Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021 ( Buyer’s Guide)

Basketball athletes are aware there is a huge difference between playing with the sport on indoor and outdoor courts. Indoor basketball courts usually have hardwood flooring and steady temperatures. On the other hand, outdoor courts are either painted concrete or chemical rubber including all the weather conditions you can consider. Therefore, you will need the best outdoor basketball shoes 2021 instead of crappy shoes that can take the beating on rough surface and lasts longer.

We are going to list seven shoes that are capable of outdoor play because of their durable traction, strong upper and worth. Check out the brand new refined collection of 2021.

Features to look for Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

1. Breathability

When it comes to uppers for basketball shoes, clearly, you’re looking for a pair of shoes which implements a highly breathable cloth. Engineered net or fabric-like substance has optimal ventilation capacities. You may even be able to eliminate a leather top provided there are ventilation holes. This is doubly true once you’re playing outdoors, as breathability matters, even more, once you’re playing at a hot environment.

2. Cushioning

As we’ve alluded to before, indoor hardwood courts are a lot more forgiving on your shoes. If you are playing on an outside concrete court, you’ll need a shoe that provides you added cushioning, because you’ll want it when you are running and jumping constantly. Ample cushioning will lessen the effect of those sorts of motions, and on concrete, the landing effect is a lot greater than landing on the hardwood floor.

best outdoor basketball shoes

3. Sole

We have separated tread and only because they require grossly different attributes. Treads need to be wide-set for the outdoors and soles need to be made out of a harder rubber than you’d see in a indoor basketball shoe. The reason for this is since the exterior only might have to deal with a lot of different textures and ruggedness of an outside courtroom, whereas the indoor shoe has to just deal with polished hardwood.

4. The Durability 

It is simple. You should avoid sneakers with a soft rubber compound because you might find yourself with holes in your shoe fairly fast.

You can decide on a regular shoe model that has a solid rubber substance such as the Nike Lebron Soldier XI. You might even go for shoes specifically made for outdoor use. Customizing your beloved Nike shoe with an extra durable rubber outsole using NikeID is a good alternative –if you can manage to devote a little bit more income.

Since narrow grip patterns attract a great deal of dirt and lose grip quickly, broad traction soles with deep grooves is a better choice. You should also look for a pair of shoes with a more durable upper fabric such as mesh or fuse.

5. Thick grip pattern

What we mean by thick traction pattern is that the traction should have deep grooves. A grip pattern that is thin will readily get ruined by the ground. Therefore the thicker and heavier the traction pattern the better.

6. Impact Protection

Another important factor if you’re looking for the best outdoor basketball shoes is your impact protection. Outdoor courts are normally made of asphalt and concrete which is rough on your knees. Constant jumping and explosive movements on such courts will surely hurt you over time. When you do not have the luxury of timber or game court it’s wise to get some excess impact protection for outside basketball shoes.

Best outdoor basketball shoes

1. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

There are few brands of shoes that have mastered the functionality and style at its best as the manner under Armour has. This is exactly true for all these outdoor basketball shoes by Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4. These advanced versions of Lockdown include 3 important characteristics which make these basketball shoes among the best in regards to playing the field and on the court.

This set of the lockdown outdoor basketball shoes are ultimately breathable so that you can feel light and free. The best material these basketball shoes are manufactured from is stretchable, meaning you do not need to be worried for instant moves, that require your ankle to maneuver causing stretch from the shoes.

The other characteristics of the lockdown NBA outdoor basketball shoes incorporate an external heel counter which operates nicely even on rugged fields, and it supplies you with greater stability. There is also a little cushion specially designed for your Achilles, which increases ease in fitting and enhances your performance on the field and throughout the court.



  • The best grip control for the motion throughout the courtroom and in the area.
  • Performs well on broad feet
  • It’s quite lightweight, roughly 13.6 ounces
  • It comes with plenty of designs and colors


  • When compared to other shoes, they break easily.

2. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

If it comes to Adidas Men’s Dame 5, the motto which says,”Be Yourself” truly depicts their style as they have made it accurate in their style.

These outside basketball shoes from Adidas are designed and tailored in such a way that they accommodate the particular motions and shape of your feet, so as to supply you with the best comfortable feel during the gameplay.

The shoes supply you attributes to suit your style and needs and thanks to its fused mesh which goes along to the top. This finishes in supplying you with the best & excellent custom-tailored match for fitting your actions during the game.

An excess layer of pillow is inserted on the sole in the interior, which helps to bounce and retains the shoes supportive and flexible. In between the collar and the bootee, this exterior pair of basketball shoes is the greatest lightweight and considered to be getting the best traction control choice to receive compared to the other traditional ones.

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  • They have a very comfortable fit on the toes
  • They provide the best pull and grip management in hitting the basketballs in hoops
  • These shoes are very lightweight
  • Their bounce is good for hitting the basketballs in the hoops


  • These basketball shoes slip on dusty courts.

3. Nike Men’s Air Versitile Iii Basketball Shoe

The brand itself continues to be famous for the comfort and hope among the people for decades now. These Nike Air outdoor basketball shoes adapt the kind of your drama and these shoes will supply you with all you need. So, it’s going to be well worth it if you rely upon these. If you are searching for traction and speed then they give you a push in hitting basketballs in the hoops.

The rubber made sole of the street basketball shoes rely on its own upper Nubuck made with mesh material for extra care and comfort for your toes. In addition, it is a really breathable outdoor pair that is custom made to fit your feet shape and supply you with better grip and control.

Thanks to the excess padding on the Achilles which helps safeguard your ankle. This feature of these outdoor basketball shoes optimizes your toes through vigorous play in the NBA league. This feature is the best in supplying you to play on rocky uneven fields, which is made specifically to guard your Achilles throughout the gameplay.

The plan is an eye-catching one, it’s a slick best look that arches up to the top combinations that come between the majority of those basketball shoes as well as their colour variations.

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  • These basketball shoes come with the best ankle defense
  • They have relaxation at their best
  • Good quality and are extremely durable
  • One of the most effective outdoor basketball shoes


  • Not reported as such.

4. Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

If you’re someone who simply must possess a high top shoe, and favor the support and’locked-in’ feeling more flexibility, the Curry 2.5’s might be a good alternative. They still offer a number of the support you’d usually expect from a low-top, thanks to its’burrito wrap’ design together with asymmetrical lacing. This provides you with a really secure and locked feeling throughout the course of an entire game.

If you have previously worn the Curry two’s, you might find that the 2.5′ really manages to fit even better than its predecessor. The cushioning was enhanced, in large part as a result of PU insole. And in tandem with all the cozy top, these shoes wind up feeling like an extension of your foot.

UA has engineered these shoes with a fantastic quality rubber outsole which gives you all the grip you need, and the herringbone pattern gives an chance for multi-directional movement easily.


  • Good snug fit
  • Sturdier material than the previous iteration
  • Durable


  • Runs a little small — better for half a size up
  • Break-in period required

5. Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes

Together with Zonal Breathability, Flyknit zoom and upper air units throughout the sole are some of the best unique features that Nike Men’s Zoom KD 12 possesses. The zonal breathability characteristic in these most effective outdoor basketball shoes helps in the crucial moments during the gameplay, especially during layups.

The Zoom Air units across the only provide incredible support along with the layout carries a unique aesthetic texture. The dynamic lacing method of those basketball shoes provides the player a sort of a match that it feels as if it’s a part of your body and is one of the best.

Whether you’re forcing yourself to maneuver against your opponent or seeking to lift yourself to your kicks to score a quick basket, these outdoor basketball shoes by Nike will not disappoint you.

They’re true to be known as among the most effective outdoor shoes if you’re searching for optimum foothold and reliability. Thanks to their dynamic design and outfitted features can function best to score basketballs.

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  • They have the best stability than previous versions
  • Their bounce is good for hitting the basketballs from the hoops
  • Works nicely for shooting instantaneous basketballs in the hoops


  • The substance used could be produced with more improved quality

6. Reebok Men’s Q96 Crossexamine Basketball Shoe

Depending on the classic Iverson lineup of Reebok’s, the Q96 is an all-new reimagination. It’s a stylish and very vibrant retro shoe, with uppers made from synthetic materials which are both light and breathable yet don’t feel particularly delicate.

Within the shoe is a 3D FuseFrame in the midfoot, giving you greater breathability and ensuring that your foot remains dry during the match. Along the midsole is DMX Foam during that provides you with long-lasting relaxation, which you are going to require on more rocky surfaces. The lace loops that are integrated to the Q96’s are created for quick speed lacing, which is definitely a good thing if your shoe comes loose in the middle of a game.

In addition to this, for quite a while, many gamers felt that although translucent rubber outsoles looked fantastic, their performance was lacking and slippage was ordinary. The Q96 does away with this notion, since the shoe features both translucent rubber along with a grip that is too sticky for the good.

61EHUOsmgQL. AC UX500


  • Reimagination of a Timeless design
  • 3DFuseFrame and DMX Foam provides comfort and support on concrete
  • Lace Loops are a welcome advantage
  • A status symbol to many


  • The leather upper is not the Maximum quality possible
  • If you are not to the retro look, it’s not especially enticing

 7. Nike Lebron Xvii Mens Bq3177-006

As we understand LeBron James is the champion of the NBA, this Nike LeBron 17 is considered to be equipped with his speed and strength. Adding lightweight mixture knitting and yarns molded with warmth makes it comfy and durable.

Additionally, the joint cushioning technology provides impressive support and a responsive powerful return. Moreover, the consistent grip pattern supplies a good grip on the ground. The classic herringbone pattern feels like a muscle cell and provides rigidity for good performance on indoor and outdoor courts.

Nike LeBron 17 gets the largest heel Max Air unit which absorbs more power than any other design and provides the responsive force. Offered in vibrant visible designs and has maximum quantity combine under the soccer to deliver fast actions.

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  • It has ankle support
  • Among the lightest basketball shoes
  • Solid rubber sole with good traction for great grip
  • Flexible to maximum comfort and Effortless wear


  • Pricey

8. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 5 Boost Basketball Shoe

This is an outdoor basketball shoe meant to be worn by someone who is fast, filled with energy, and volatile in their match. It’s a high-top that as the name implies, features Boost technology to supply decent impact protection in addition to support and ample energy return.

The outsole is made from hard rubber with great grip but has tighter treads. The top is made of Sprint Web technology to decrease weight and enhance relaxation.

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  • Boost technology has great support and energy return
  • Sprint Web upper improves comfort and reduces weight
  • True to size


  • Treading is tightly packed
  • Squeaky outsole

9. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour is among the most consistent companies which manufacture high-quality sports products. This shoe especially for its lightweight and full size micro molded upper net. Really this set of shoes is constructed from premium substance that feels great in the hand, feels comfy on the feet, and looks great on the basketball court.

UA HOVR technology for zero gravity Together with the UA HOVR foam helps you to deliver strong responsive energy. Midfoot TPU shank enfolds around the bottom to provide maximum stability. In particular, the outsole is constructed from rubber using a herringbone traction pattern offering supreme traction and control.

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  • Improved air flow
  • EVA sockliner Offers cushion
  • Thick responsive only
  • Very powerful support along with comfortable feel


  • Inconsistent traction and not very grippy on eloquent courts

 10. Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VII Basketball

If you’re interested in shoes that have the propensity to adapt and perform if you are on the NBA fields or within the courtroom, subsequently Nike Men’s KD V5 is the versatile one to possess and they’re the best.

First comes the net, at the upper which allows maximum breathability along with the best feeling throughout the drama. There is no chance you’ll feel helpless or deoxygenated indoors when wearing these nice outdoor basketball shoes.

It supplies a synthetic sole making sure you get a secure & the best foundation, as well as the addition of zoom air at the midsole gives you the capacity to escape from trauma when shooting from a significant jump when shooting basketballs.

These Nike outdoor basketball shoes have a KD embroidered tongue with plush texture padding. You will feel as if you’re flying when you put on them for throwing the basketballs in the hoops.

With this pair of outdoor basketball shoes, you will find an excess grip due to the deep-groove sole. The large ridges give you increased flexibility and the best grip control throughout the field and also the courts to score maximum basketballs.

711bf1VldNL. AC UX500


  • The cushioning of these shoes is created extra soft and comfy.
  • Their bounce is good for hitting the basketballs in the hoops
  • Works well for providing maximum basketballs in the hoops


  • The materials that these basketball shoes are made from are regarded as somewhat cheap and average.

How to Take Care of Basketball Shoes?

Taking good care of an outdoor shoe will imply prolonged durability and ruggedness. Some tips to Look after basketball shoes are as follows:

First of all, even once you are done with playing, instantly get rid of the rocks from the outsoles. You can use a toothpick to remove tiny pebbles in the bottoms of your outsole.

Scrub off staying dirt (if any) with the support of a shoe brush or a toothbrush. An old toothbrush works much better in eliminating dust and dirt out of the basketball shoes.

Right after that use a damp cloth and gently remove the stains from the upper portion of the shoes. Mix a little bit of detergent when damping the cloth to secure far better results.

Unlace the shoes and midsoles and wash them individually in a washing machine or with palms. Leave them to get dry in the dim sunlight.

Remove the excess soap from the shoes with the assistance of a wet cloth smoothly. Lace-up the shoes and add the midsole when they’re totally dried.

Some precautions to Remember while cleaning your basketball shoes are as follows:

Never clean your shoes in a washing machine or a dryer.

Never put wet shoes close to the vents or heaters. Ensure that they dry naturally in sunlight.

Well, using alcohol, bleach, or chemically reactive detergents to remove stains from shoes is truly a bad idea. It will worsen the situation even more.

Follow the above-mentioned instructions and precautions and boost the life span of your own basketball shoes without any hassle.

Best outdoor basketball shoes coastalfloridasportspark 1


These are some of the best shoes on the market for outdoors and they’re still pretty easy to find at stores. We know not everybody has access to play basketball nice indoor courts therefore we left this for you guys. In addition, we also took into consideration that not everybody has the cash for the best basketball shoes so that we picked shoes in a variety of price points. We hope we could assist you pick a set of outdoor basketball shoes and hope you love them.

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