Top 5 Best Long Distance Running Shoes 2021 [ Updated ]

If you regularly run double-check mileage, then you are likely familiar with the demand for great long-distance running shoes. Most long-distance runners look for pillows and support to help them operate longer in comfort. Durability is also key.

We rounded up our best long distance running shoes to choose from on high-mileage runs. Not certain what to look for in a workhorse of a shoe? Read on or use the hyperlinks to jump ahead to check out individual shoes (and exactly what they are best for) and check out our FAQ.

Best long distance running shoes

1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13

It may not be the fastest or most cushioned footwear, but it will definitely allow you to feel great, as a result of the new and enhanced design. For the Ghost 13 to achieve its soft underfoot feel, they’ve expanded the DNA Loft foam to operate throughout the shoe, unlike the previous models. This shoe also comes with a new Engineered Air Mesh top that ensures your feet stay cool when giving you a fantastic fit.

If running shoes for a long distance are what you’re searching for, the Brooks Ghost 13 is one of the best ones on the market. They might not be the most high-heeled shoes on the market nowadays, but they bring enough to the table that can help propel your long distance running to improved and new achievements. On the plus side, this shoe attractive design makes them wearable for everyday usage and not just as space sneakers.

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  • DNA Loft midsole foam extends from the heel to the forefoot for enhanced comfort
  • Stretchy mesh upper caresses the foot for improved breathability
  • AirMesh keeps toe box cool when exercising in hot temperatures
  • OmegaFLex grooves optimize flexibility
  • Lightweight feel


  • Is not as soft as older versions

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

Asics running shoes are a number of those best-selling shoes for some time now. They’re highly rated gym shoes that may help provide stability in your foot from cushioning. A number of the newest updates for the Kayano 27 include an external heel counter, deeper flex grooves in the forefoot of the rubber outsole, and a top that’s designed to be much more breathable.

If you like shoes that are going to give you a smooth and stable long distance run, then you are going to love the ASICS Gel-Kayano 27s. Even though they are heavier shoes, you will still notice that they are very flexible. This model is still considered one of the best on the market when it comes to running shoes.

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  • Highest-end midsole support and stability
  • A new and enhanced upper which is more dynamic and breathable
  • Angular perforations that help keep any moisture from your feet
  • Has both a soft and cushy feel in the heel while receiving ground feel in the forefoot
  • Outstanding long-term durability


  • Weight of the shoe is heavier compared to other running shoes
  • Cost of these shoes is higher than many

3. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Running Shoe

The 24th Rider carries over the slick and stylish Waveknit upper of the 23, but sees its biggest midsole switch-up of the previous five years. Taking the position of longtime U4icX is the all-new Energy cushioning, a thick wedge of foam in the mind that you tester dubbed”insanely tender .

The wave plate flattens out to adapt more foam beneath the midfoot, which gives the shoe a ride that feels simpler than that of previous versions. While both the traditional mesh and knit-style Riders share the exact same midsole, the Waveknit offers more stretch and wiggle-room from the forefoot.

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  • Really soft heel cushioning


  • Upper can trap some heat

4. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Beacon V3 Running Shoe

There is a lot to love about the Beacon. It is mild. It’s comfy. It can go fast, but it has enough cushioning to keep you going via double-digit mileage. The next version significantly tweaks the match of the top and narrows the toe box (the v2 felt somewhat sloppy to some testers), and upgrades New Balance’s Fresh Foam cushioning to Fresh Foam X.

The gap is not huge between the two forms, but the X iteration does feel just a little plusher. If you frequently bounce from speedwork to long runs and require a shoe that can keep up for both, this is a great candidate; the midsole is tender but certainly not slow or mushy.

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  • Engineered mesh top is thicker with a very secure heel fit


  • Heavier than the Beacon v2

5. Reebok Women’s Forever Floatride Energy 2

Not many running shoes can be seen at an affordable price, but these Reeboks break this mold. While the shoe uses a cheaper midsole, you will discover that your shoe still feels equally lively and light. Unlike the old version, the fit isn’t quite as big of a problem as these have a better-engineered mesh that is placed closer to your foot, making it feel more secure and locked in.

This shoe provides good value for the price and also will get the job done effectively. There are a number of issues that will come together though. While the match is not as big of a problem as it was on the last edition, it runs a little big. The greatest selling point for these shoes is their price.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fantastic energy return
  • Fast turnover
  • Lightweight


  • Fit can operate large
  • Upper leans on heel
  • Design is nothing special

Buying Guide – How to Choose Long Distance Running Shoes

1. Comfort

If you are likely to be operating in these shoes, you want to make sure they are comfy. If they are not, the only thing which contributes to is a pain in your feet. You have to discover your arch type to attain the maximum amount of comfortability in your shoes when you operate. Foot arches are called high, low, and medium. Each arch is to get a specific foot mechanic and the kind of running you’ll do. Besides arches, you need to remember any injury you may have to your foot.

2. Value

This is a vital thing to consider because running shoes are usually not too cheap. For this reason, you need to make sure you’re getting great value from the ones you buy. How can you do so? Knowing how many times you’re going to be operating and how much you are likely to be running is key. There are some running shoes out there that are better suited for short distances rather than long distances. You want to make sure you get the right kind.

3. Durability

You may not wish to decide on worth or comfort. Maybe you wish to decide on shoes that will last you regardless of how long you operate and where you run. Your shoes fit, and relaxation is what help you keep your feet going. Look in areas like the soles of your shoes, where you’ll have the ability to tell just how much durability they have left.

If you are looking for a durable setup, you are going to want to check out the bottom of the shoes. Ones made with rubber are usually durable.

4. Breathability

Whenever you are running long distances, your feet will warm up. The last thing you need is to get your feet to feel like they are on fire when you are out running. You may want shoes that breathe quite well. Usually, shoes that have mesh fabric uppers breathe the ideal. If you are unsure what that is, the other suggestion you can use is that shoes that are lighter in weight usually will breathe better than thicker shoes.

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5. Shock Absorption

You don’t want to feel the weight of every step you take when you’re running. This is where shock absorption comes into play. The bigger the cushion in the shoe, the greater the shock absorption is. Normally, the shoes which are lighter and more breathable also have a much superior shock absorption also.

6. Stability

This one is fairly huge. The last thing you need is your shoe falling off or getting loose when you run. That’s just asking for an injury. So it’s best to look for a shoe that is flexible and has a good arch on them. The size of the shoe will make them tighter on your toes so they don’t move anywhere. So it’s best once you search for them, give them a try-on if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are running shoes good for long distance walks?

The short answer is no; they work nicely for running long distances. Running shoes are built to keep your feet cool while you run. This is generally not something that you want to worry about if you walk. You wish to wear the correct shoes for what you’re doing. This will help avoid injuries. Many manufacturers do create walking shoes as well.

2. What shoes are best for long-distance jogging?

While the best distance shoe will probably be unique to your personal tastes, there are some features you should look for. Lots of miles imply a lot of tear and wear, so you’re going to need a durable outsole that can withstand plenty of extreme use. Longer runs also lead to sweatier foot, which can lead to painful chafing, blisters, and hot spots that can derail your own run –and of course a poisonous stench that builds up over time.

Good long-distance jogging shoes ought to be reverted so feet can breathe easily. Finally, you’ll need resilient shock absorption that can protect your body in the repeated power of impact.

best long distance running shoes

3. The Way to Pick long-distance running shoes?

Additionally, it is helpful to keep personal tastes in mind. Would you rather have soft running shoes with a plush underfoot carriage or even a more responsive ride? Would you feel low to the ground, or raised with your heel slightly higher and cancel? You might prioritize equilibrium features that alleviate pain caused by overpronation, or maybe you need neutral running shoes offering more flexibility and motion.


Long-distance running is extreme and demands high levels of endurance. Getting your body healthy for a marathon is equally as important as finding the right shoes to help you. We expect our guide to finding the best long-distance running shoes helps you find the right running footwear for your next experience. Shop our selection of the best long distance running shoes and prepare yourself for your next training session.

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