Top 8 Best Running Gloves 2021 [ Updated ]

It just takes one debilitating run with exposed hands for exercisers to understand that running gloves are essential for cold-weather runs. Running without gloves in frigid weather isn’t only embarrassing and distracting, but it can also lead to problems such as cracked and chafed skin, as well as more severe skin damage in extreme temperatures.

Here are the best running gloves available on the market for all your requirements.

Best running gloves

1. Under Armour Men’s Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

Keeping your hands dry and warm is your final goal in cold weather. Under Armour Liner 2.0 gloves will allow you to attain this target with its unique Storm technology. It resists rain and snow without compromising breathability. The running gloves come with a mitten cover, which offers great warmth from extreme weather. The excess mitt component will not feel bulky and may be stored safely in warmer temperatures.

It is accompanied by an extended glove’s cuff; it is easy to tuck the gloves on your sweater or coat for additional warmth and a cozy fit. Moreover, the Touchscreen compatibility permits you to use your cell phone, smartwatch, or tablet without taking off the gloves. The gloves come with miniature and handy clips. You can easily clip and store them together for later usage.

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  • UA Storm Technology
  • Ultra-soft knit fabric
  • Ribbed wrist cuffs
  • Tech Touch technology


  • Not warm enough

2. TrailHeads Men’s Running Gloves

With innovative layouts and a commitment to providing ultimate performance, design, comfort, and fit, TrailHeads includes everything you need in a running glove. Whether you would like to choose hiking, running, skiing, or maybe simply walking from the cold weather, the running gloves will make your own time out comfortable and enjoyable.

The Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric supplies a four-way stretch featuring a smooth and extremely durable exterior layer that’s windproof. Moreover, the gloves are lightweight and come with soft and moisture-wicking bristles. The interior layer of these gloves also provides outstanding thermal efficiency.

You may conveniently use the glove to modify your own playlist, call, or perhaps text while your palms are hot indoors. Moreover, the silicone diamond-shaped hand grips allow you to hold the phone securely.

Wiping your own face with any ordinary glove can result in itchiness and even scrapes. However, that does not happen with Trailheads running gloves. The backside of the glove has an additional ribbon of terry cloth brow wipe, which offers a smooth and soft touch.

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  • 4-way power stretch created for movement
  • Wind resistant
  • Diamond-shaped grip palm
  • Inner layer wicks moisture
  • Lightweight


  • Not Acceptable for extremely cold weather conditions

3. Touch Screen Running Gloves

These running gloves from Outdoor Essentials are very reasonably priced, without sacrificing in quality. Made from four-way stretch cloth, they conform to the contour of your hands for a personalized fit and possess touchscreen capability that’s comparable to much more expensive pairs.

The grippy silicone dots on the fingers and palm allow you to safely hold your phone or bottle. Without a prominent logo on them, these versatile gloves may also function double-duty for casual wear and also are ideal for driving or running errands.

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  • Very comfortable
  • Soft
  • Affordable


  • No

4. SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

A watertight membrane is sandwiched between the nylon exterior and a comfy merino wool lining, making the gloves feel a small crinkly, but you don’t get that same suffocating feeling just like some other waterproof gloves. In our freezer evaluation, the Ultra Grip was only in the middle of the bunch for warmth retention.

However, when taken on a genuine run on rainy, 35-degree nighttime, the combination of merino and membrane trapped heat and kept us toasty. Touchscreen-friendly fingertips and a rubberized palm permit you to operate a phone.

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  • Look great


  • Not enough information

5. TrailHeads Men’s Power Stretch Convertible Mittens

For unpredictable winter weather, even a glove-and-mitten combination is a versatile option. These convertible mittens contain thermal interior gloves, plus a windproof and waterproof outer mitt for additional protection and warmth.

When your hands warm-up or you want to use the touchscreen gloves, just tuck the attached mitten top back in the storage pocket. The reflective components in the barbell and mitten cover also increase your visibility during winter evenings and weekends.

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  • Tight fit and light material
  • Mesh inserts help port heat
  • Tight wrists keep you warm where it matters
  • Great moisture wicking ability


  • It May not be warm enough for runs at the intense cold

6. Karrimor Womens Running Gloves

These are cheap and cheerful glove designed to keep your hands warm when the nights become cooler. With extra details including directional detail and a key pocket at the hands, you can go out for your day run knowing that you’re visible and that your secret is in a secure location.

Contrary to other gloves on the listing, they don’t offer smartphone compatibility or additional traction but for a fundamental glove that really does the task, you can not go wrong.


  • Low cost
  • Key pocket in hands


  • Not enough information

7. Smartwool Unisex Liner Glove

The merino wool is excellent at regulating your temperature–you won’t get overly hot on warmer days but will stay toastier than at a comparably thin polyester version. The glove is knit with acrylic for mild stretch and a better match than wool alone, in addition to the fingertip and thumb work with your smartphone. Because it’s made from antimicrobial yarn, you can wear it all winter without it or washing taking on a funky smell.

The Gore Wear Infinium Gloves are the best running gloves, hands down. Somehow, these gloves’ handle stay thin and light whilst also being windproof and highly water repellent. I wore leather gloves before that shielded my hands from chilly winds less than the Gore Wear Infinium Gloves.

It seems somewhat unreal, wearing those gloves. After running and cycling in them, I was trying really, really difficult to find something negative to say about these but all I could muster was that probably when the weather is actually cold, they might not provide adequate insulation, but I am splitting hairs.

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  • Windproof
  • Highly water-repellent
  • Breathable
  • Touchscreen tips


  • Not Great for very cold weather ailments

8. Zensah Smart Running Gloves

Mostly known for their high-performance compression socks, Zensah also makes a quality running glove with plenty of cool features. These gloves combine high breathability with stretchy comfort and warmth. Perfect for running in the dark or low-light conditions, they’ve reflective stripes on the palms, so oncoming automobiles can spot you.

Runners also appreciate the palms’ grippy surface, touchscreen capacity on the thumbs and forefingers, and the microsuede nose wipe on the back of the palms.

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  • Nose-wipe-friendly cloth swatch
  • Warm
  • Has most features running gloves should have
  • Roomy interior


  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Not watertight

Things To Consider When Choosing Running Gloves

When it comes to choosing a set of running gloves, there are lots of essential features you need to remember. Listed here are the most significant things you will need to think about when upgrading your gear.

1. Materials/Fabric

Generally, the gloves are built from a synthetic mix. Each fabric provides different breathability, wind, sweat-wicking features that are worth noticing when choosing the best running gloves.

Polyester: Polyester provides comparatively high sweat-wicking and breathability features that keep your hands comfortable and dry while keeping enough heat.

Fleece: Some gloves have a fleece panel on the outside of the glove as terry fabric. It is used to wipe away any perspiration on your face. Additionally, it’s extremely warm.

Acrylic: Acrylic-elastane is moderately warm, stretchy, and breathable.

However, it lacks a moisture-wicking and breathability section.

2. Fit

Paying attention to sizing is important if it comes to running gloves and mittens. In case you have too much excess cloth, the gloves will not keep you as warm as they should. And if you get a size too small, you’ll just wind up yanking them to maintain your wrists coated and that is just going to frighten you. A little big is much better than too little, but finding the ideal fit is ideal.

best running gloves

3. Comfort

Your gloves should be comfy while you wear them so you can focus on running. The gloves should feel like another layer of epidermis that’s snug but not too tight. Though the running gloves are made for cold weather, then you should be able to use them in numerous seasons.

Comfort doesn’t have to come at the expense of durability. You should look for running gloves that are comfortable, but well-made and durable enough for all-season use.

4. Breathability

Another essential issue to consider is how breathable your running gloves are. You ought to look for gloves that are comparatively ventilated. Your palms should not get too hot or sweaty once you’re running for a protracted period.

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5. Waterproofing

Many gloves are either water-resistant and you can even find some that are totally watertight. Well, it is possible to find a lot of gloves that are completely waterproof, but it does not mean they are going to be ideal for running.

For example, a set of ski gloves are not likely to be a fantastic choice here. Rather, if you reside in a very wet and cold climate, be on the lookout for a thinner set of waterproof gloves. For most of us, water resistance will likely be lots fine even if you’re operating in a bit of snow.


Running gloves are certainly worth the purchase and let you continue your training routine with no interruptions from the weather. Hope with our sharing over, you may decide on the best running gloves.

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