Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Heavy Men 2021Reviews

Heavier runners are naturally somewhat harder on their shoes than milder runners. Whether you’re running to lose a couple pounds or you’re a naturally heavy and muscle guy, you might need to be careful about your shoe choice. Picking a pair of the best running shoes for heavy men may assist your shoes last longer.

Should you want more support, want more cushioning, or a more vibrant or neutral fashion, we found many other fantastic choices. Listed below are our top choices. If you want to pick the best running shoes to suit your needs, you should pay close attention to the following.

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How To Pick The Best Running Shoes For Heavy Men

1. Shock Absorbance

Good running shoes for heavy men have good shock absorbance, period. This is only one of the single most significant factors when it comes to maintaining your relaxation levels in the long term.

Shoe cushioning tends to compress over time, and the heavier you’re, the faster the speed of compression.

After each use, the cushioning yields back to its original type when the shoes are not worn. This retraction speed suffers when you throw in an additional few pounds into the equation. When the cushioning eventually goes level, it becomes painfully obvious since you’ll begin to feel lethargic on your gaps, and it can result in joint pain.

It’s important to notice, however, that cushioning and shock absorbance is not the same thing. Don’t be fooled into purchasing a pair of jogging shoes that has a super-plush pillow without both competent shock absorbance, because the compression will wear thin with time.

Make sure you look out for sneakers using a slightly firm cushioning. The balance between comfort and utility is absolutely key here since it will dictate your long-term form and relaxation levels.

Additionally, it helps to understand the nature of your running stride. Many people have a tendency to apply more pressure on their heels while jogging, while others apply more pressure in their toes. If you belong to the former, make sure you have plenty of support provided on your heels to avoid any injuries from developing.

2. Arch Support

When you are a tad bit on the hefty side, then odds are that you do not have too much arch to your foot as you want to. The direct outcome of this is you will have to compensate for this with great support in your own shoes.

If you do not do so, then you will have to have a lot of pain in your knees, knees, knees, and all the way up your legs. You can expect plenty of joint problems down the road if you aren’t yet taking it badly.

Constantly be on the lookout for shoes that advertise themselves as having good support for your soles. Barefoot shoes may look tempting, but they do not provide you any support at all. I would simply ignore this whole fad and simply go with a good pair of sneakers. 

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3. Width

Several of the shoes analyzed above come in wide widths, some sneakers operate wide, some run narrow, and a few have more room at the toe or midfoot.

It helps to be aware of the shape of your foot and where you enjoy the extra space. But, generally , opting for a broad sizing option will provide extra firmness, comfort and room in the toe box for a healthy amount of toe splay.

4. Cushioning

For those of you with higher arches, then you’ll require additional cushioning compared to individuals with neutral or low arches. Search for jogging shoes with layers of gel or foam around the midsole that affirms your high arches. Additionally, this provides relief in case you encounter painful feet after your runs.

5. Breathability

Although you require assistance, you’ll also require breathable shoes for running. This prevents odor from forming and prevents moisture from damaging the inside of the shoes.

Best running shoes for heavy men

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

This shoe is mainly for those who love the fantastic outdoors. It is designed for both experienced athletes and athletes. The Venture 7 provides a suite of improvements compared to previous variants. Mainly the comfort of the shoe, which means you may log a severe number of miles in them.

These shoes also provided that additional bit of comfort that those people on the heavier side need. GEL technology in the rear of the shoe provides shock absorption where you need it most, although the ORTHOLITE sockliner gives another layer of cushioning underfoot.

Like all previous models, the Venture 7 is true to size, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a size too large or small to fit. ASICS even claim it molds to the contour of the toes with time.

When compared with the conventional rubber, AHAR is twice as tough, therefore ensuring the abrasion resistance and grip that a runner wants.

Overall the shoe’s comfort level, affordability, and construction are its strongest attributes. On the other hand, the durability, especially of some upperparts, was called to question.

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  • Extremely Inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Fantastic all-rounder


  • The upper part of the shoe Isn’t as durable

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost 13 is their newest of this collection and if you’ve ever possessed any of the Ghosts then you’d know the type of following it has.

It is a neutral support shoe with its DNA LOFT cushioning technology that offers an optimum transition from heel to toe. The mesh upper provides a strong fit and provides that good breathability.

The Brooks Ghost 13 is the perfect option for people on their feet daily, and, of course, you’ll be pleased running in them too because they are light, supportive and extend elite performance.

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  • Good breathability and fit
  • Super lightweight and responsive
  • Lots of joint protection
  • Great overall shoe


  • Few complaints regarding durability and comfort

3. Mizuno Men’s Wave Sky 2 Running Shoe

This Mizuno pair is well known for its exceptional weight reduction system with the usage of a padded wave plate. This helps decrease the strain on your joints and knees and allows you to enjoy your runs with increased liberty, which makes them highly suited to heavy dudes.

An upper mesh helps improve the overall ventilation of the shoes, and it’s a U4icX midsole that offers extra cushioning to the heel. This combines well with the consistent cushioning across the entire shoe, which can be due to Mizuno’s Cloudwave technology.

Using carbon rubber bottoms makes this an exceptionally durable version. It’s also economically priced and is a great choice for heavy guys who mean to run frequently.


  • Cushioned wave plates help with even weight distribution
  • Upper mesh for ventilation
  • U4icX midsole provides ample heel cushioning
  • Cloudwave technology for exceptional cushioning


  • Size will run tight

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe

This is a 100 percent synthetic shoe which employs the FlyteFoam Midsole Technology to offer maximum comfort and durability throughout your running sessions.

The ASICS FluitFit upper tech uses a multi-directional stretch mesh and combines it with elongate reinforcement to help accommodate to a foot’s natural shape.

A Fluid Ride midsole helps provide optimal bounce back on the cushion, enabling you to feel like you’re stepping into a brand-new pair of shoes each time you wear these.

ASICS also uses a special forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning system which helps absorb the majority of the shock during impact. It also gives maximum motion on your gait cycle, allowing your foot to move naturally while running.

Additionally, the use of heel clutching technology assists the exoskeleton heel counter provide increased support for your toes.


  • FlyteFoam Midsole technology helps create a customized fit
  • Fluid Ride midsole for a better bounce back
  • Forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning systems
  • Heel clutching technology offers additional support


  • No

5. Saucony Men’s Guide 10 LR Running Shoe

These Saucony shoes are fantastic for heavy runners due to a wide assortment of specially designed features. The rubber soles, by way of instance, use IBR+ technology to enhance your traction while you run.

Saucony has placed XT-900 carbon rubberized through the shoe to stabilize areas that are prone to wearing out fast. These shoes have an extremely supportive midsole that greatly improves the responsiveness of the EVA foam.

This pair also has mesh to improve its airflow and general flexibility. The overall design has been proven to be particularly valuable for individuals with feeble knees.

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  • Rubber outsole for increased traction
  • XT-900 carbon rubber to improve durability
  • Mesh to improve airflow and flexibility
  • Especially helpful for individuals with feeble knees


  • Users report that the toe box may be a little narrow.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 is our choice for the most comfortable running shoes for heavy men. They are also stability shoes, which means they’re very supportive and are good for overpronators in particular.

What makes them comfortable is a combination of things. Like the previous ASICS shoe recorded above, it is made up of SpEVA Foam to provide a firm yet responsive platform. An EVA sock liner also leads to a springy rebound and soft cushioning.

Among the greatest comfort variables on these shoes is that the presence of GEL cushions in both the forefoot and rearfoot. You might not notice anything but their bounciness, but they help absorb shock and provide a powerful heel-to-toe transition and toe push-off.

In addition to the comfortable level, you will find useful things like an Impact Guiderail System to maintain the foot correctly aligned, ASICS’ Dynamic DuoMax support system to improve stability without added weight, and heel lock tech to keep your foot from going around in the shoe.

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  • Dynamic DuoMax Support System
  • Heel lock technologies
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems
  • FLYTEFOAM Propel technology


  • Might be tight at the toe

7. New Balance Men’s 1540 V3 Running Shoe

The New Balance 1540v3 is designed for overpronators, but it could be a worthwhile choice for older heavy men who need something quite supportive. It’s a near-perfect mixture of comfortable cushioning and impressive stability.

For stability and security, it’s some equally useful features. The EVA cushioning is placed in an ENCAP TPU frame, demonstrating a framework of equilibrium. The ROLLBAR posting system strengthens certain sections to enhance the good feel of the shoe and prevent rolling to both sides.

These sneakers are allegedly very durable, which makes them a superb option for heavy runners of any age.



  • Rollbar posting system
  • Plush tongue and collar
  • No-sew top for Extra comfort


  • Some buyers voiced frustration in the shoelaces being overly short

8. Reebok Men’s ZigWild TR 2-M Running Shoes

If you’re interested in finding a pair of running shoes that can handle tough terrain while providing an optimal encounter, then the ZigWild TR2-M is a superb selection. As much as these shoes look tough on the outside, they are flexible, comfortable and responsive.

These dynamic shoes are designed for runners who want a closer interaction with the character. They include a zigzag lone, which not only provides extra cushioning but also improves your running performance.

Additionally, it gives a trusted grip as well as great traction on different running terrains. As much as the sole is sturdy, it is not stiff. It features flex grooves around the forefoot area, therefore giving you a fantastic quantity of flexibility. Because of this, you find yourself with more comfort as well as greater control with each step.

Their midsole is made of molded PU foam, which supplies reliable cushioning as well as a responsive ride. Additionally, this flexible cushioning supplies reliable shock absorption and also much-needed underfoot protection, particularly when you’re operating on rough terrains.

Featuring a low-cut upper style, these shoes have been designed for maximum freedom as well as rapid transitions. The upper is also flexible while the soft interior lining prevents hot spots and blisters.


  • Excellent grip and grip
  • Reactive and comfortable midsole
  • Superior flexibility


  • No

9. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

New Balance has some seriously impressive performance technologies using its Fresh Foam X set, plus they have great aesthetics too.

The 1080v10 includes the signature high-performance midsole that’s softer and more responsive than their V9 model. Additionally, it has a comfy upper knit material and 3D heel that will hold up to lots of miles on the road.

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  • Good support and flexibility
  • Durable


  • Few complaints regarding designing

10. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe

The Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running shoes feature a competitive grip using an exact foothold and are ideal for runners who want to handle those soft, technical trails.

The Speedcross 5 uses what’s called Contagrip® TA, a rubber compound that protects the remainder of the underfoot platform from wear-and-tear. The design of the layer provides additional surface grip, an important element for running.

This is not simply a highly durable piece of foam, but it also gives you that extra security your feet need, particularly in the heels.

The top region of the shoe is really a nylon mesh that’s pliable although not overly loose or constricting. Breathability is provided by the minute pores which are in the fabric. The padded tongue and collar are all designed to cushion the upper dimensions of the foot. These cushioned parts of the shoe are also tasked with preventing in-shoe wobbling and casual shoe removals.

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  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very well cushioned


  • Expensive


1. What if I also have high arches?

Heavy runners with high arches need a well-cushioned running shoe with enough help to keep your feet aligned as you run.

When you have high arches, your feet don’t flex in a style that allows them to absorb the pounding they require while jogging. A foot with medium arches flexes, like a spring, to help protect your toes as your run. A high arch is too rigid to bend in this exact same method.

Because your feet aren’t capable to absorb this pounding, you need the cushioning in a running shoe to do it to you.

At the exact same time, you would like a shoe with enough support to keep you foot protected with each foot strike. You want the shoe to keep your foot centered to permit the cushioning to protect your feet.

2. Is running good for overweight or obese people?

The short answer, no. Running is a high-impact action that may create a great deal of joint and stomach problems for excessively heavy runners. We recommend that overweight/obese individuals consider lower impact forms of activity or walking instead.

3. How do I know whether I’m too heavy to run?

It’s not the ideal instrument for determining a perfect weight, however. So, use your best judgment and listen to your own body.

best running shoes for heavy men

4. Can I use running shoes to lift weights?

Absolutely. But, running shoes are not likely to be as versatile or appropriate for heavy lifting compared to cross trainers that provide more functionality features relatively.

Wrapping Up

Look, there is no ideal shoe out there for everybody. But that’s exactly the reason why we chose 10 of the best running shoes for heavy men. You get to decide which fits your needs (and feet), and there is lots of information that will assist you to make the best possible choice.

Have some questions regarding the information in this report? Do not be afraid to leave us a comment below. 

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