Best running shoes for achilles tendonitis 2021

When you have Achilles tendonitis, finding the best running shoe is a priority. In case your tendon is inflamed, your routine sneakers might be making the problem worse.

Running shoes that are good for helping to recover from injuries to the Achilles’ have a high heel-to-toe drop, inviting cushioning, a lot of flex, and good ankle support. If you overpronate, then you’ll also want to ensure your running shoe has sufficient stability.

In this guide, we’ll review the best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis so you can pick a shoe that makes it possible to ease back into running while preventing re-aggravating the harm.

What Achilles Tendonitis is

Achilles Tendonitis (now called Achilles Tendinopathy) is a phrase used to refer to a process of degeneration that occurs within your tendon. The process is complex and more facts around what occurs are constantly being brought to light.

Achilles Tendonitis is characterized by changes in the structure of your limb where fibers that used to be parallel eventually become tangled. This can often bring about a visible lump from the Achilles.

The most important piece of information is we understand Achilles Tendonitis occurs usually because of the rapid shift in loading of the tendon. This procedure can also be somewhat reversed by changing the load throughout the tendon.

Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis coastalfloridasportspark 1

Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

The best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis are based on the terrain and also the contour of your foot. Running with the incorrect pair of shoes or sporting worn-out sneakers, coupled with a surprising shift in practice mileage or kind, can cause Achilles tendonitis.

In case you were diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis, wearing supportive shoes may be employed to correct foot misalignments, particularly if flat feet bring about Achilles tendon pain. Wearing properly fitted running shoes can help prevent Achilles tendonitis by cushioning the attack and lowering your tendon’s impact.

Best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis

1. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

The Under Armour Charged 8 Running Shoe does not disappoint. It is the perfect alternative for runners who want cushioning and flexibility. The shoe is specially designed to not only protect your feet but also allow airflow keeping your feet cool and dry.

The softness of this insole helps people with Achilles tendonitis to conquer their feeling of soreness and pain and execute running training.

The lightweight only is enhanced with air cushioning to provide pleasant feedback when walking. The outsole is constructed of solid rubber for maximum durability. The premium quality laces provided ensures that the shoe stays firmly in your foot at any way times. The rubber outsole provides maximum traction in varying trail conditions. Additionally, it features a non-slip to cope with wet or slippery terrain.

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  • Reputable surface traction
  • Helps to reduce pain around the ankles
  • Upper feels soft and comfortable but still holds the foot in position
  • Comfortable construction Which Allows you to wear the shoe all-day
  • Versatile appearance makes the shoe perfect for Many Different occasions


  • Some people lament the lack of support close to the arch
  • Fabrics of the top possess a tendency of rubbing against the feet irritatingly, according to a testers

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

The best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis is your Brooks Ghost 12 since it provides excellent cushioning for the heel and firm arch support to help reduce the tension in the tendon. This new running shoe offers all the qualities needed to take care of typical long-distance running.

The soles are very supportive, flexible, responsive, and provide comfortable arch support. You will find the profound cutout around the ankle as well as the padded fabric around the Achilles tendon helps to get rid of rubbing and chafing, causing blisters. If you’ve Achilles tendon pain, the shoe includes a 12-millimeter heel-to-toe fall.

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  • Balanced and Soft Cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable


  • Not enough information

3. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Running

The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe includes a 6-millimeter heel-to-toe drop that helps to lower the amount of stress put on the Achilles. The gel pad onto the heels and the front help to maintain the runner’s feet feeling less shock from each stride.

The shoe is very lightweight and boasts lots of cushioning along with a natural cure to toe transition. It also provides an excellent roll-through feel giving you flexibility as you proceed throughout your regular.

The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe is a top-quality, water-resistance shoe that will certainly give you a much better and more comfortable experience when jogging or running which its appropriate midsole and fantastic cushioning.

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  • Durable and Higher quality materials
  • High drop for Achilles support
  • Fantastic cushioning and responsiveness
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors


  • The insole Isn’t the best, it is too thin
  • It’s not Offered in a wide size

4. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost 13 is excellent for people who are recovering from tendonitis because it supplies a great fit along with support and a high drop. The Ghost 13 has been among the best-selling and most popular running shoes in the marketplace for the last several years.

The Ghost 13 has a notable midsole fall of 12mm, which helps relieve pressure on your tendon. Furthermore, the shoe’s BioMoGo Gel together with the DNA Loft foam midsole cushioning system adjusts to your stride. You’ll feel a smooth footfall with each step. This means your Achilles’ won’t be stressed as much, which will decrease pain and inflammation.

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  • Good flex and heel-to-toe stride
  • Heel collar helps stabilize the ankle
  • Upper feels soft and comfy but still holds the foot in position


  • Typical colour choice

5. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike has made 37 versions of this Air Zoom Pegasus running shoe. The midsole is fresh, which is assembled with springy React foam instead of Cushlon ST. It comes with a forefoot air unit that’s a pocket of air inside the midsole. The top net is somewhat thinner than the previous perforated mesh.

The brand new design spreads out the pressure from the laces better. At the rear, you get an upturned collar with additional padding supporting the Achilles to keep your heel stuck into the footbed. The top ventilates well but retains moisture for more than other net constructions.

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  • Durable 
  • Very comfortable


  • No

6. Saucony Men’s Ride 13 Running Shoe

The Saucony Ride 13 is a great all-around shoe that has features beneficial to runners with Achilles’ tendonitis. The Ride 13 comes with an 8mm heel counter, which will help to alleviate Achilles’ pain.

It is perfect for those who have neutral pronation and for runners that need some cushioning but do not need a great deal of extra support. The shoe’s rubber sole is intended to give great traction and added flex for a natural running texture.

New from the Ride ISO two is a redesigned upper comprising FORMFIT. But the pliable and soft upper will nevertheless allow you to dial in a customized fit. Also new is a coating of PWRRUN foam in the midsole. This foam offers nice cushioning but nevertheless gives the shoe a peppy and responsive ride.

Frequent stops and starts aren’t great for your tendonitis, yet this shoe contains some sacrifice in the ideal places to make acceleration and deceleration just a bit less traumatic for your own tendon. You may come across that the shoe a bit unresponsive and large if you’re more used to a milder, less cushioned shoe.

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  • Great for Those Who Have normal arches who need modest support
  • Good fit in the upper
  • Lots of cushioning and responsive


  • Drop not as Large as other running shoes

7. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21

Having a heel-to-toe drop of 12mm, it’s hard to find a shoe that is more devoted to keeping the proper standing of your Achilles’ tendon.

The shoe’s arch is targeted towards those with low to flat arches. The shoe is relatively lightweight thanks to its seamless mesh top. The net is quite breathable, but may not secure your foot in the exact same way prior versions have.

The GTS 21 also has guide rails for support. Guide rails are a new technology out of Brooks that supplies just as much aid as you need. This frees up the shoe and gives it greater cushioning and durability in the midsole. Support and equilibrium are also key as it means your Achilles tendon won’t be stressed with each step.



  • High fall for Achilles support
  • Lightweight and breathable top mesh
  • Supportive and comfortable


  • Upper may not be secure enough for a few runners

8. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 23 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Rider 23 is specially designed for high mileage and tough running. For increased breathability, the shoe includes a mesh upper which allows it to be flexible and protective.

The upper unit also has a fit-in movement to present extra flexible support, which has great flex and higher drop ideal for Achilles tendonitis.

I feel that the Wave Rider 23 isn’t only a running shoe for those with Achilles tendonitis, but also all types of runners. The sock liner provides the needed support to reduce the flare-ups and prevent injuries as you run. Its own laces will lock your feet for increased stability and reducing strain on them.

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  • The Mizuno Cloud Wave offers excellent cushioning
  • Wonderful stability and support for any condition
  • Comfortable height


  • Doesn’t provide a good grip on wet surfaces

9. New Balance Men’s 1080v10 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

It is the second time I’ve used the new Balance 1080v10, also it is a really good reason since they’re quite good at what they have been created for.

The sneakers sole is made from a foam material that’s very good at absorbing a lot of the vibration and impact you receive from the floor, which would ordinarily irritate the Achilles tendon. I’ve also recommended these shoes for anybody running with knee pain because of this superb job it will at minimizing vibrations throughout the leg.

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  • This substance is incredibly soft and moves nicely with my foot during the running stride.


  • The price point is a bit on the other side if you’re an amateur runner.

10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

The ASICS Gel Kayano 27 is equipped with the best technology they must offer. The design has undergone little and productive changes both to the structure and design. It features duo density running at the beginning of the outer heel counter to the arch’s leading.

The Trusstic system supports the arch using a hard plastic plate on the bottom of the outsole and provides a lot of stability.

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  • The Flytefoam propel cushioning generates a very stable ride making the shoe extremely durable.


  • Some changes cause the rear section of the trainers to be stiff, stiff, and hefty.


1. Can I keep running with Achilles tendonitis?

Though many runners attempt to run through the pain that’s caused by Achilles tendonitis, we wouldn’t advise this strategy. Since this injury results from overusing the tendon, continued running was repeatedly shown to stress that the damaged tendon even more, which makes the condition worse.

And of course, that running often increases the swelling around the tendon. The end result of this swelling is a tendon that’s not able to fully heal. We understand that not being in a position to exercise can be extremely annoying, but resting the tendon is the only way it will cure completely.

2. Can inserts or orthotics help with Achilles tendonitis?

Yes, they certainly will. Adjusting how your foot strikes the floor can play a huge role, and using fit or orthotics can help neutralize and force your feet to attack the floor properly, causing less strain on regions of your body by the feet, ankles, Achilles, and knees.

best running shoes for achilles tendonitis


Running shoes for Achilles pain depends upon the person and the conditions in which they operate. Research and podiatrists agree that a shoe with a higher heel and a turned-up toe or rocker under the toe will reduce the Achilles tendon load. And that’s good for runners who are having Achilles problems.

 As opposed to mandating one type of shoe for running, we advise utilizing various shoes appropriate to your foot and working requirements.

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