Best Running Shoes For Beginners 2021 [ Buying Guide ]

The best running shoes for beginners are not the same as what a veteran marathoner will wear. It’s easy to get overwhelmed shopping for new kisses. There are hundreds of designs on the market, every promising to make you quicker, consume more impact, make running feel easier, prevent injury, guide your toes into better movement patterns, and so forth and so forth. Considering that a fantastic pair of sneakers is literally the only gear requirement for running, it makes sense that brands would like to hype any attribute that will make a shoe more appealing.

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Best running shoes for beginners

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes

As a beginner, you can’t fail with all the Gel-Cumulus 22. As you grow in experience and endurance, the Gel-Cumulus will provide a solid platform to take your fitness and training as far as you want to go. The shoe comes with ASICS’ own FluidRide technology. This cushioning provides the sole a bounce-back that runners state makes them feel much milder.

Such as the ASICS GT-2000 8, the Gel-Cumulus has Flytefoam cushioning which also leads to the elastic, energy-returning bounce characteristic of running shoes that are cushioned. This will put less strain on your toes and should help keep you injury-free.

ASICS also added reflective materials for novice runners who like to work out at night. The technology brightens the shoe throughout low-light hours.



  • Good balance of cushion and responsiveness
  • Durable midsole
  • Extremely light


  • Little tight in the heel
  • Can feel overly narrow for a few runners

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost has ever been a dependable bet for runners who’re just getting their feet wet — or should we say, shod. The Ghost does not have cutting-edge technology, nor is it the lightest and cushiest among its peers.

What makes the Ghost 13 a fantastic match for this manual is its do-it-all versatility. The cushioning occupies the sweet spot between soft and firm, and the simple fact that Ghost 13 has changed to one density midsole makes it better.

The midsole has improved in the sense that it’s smoother. Unlike the previous versions that relied upon a heel crash pad made of different foam, the Ghost 13 uses a single-density foam pile. Just enjoy the higher-priced Brooks Glycerin, that is.

The top doesn’t use fancy lacing methods or new-age mesh substances. Brooks relies on a foolproof design that makes the best of engineered meshes and heel/tongue padding. This results in a true-to-size and comfortable inside.

When coupled with a comfy ride that does everything from every day to long-distance runs, the Ghost 13 has everything one desires in a beginner-friendly shoe.

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  • Very comfy


  • Not enough information

3. ASICS Men’s GT-2000 9

While the Echelon 8 is good for those with under-pronation, many others suffer with the exact opposite problem: over-pronation. Should you suffer from flat feet or fallen arches, you may want to take into account that the ASICS GT-2000 9.

ASICS additionally added their Flytefoam to the padding, promoting a springier bounce when you are running. The foam will place less strain on your limbs and should lead to fewer accidents, which is key when starting up and keeping up a new working habit.

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  • Great for people with over-pronation
  • Lightweight with this category of shoe


  • Snug at midfoot and heel; might be too tight for some runners
  • Not as roomy in toebox as other shoes

4. Brooks Launch 8

Brooks is also for good reason, among the hottest running brands, such as new and experienced runners alike. The Launch 8 is a popular shoe for people who should have just a little bit of stress off of their knees and ankles.

This technology gives you almost 30 percent extra cushioning, which makes it a must-have for beginners. Although the shoe comes with extra cushioning, it is not too soft (shoes that are too soft can actually become tiresome in your toes ). What the Launch 8 will do is return some of their energy from each stride to a leg, giving the shoe an energetic, springy feeling.

As your legs acclimate to your exercise routine and your fitness assembles, this springiness can help reduce fatigue in your foot and leg muscles and keep you running for longer distances. The Launch 8 also includes a one-piece mesh onto the top region of the shoe to keep your feet well-ventilated.

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  • Additional cushioning to avoid sore feet
  • Padded midsole, great for more runs


  • The updated cushion is less springy than the previous version
  • The extra support causes it to be broader than most shoes

5. New Balance Men’s 890 V6 Running Shoe

Finding shoes that actually fit when you have wide feet can be hard. But the match is incredibly important, especially for broad feet; if your toes do not have space within the shoe to bend and move with the natural motions of running, you’ll find yourself injured quickly.

The sneakers make a lot of developments from the previous 890, including a snugger fit. The 890v6 also comes with TPU strips at the forefoot, which makes them a far more responsive shoe. The strips can help with bending properly when you maneuver your feet.

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  • Well-ventilated
  • Perfect for broader feet
  • Much lighter than the previous model


  • Not very flexible
  • Still heavier than other beginner running shoes

Buying Guide

It can be hard to find your first pair of conducting particular trainers. There are many brands out there that offer a huge collection of styles that it may feel impossible to know where to get started. Here. Matters to consider when buying the best running shoes for beginners.

1. Material

Synthetic leather: The synthetic substance on most running shoe uppers creates the sneakers lighter and quicker drying while remaining supple and durable.

Nylon or nylon mesh: Even milder in design, uppers made from nylon actually let your feet breathe.

Waterproof: Some running shoes feature a waterproof upper with a unique membrane to keep moisture from penetrating. These types of shoes nevertheless possess some breathability, but not as much as some sneakers.

2. Type of feet

The contour of your foot can be a deciding factor in choosing beginner running shoes. The three main types of feet are normal or neutral pronation, flat or overpronation, and large arched or supination, also known as underpronation.

best running shoes for beginners

3. Types of shoes

Stability: A stability running shoe works nicely for runners with moderate to moderate overpronation. This style typically features a balance of support and cushioning with pole onto the arch side to counteract the impact of overpronation.

Neutral: Neutral running shoes are ideal for runners with a fairly neutral gait. They offer lots of cushioning without a great deal of arch side support.

Motion controller: These running shoes work well for runners with moderate to severe overpronation. These shoes often feature stiff heels.

Minimalist: A minimalist running shoe is extremely lightweight with very little if any arch support. This type of shoe allows for a more natural running motion with some cushioning. Beginning runners may discover these shoes difficult to operate in. Most experts recommend gradually slipping into minimalist shoes and alternating conducts with more supportive shoes, as the tendons and muscles require time to strengthen for minimalist sneakers.

Barefoot: Barefoot-style running shoes offer only an extremely narrow layer of protection between the foot and the ground to provide the feeling of running barefoot whilst still providing security. These shoes don’t offer any cushioning and have no heel-to-toe drop.


As a beginner at running, you may be surprised and find it difficult. With so many options on the market, we’ve helped you narrow down your choices with the top shoes above. Hope you will choose the best shoes.

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