

Runners with narrow toes will be happy to know they don’t have to fight with a 1 size fits all offer. They have the option of narrow or extra thin!

The New Balance 990v5 prides itself on using its iconic design and melding it with the perfect combination of cushioning and stability. The running shoe delivers great performance in both comfort and support, ensuring that the very best fit for the individual. It is timeless look also makes it perfect for wearing around town as it does for pounding some miles out.

Additionally, this is one of the few running shoes which is made in the USA. It costs a little more than other shoes, but this is because of higher manufacturing costs.


  • Shoes come in thin and extra thin for all sized toes
  • Comfortable and inviting fit
  • Lightweight for ease of motion and a smooth run
  • Durable and durable


  • Narrow toe area may blisters and distress
  • Suede upper not very breathable

3. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21

A secure but sleek running shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 was made to provide runners the ideal balance of support and pillow.

The latest version uses engineered mesh in the upper to provide an exceptional fit with a brand new, compact look. Additionally, it comes equipped with guide rails for pronation control. These offer better aid, reduce the burden of the shoe, and also provide for better wear in the mid-and outer sole.

Coming in a narrow-fit option, runners will love the improved ride that uses softer cushioning, more versatility, and greater heel-to-toe transitions. This shoe is intended to provide a smooth and soft ride.

While staying comfortable and trendy, the GTS 21 provides anglers reliable support through a guide rail system. This feature promotes body alignment, and also additional support will be ideal for anyone with more significantly developed feet. It’s primarily created for runners with low to flat arches who overpronate.



  • Great arch support and General support
  • Lightweight, sleek, and comfortable
  • Balanced and Decent transition


  • Some customers may find fit away from prior versions

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 21 Running Shoes

The Gel-Cumulus 21’s Impact Guidance System and Guidance Trusstic both work together with your toes’ natural gait to improve the control your toes have when within the shoes. Gel pads in the primary impact factors, the heel, and forefoot, give the Cumulus 21 the hallmark limb pressure relief of their GEL range of sneakers.

Its inside also has FLYTEFOAM Propel tech to acquire additional energy from each step and includes a sock liner that molds to the contour of the foot and wicks moisture away.

It’s only available in small, thinner matches for the female variants but ASICS is known to have tighter interior spacing than other brands like Saucony and Brooks.

Therefore, a guy with narrow toes may potentially find a satisfying match with medium sizes, but this would depend on other elements such as foot length and basic size. If you have expertise with ASICS and wish to take the danger, these are still an option.

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  • Gel cushions at the forefoot and heel decrease impact forces, improve relaxation
  • Well-cushioned and supplies ample arch support
  • Wide color variety


  • A cramped toe box might be a problem
  • Narrow option for women variant just

5. Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

When it concerns the top choice for narrow toes, the Brooks Ghost 12 is the new product name on the street. As its name implies the Ghost is a lightweight shoe that offers a smooth-running ethereal glide thanks to its coordinated toe spring crash pad that gives added rebound, getting you through the transition from heel strike to toe-off which a lot easier.

It is offered in a wide variety of colors for both women and men, and its regular 12mm offset drop makes it easy for conventional runners. It runs small and snug, being among the more compact shoes that Brooks have created, and so appears the perfect option for a premium lean running shoe from an established sports shoe manufacturer.

If you’re still on the fence, then recall your own complaints regarding how traditional sneakers are too wide? A lot of the negative reviews of the product often come from those with wider feet complaining the midsole is too narrow to them, so now the shoe may be on the other foot when this is the product for you.

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  • 3D print upper is smooth and breathable
  • Offered in a huge array of color schemes


  • 3D print upper is not the most durable, mainly at the heel collar
  • Narrow toe box

6. Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe

This shoe doesn’t offer narrow widths however their routine width fits narrow toes. It’s a neutral shoe with a 10mm fall that would suit individuals with high arches or who underpronate (supinate). They are well cushioned and responsive providing a comfortable run with great energy return.

In addition, they have some new technologies such as the torsion spring along the length of the sole, as well as also the 3D Heel Frame. This locks the heel in place so you don’t have to perform the laces up as closely round the midfoot creating for a more comfortable working experience.


  • Naturally narrow fitting top
  • Primeknit upper is snug-fitting and comfortable
  • Molded heel counter generates stability to the heel


  • Not lightweight

7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 running Shoe

The Cumulus are a really popular and versatile shoe from Asics. They’re impartial, with a 10mm drop, and therefore are well suited to heel strikers with large arches.

They’re a fantastic training partner for middle to long-distance running as the gels offer a great deal of comfort every step of the way. They supply just enough arch support to remain neutral shoe’ but lean towards becoming supportive, while also being lightweight, breathable, and flexible. What’s not to adore?

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  • Well cushioned and very comfortable
  • Reputable arch support
  • Come in narrow sizing alternative
  • Various colors to select from


  • Toe box may feel a little cramped.

8. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe

This is the latest version of the Kinvara, and unlike some brands where the latest isn’t always the greatest, the Kinvara 9 ticks all the boxes. It is a different neutral shoe that is very light and gives a good ground texture.

It’s fantastic for daily running as well as longer distances, so provided you’re utilized to forefoot running (it’s a 4mm drop). It is available in a narrow size, is very durable and hard to wear out, and is flexible. It’s also snappy enough for medium distance races but cushioned enough for full and half marathons. If you are utilized to operating with low drops, this could be the only pair of sneakers you want.

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  • Lightweight
  • Soft and cushioned but responsive in the exact same moment
  • Stable for a neutral, low drop shoe
  • Versatile, suitable for a variety of speeds and distances


  • The outsoles appear to fade faster compared to other shoes


1. What is Normal Width for Women’s Shoes?

Regular width for women’s sneakers is’B’, (for guys its own’D’). This implies’B’ is narrow for men and’2A’ is lean for women.

2. Can Shoe Width Change With Size?

To a degree, yes. The width of the shoe is proportional to the duration and the depth, so as shoes get larger, they also get wider.

3. Are some brands known for being more narrow than others?

Yes, Nike and ASICS are known for being narrower than other manufacturers — even if their typical medium widths. If you’d like a simple go-to to get a narrow shoe, you should take a look into one of these two options.

Some people find that if they need a narrow running shoe at New Balance or Brooks, they could get away with having a medium width from Nike or Asics because they operate thin.

best running shoes for narrow feet


So there you have it, everything you want to learn more about the best running shoes for narrow feet in 2021.
Hope that you enjoy this article.

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