Best Running Shoes For High Arches 2021[ Reviews & Buying Guide ]

Most people with inflexible, high arches may benefit from arch support shoes that have topnotch support and excellent cushioning.

A touch of stability might help for runners who overpronate, too, but the aim is to find a shoe that can help support your arch and keep it from falling too much.

Here, we will list of the best running shoes for high arches on the market. 

Best running shoes for high arches

1. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Ghost has been one of Brooks’ best-selling sneakers for ages. The Ghost has garnered a reputation for being a reliable performer on all kinds of streets, whether you’re just getting started or looking for your marathon spouse. Model 13 keeps the fantastic fit of previous models, using a new net, seamless upper that feels great.

These sneakers have a traditional 12 mm drop, meaning that your feet are tilted forward slightly. Great to get heel-strikers or runners using naturally good shape. The Ghosts have a nice, wide toe box, but cinch up at the midfoot to hold your foot in place. The best portion of these shoes is their careful balance of weight and cushioning, striking the best balance.

The extra cushion is exactly what your designs are searching for. DNA Loft foam helps support the arch by conforming to your foot and dispersing impact energy across the sole. If you are experiencing pain in your heels or only need a cushioned, best-of-all-worlds running shoe, then the Brooks Ghost 13 is a great alternative.

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  • Engineered mesh upper provides assistance without extra weight


  • Runners with narrow heels may Discover the heel too broad

2. Saucony Women’s Triumph Iso 5 Running Shoe

Known for its unique shoe style design and unparalleled comfort for a running shoe, the Saucony Men’s Triumph ISO 5 aims to deliver the best running experience– especially for people who have high arches. Designed specially to relieve and prevent under pronation when you run, the Triumph ISO 5 offers incredible support whilst also avoiding being too rigid.

The Triumph ISO 5 comprises an EverRun top sole which allows for lasting comfort even after months of use, and its enhanced EverRun landing zone works to give your feet maximum energy upon impact. With a rubber-only and engineered mesh, the Triumph ISO 5 is an excellent running shoe for those who need support while not wanting to sacrifice comfort. The Triumph ISO 5 is offered in 3 distinct colors and styles and comes with a removable foam insole.

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  • Durable
  • Very comfortable


  • Not enough information

3. Brooks Women’s Dyad 11 Running Shoe

This is a great shoe for individuals attempting to get healthier, lose weight, or just start running again. The largest advantage to this shoe is that it takes an orthotic extremely nicely.

The Dyad 11 has been redesigned to accommodate more foot types. 1 major criticism about previous variations of the Dyad was the toebox was overly sparse, even in broad widths. The Dyad 11 now sports a wide, broader toe box. This may better match more foot kinds and require an orthotic even better.

This shoe also tends to be a great option for individuals that are tall or heavy, as it supplies a broad stance with a high degree of pillow foam. The Dyad also has what’s known as a straight last. This basically means the sole of the shoe is straight from the toe to the heel, unlike most running shoes that taper in around the arch. This makes a supportive shoe whilst keeping the shoe marginally neutral and flexible.

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  • Offered in multiple widths
  • Takes an orthotic very well
  • Very cushioned for comfort and encourage


  • Very heavy
  • High heel-to-toe fall might be embarrassing for some

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 23 (D) Running Shoes

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 sneaker will satisfy all of your everyday runner’s requirements. This running shoe packs cutting-edge comfort into a durable and reliable shoe. If you’re searching for a smooth ride, this is without a doubt the shoe for you.

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 23’s good qualities certainly outweigh the bad, which is why we’d highly recommend this running shoe for those who train on a constant basis. The construction and technology of the shoe permit people to completely enjoy wearing this particular model.

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  • Contains gel cushioning in the heel, allowing for more shock-absorption with every stride
  • Mid-foot panel is pretty malleable, maximizing mid-sole flexibility
  • Gender-specific design has features that accommodate the feet for Women and Men respectively
  • Narrow-medium interior construction allows for a true-to-size fit
  • Padded heel collar and plush, wide tongue provides increased comfort, versatility, and breathability


  • Not Perfect for running long-distances, such as in marathons

5. Brooks Glycerin 19 Men’s Neutral Running Shoe

If we could just use one word to describe that the Glycerin from Brooks, that word could be”plush.” This ultra-cushioned ride will probably have your arches support together with pillowy-soft gel. At the exact same time, this shoe manages to be flexible and not overly heavy.

DNA Loft from the midsole provides a plush, responsive, and padded experience. This implies that regardless of your foot’s many movements as you operate, you’ll still preserve adequate support and comfort. At just over 10 oz for those men’s shoe and 9.4 ounces for the women’s, it’s a fantastic mid-weight shoe which won’t cause you to feel as though you’ve strapped bricks into your toes.

New in version 19 is a completely redesigned sock liner. What exactly does this mean to you personally? A plusher, softer, more comfortable feel the moment you put your toes in these shoes.

Another huge expert to this shoe is its overall durability. The outsole’s utilization of ridged technology and transition zones means you receive flexibility without giving up on long-distance quality. The new seamless top provides a protected yet soft fit through the whole shoe.


  • Customized match on midsole Due to Brooks’ Super DNA technologies
  • Seamless upper for increased comfort


  • Some reviewers complain about sparse midfoot
  • High heel elevation (36.1mm) may be too high for a few

6. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Running Shoe

The 1080v11 from New Balance is made with engineered mesh that’s breathable and comfortable for long-distance runs. A supportive toe cap and new, soft heels combine to give high levels of comfort and support. This neutral shoe is very good for people who desire a cushioned, luxurious ride that’s inviting for runners with high arches.

Ultimately, what excels about this shoe is your Fresh Foam in the midsole. This technology from New Balance is extremely soft and loved by reviewers for its lavish support. The blend of soft and hard blown rubber on the outsole also provides a fantastic mix of grip and durability that is great for racking up the miles. This newest version of Fresh Foam is the softest yet with fantastic energy yield.

This is a wide shoe — even at the standard, medium width — so if you have a narrow foot, then it’s not for you. However, when you have regular to wide feet, then you will appreciate the fit and stance.

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  • Plush and comfortable
  • Breathable upper provides extra comfort for hot climates


  • Fairly rigid shoe

7. Saucony Men’s Ride 13 Running Shoe

The Saucony Ride 13’s are for sure going to provide wearers with a firm ride and also a fantastic energy return with every step. This shoe provides a spacious fit from the midfoot and forefoot. The 13 also has good stability from the internal heel cup, locking at the foot for maximum security.

Overall, the Saucony Ride 13’s are comfortable shoe with some minor defects. The sneaker allows wearers to make the most of its skills for regular runs, long-distance jogging, as well as walking.

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  • Strong upper design
  • Dual lace options
  • Reflective qualities
  • Light and durable POWER RUN
  • Extended shelf-life


  • Rubber tends to come from outsole
  • Lace material accumulates debris and dirt fast
  • Lacks breathability

8. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18

Obviously, no Brooks shoe is made to wear only to lounge around the home, and its recently improved perfect pressure zones operate to disperse the effect of each of every stride evenly. Its signature dual jacquard mesh makes it a remarkably elastic, powerful, and above all breathable running shoe.

With enhanced cushioning and improved relaxation, the Glycerin is an excellent alternative for runners who need a bit more foundation for their sneakers. Its distinctive design helps stop your feet from rolling out which can reduce harms that may prevent you on the sidelines.

Best, however, like most of Brooks’s shoes, Brooks provides an incredible 90-day warranty. If it is not the best running shoe you’ve ever worn, go back at no cost! Offered in a few trendy colours, you can’t fail with the Glycerin shoe.

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  • Breathability
  • Comfortable


  • Not enough information

9. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 7 Running Shoes

Hoka One One is the original maximal cushioning brand, along with Clifton has long been among its popular ambassadors. The Clifton is effective for easy daily workouts and comfy long-distance runs alike.

Its high-volume midsole creates a superbly cushioned and playful ride but also manages to feel nimble and inviting. The credit goes to the wide base that creates a supportive base during runs. The rocker shape helps also, as it allows the foot to roll forward quicker.

The cushioned neutral-ness of the Clifton makes it a worthy choice for most runners, irrespective of foot-strike or even gait patterns. The comfortable upper of this redesigned Clifton 7 is a bonus. The forefoot is secure yet soft; at the trunk, the heel collar sits firmly and comfortably across the Achilles.

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  • Comfortable and Soft


  • No

10. Mizuno Men’s Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoe

Mizuno is typically known it is elite high-performance shoes, but here it succeeds to really go head to head with other high pillow sneakers. What is unique about this particular shoe is the way that it provides its high level of cushion.

Each independent pod crashes independently as your property, assisting you to overcome the difficulties connected with high arches. You’ll find your run is simpler, thicker, and much more comfortable.

Added flexibility in the forefoot and heel implies greater stability as you run along with a much better sense toe-off. Wave technologies mimic a foot action with large arches, providing extra levels of comfort.

Finally, the new knit top provides a sleek, comfortable fit. It retains your feet in place while softly cradling them for excellent comfort.

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  • Plush, cushioned ride
  • Independent pod foam engineering means a natural gait
  • Elite performance level toe-offs and stability


  • Pricey

How To Buy Shoes For Best Running Shoes For High Arches 

1. Knowing your foot type

The best running shoes will differ from person to person. Knowing your foot type is an essential region of the shoe buying process. You can do the wet evaluation’ at home and step in a bucket of water and then step on a sheet of paper, such as a brown paper shopping bag, then you will have the ability to realize your foot type.

If you are an overpronator or possess a flat arch, then you’ll see the entire foot and the horizontal arch will show up on the wet footprint.

In case you have a neutral foot type, you’ll get that average”perfect sand print” or footprint you’ll get in the sand and then see part of this arch. If you have a very large arch or are the underpronator/supinator, then you’ll see the print on the exterior and the center of the foot will probably appear carved out at the footprint.

You can also have a look at your current shoes to determine your foot type. If the sole is worn outside in an S-shaped routine, by the outer heel to the big toe, then you have a neutral foot type. When the soles are worn out over the interior of the shoe like the heels, then your foot type is likely an overpronator/flat arch.

It may seem obvious, but you need to make sure that the running shoe you’re buying will be wider than your forefoot.

2. Types of running shoes

Motion-control, stability and neutral:

Motion-control shoes are Perfect for pronators, those with flat arches

Neutral/cushioning shoes are for neutral (average) foot types. They are the most bendable sneakers and tend to be softer and less structured because these are for ordinary foot types.

Stability shoes are perfect for runners with high arches since you need a shoe that has more cushioning for shock absorption. Considering that the foot is more rigid in character, you need stability.

Start looking for running shoes that are cushioning/neutral, are comfortable and prioritize responsiveness, indicates Dr. Karp.

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Closeup legs of athletes wearing sports shoes in a circle

3. Cushioning

More cushioning will help cut back on the strain your foot is enduring whenever you take a measure.

4. Arch support

Start with something which has sufficient arch support. This allows more of their foot to contact the floor, cutting back on strain in the forefoot, heel, and ankle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is arch support good for large arches?

Arch support typically helps alleviate pain for individuals with high arches. Orthotics for example insoles can help relieve excess pressure on the heel and ball of the toes and distribute weight more evenly. High-arch insoles will also assist in preventing supination and consume the impact of walking, running, or jumping.

In case you have high arches, you’ll need an insole specific for you personally to mitigate the risk of injury. Ideally, Start Looking for an insole with flexible support that you can use in any shoe

2. What difficulties do high arches trigger?

High arches can give rise to a range of issues, including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Claw toes, hammer toe, and ankle and foot instability are different problems that could arise because of high arches. These will all increase your risk of ankle sprains due to the heels being pointed toward the center of the body.

High arches can also lead to other problems such as corns and calluses on the bottom of the foot and put people at greater risk for creating tight lower calf muscles.

best running shoes for high arches

3. How do you know if you have high arches?

We know a variety of ways that can help you figure out when you have high arches. One of the signs is that your toes often scrunch up because they never appear to be able to straighten.

Another frequent indicator of high arches is if you find the tongue of your own shoes rubbing against the surface of your feet. Because of this, your shoes are often uncomfortable.

The last method to tell if you’ve got high arches would be to notice where your weight drops when you stand. If your weight appears to always fall of the exterior of your toes, this may be a hint that the arches of your feet are too high.

Most importantly, when you have high arches, then just the ball of the feet and heel touches the floor.


Most runners don’t understand that they can still suffer from overpronation should they have high arches.

Shoes that were designed for high arches may correct this problem because they can alleviate the pressure that you often feel on the heel and ball of the foot. In addition, arch-supporting shoes are great in distributing your body weight evenly across the foot to cushion the effect from running.

Hope that you can easy to choose the best running shoes for high arches

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