Best Lacrosse Sticks 2021 [ Buyer’s Guide]

Lacrosse stick, also known as a crosse, is used to perform the wonderful game lacrosse. The lacrosse stick’s shaft is constructed using synthetic material wood, or laminated timber having a net pocket at one end. Many companies produce crosse but a few stand out from other people due to their discriminating features. Here are the best lacrosse sticks for 2021 which are producing excellent results in their respective playing places.

Best lacrosse sticks 2021

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick

This complete lacrosse stick by STX was designed with younger gamers in mind. It comes with a wide head and thin/light shaft so smaller children can handle it better.

In case you’ve got a smaller budget to get a lacrosse stick, then this is a solid choice that is very inexpensive. It can be utilized for all positions besides goalie including attack, middie, and protection.


  • Wide head for easy catching
  • Thin & light shaft
  • Cheap compared to alternatives


  • Many people complain that the pocket has been so narrow or deep

2. Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick

The Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick & Ball Set is perfect for the budding player who wants a cheap, lightweight stick and ball to exercise with. It features a pro-style strung head with a deep pocket that’s great for beginners. The shaft is thinner than average and it weighs in at under 12 oz, so it is fantastic for youth players who are only starting out.

The full-color graphic wrapping brings some fun into the game, and the translucent shot head and EVA foam stop are both attractive and functional.

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  • Pro-style strung head
  • Full-color graphic wrap
  • Lightweight design


  • No

3. STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Girls Complete Stick

A complete stick that’s regarded as the lacrosse stick for Girl due to the best control and feel it provides. It features three special key new technologies which let it offer unparalleled performance each time.

The exceptional minimized sidewall design allows the ball to get to the sweet spot quickly to provide better control over the ball and allow it to have a greater selection of movement. The powerful feel provides the confidence to take the ball into your desired position.

Speed scoop is released for the first time to the women’s field with this pole — it challenges extremes. The best string protection enables better ground ball pickups that are quickly and need less dragging. This attribute also lets gliding on the area without producing much effort and secures the best series.

With launch II pocket, it offers challenge accuracy. It’s redesigned to improve durability and improve targeted bend points at the sweet spot that offers better hold and overall control. Along with these amazing features, it also has the well-known 10-degree technologies that provides it precisely crafted 10° heads and handles. As a result of this, this rod is highly balanced and does not hinder shooting and passing at all.

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  • Durable
  • Look great
  • Lightweight


  • No

4. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick

Made for the assault, defense, midfield, and face-off position, it’s the best defense lacrosse rod made for novices.

Specially designed to improve the development of fundamental skills, this comprehensive stick provides the gateway to relish advanced skills in the future. Having the head has all of the outstanding attributes, it gives complete control to the ball. The soft mesh stringing is smooth yet hard enough to last season after season.

The handle is made from alloy that gives it sturdiness and features tonal memory maker graphics. The ball catching and control is made ideal for the new boy gamers that want to excel at the game.

With the timeless form and mid-high pinch, this defense stick is made to develop proper principles essential to boost the game. It gives the actual game texture since it matches all of the NFHS and NCAA rules.

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High capturing and control


  • Not enough info

5. Warrior Mako Jr. – Youth Lacrosse Stick

Young boy lacrosse players adore Warrior Mako Jr.. Warrior Mako Junior isn’t as durable as other sticks but length, weight, and diameter are all great for small hands and little kids.

However, these youth lacrosse sticks are not permitted at high school drama or sports events. You can prefer this lacrosse stick for practicing purposes only. So, retain it at the list of Lacrosse sticks based on its uses.

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  • Lightweight


  • Low durable

Buyer’s Guide

Locating the very best lacrosse stick might appear challenging. Breaking it down to individual components is the best way to ensure a fantastic selection and targeted buying for a player’s individualized requirements. Our manual has already helped you narrow it. You should check out today.

1. Lacrosse Stick Length

We’re going to crack down lacrosse stick spans by position that’ll all follow with NCAA regulations! All stick length measurements are for the entire lacrosse stick, from the mind towards the end of the rotating shaft.

Strike and Midfield Players — When playing this place, you need a shorter pole as protection is not the focus, its ball motion and scoring!

Defense and Midfield Players –The purely defensive players in field lacrosse will use a larger stand around 72″, while some midfield players will choose in between an attack and defense length around 52″.

Goalie Stick — The goalie lacrosse stick span is anywhere between 40″ — 72″, and the gap is dependent on the height of the goalie and personal preference.

Youth Players — For players younger than high school, there are not any strict regulations and really it comes down to a period that you can manage and enjoy as a participant!

2. Lacrosse Stick Heads

You are able to assert that the head of a lacrosse stick is the most vital piece since ball management and scoring goals is the whole point of a lacrosse game. The head also plays a vital roll in face-offs and loose ball possession as sticks will be different in the width of your head.

Heads with a smaller neck size are created for more accurate shooting, passing, and better offensive ball controller. It will be harder to grab moves and pick up loose balls than other layouts but the precision facet is exactly what lacrosse goal scorers are looking for.

Heads with a broader throat size typically come with a wider front border, that favors picking up loose balls easily. This stick is particularly great for defenders since it may get a lower accuracy on shooting and passing. It will improve your total pass receiving and a fantastic option for youth lacrosse players just beginning.

best lacrosse stick coastalfloridasportspark 1

3. Lacrosse Stick Pockets

The lacrosse stick pocket is partly a function of the mind layout, and players have a different taste. The head of the stick will dictate whether the pocket is in the front, back, or centre of their mind.

Front Pocket Better for rapid-release shooting and passing, but give up some ball protection as you’re more vulnerable to losing ownership on a slash. This is mainly used by attack players along with midfielders.

It is used by gamers of all positions and really comes down to player preference. To get a brand new player beginning, we’d recommend this pocket layout.

Rear Pocket — This pocket is used for superior ball control and ball-handling, together with the lowest change of dropping the ball onto a slash. You eliminate some quickness on the passing and shooting, however, the ball control is enhanced over the other options.

4. Playing Style

Playing style is the part of lacrosse play that most describes your individual strengths and weaknesses. For example, some Midfielders elect to play a longer shaft, called LSM or Long Stick Middie. All these midfielders have a tendency to get a defensive mindset and pick the longer shaft to deliver punishing checks and blocks. The longer shaft, however, isn’t ideal for an assault or midfielder who prefers to shoot up-close and quick.

Another common variant is that the midfielder who chooses faceoffs. Faceoffs require durable yet flexible shafts together with heads offering improved ball control and ease of ground ball recovery. These heads are normally narrower in shape and enhanced pocket area improving ball handling.

Playing style also encompasses how you as a player perform common tasks. Do you take from the exterior requiring power and endurance? If so, select a firm mid to high pocket to obtain speed and power. Should you take up close, you no longer require the power to shoot from outside, instead, you would call for quick release and concentrated control. This pocket is both high and company and demands a lightweight shaft for speed.

They frequently sacrifice weight for strengthnonetheless, there is a variability in products available letting players choose the most suitable alternative. A lightweight aluminum beam will quickly dent and break from the hands of an aggressive block-and-check design defensive player.

best lacrosse stick coastalfloridasportspark 2

4. Materials

Most rods today are manufactured from four special materials, each one with different advantages:

  •  Aluminum

Aluminum metal is the most common stick material you will find. Well suited to novices, aluminum is lightweight but sacrifices strength and durability.

  • Scandium

Scandium boasts the best substance strength-to-weight ratio employed in sticks today, combining lightweight properties with outstanding durability. It’s most popular stick substance used by advanced players and professionals

  • Titanium

Titanium is similar to scandium in terms of weight and strength. This metal is capable of resisting lots of misuse on the area.

  • Composite

Composite sticks are normally made using a high-grade carbon fiber. They are perfect for intermediate players on attack due to its combination of agility and strength as well as the organic grip inherent with the substance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what size lacrosse stick to buy?

Youth gamers must purchase the size stick that’s comfortable and easy for them to use. It doesn’t need to be of a lawful size as long as they are not playing in a high school or college group. Individuals in high school and college leagues will need to choose lacrosse sticks that meet the league regulations.

best lacrosse sticks

2. What are the different sorts of lacrosse sticks?

Lacrosse sticks for beginners are offered as one complete unit. Once you progress beyond the beginner level, you might want to switch to another shaft and head. This is because the stick will be customized to your specifications.

If you are buying a complete rod, there are several options: You can purchase a shorter pole for assault and midfield positions or a longer stick for defensive positions. In addition, there are also goalie sticks that have a long shaft and a wider head.

While youth players use the same type of stick, women and men use sticks with various kinds of mesh. Women’s sticks usually have leathers”shooters” in their mesh, while men’s sticks feature milder mesh. In addition, women’s sticks are shorter than men’s.


There is no right or wrong answer in choosing any one of these lacrosse sticks, all that matters is what they’ll do to your match. We want you to choose high-performance gear that will be sure that you achieve your full potential every time you’re facing in a game or merely at lacrosse practice.

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