Best Lacrosse Helmets 2021 [ Buyer’s Guide]

Lacrosse is a very difficult sport that requires protection in any way stages. Having a helmet is significant since it protects against head injuries and can help you keep focused on the sport without stressing.

Besides, having a complete contact holder can lead to severe injury, so you need the right helmet. In the end, We’ve assembled this shopping guide for you through everything you want to know when buying the best lacrosse helmets.

Best lacrosse helmets 2021

1. Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

The SPRfit adjustable ratchet system offers players the convenience of earning micro-adjustments on the field.

The 4th quarter is as comfortable as the warm-up sessions. The R-Series Shell has a FreeFlow ventilation system while offering a good blend of both style and speed, which means you’re able to stay cool on sunny days.

The Chevron Mask empowers lacrosse players to enhance their downward vision using a lean V shape at the central stage of the latitude bars.



It has an energy-absorbing vinyl nitrate foam liner as well as an expanded polypropylene lining to help with impacts. There are also pull-tab attachments that permit you to adjust the fit of the helmet as your player gets older.

Like the others on this list, the helmet meets the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment’s (NOSCAE) and Safety Equipment Institute’s (SEI) criteria for lacrosse helmets, which means that you may rest assured knowing your child is protected.

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3. CASCADE LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

Cascade doesn’t want anyone left out from lax, and has stepped up to the plate and designed a women-specific choice, the LX headgear. Coming in lots of great colors with great security and a slot at the trunk to pull your own hair through, this is a wonderful choice for women looking to enter the game!

XRD Liner Technology — XRD Tech can be found in many high tier hockey helmets, also helps with impact protection. Integrated Goggle System — Getting rid of the need for a separate goggle system makes this a streamlined unit.

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Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose a Best Lacrosse Helmet

1. Brand

The brand is important concerning sports equipment like lacrosse helmets. Most big manufacturers have R&D teams in technology. It is important that you buy from a trusted brand.

Because the helmet is for your safety purposes and you can not take the dangers of your safety. Not only do we pick the best new goods, but we also look for unidentified brands and what they offer.

2. Cost

It’s one of the most crucial factors because everybody’s economic condition isn’t the same. If you are a professional lacrosse player, the budget for your helmet possibly hundreds of dollars.

On the flip side, if you play sports or even buy helmets for kids, you don’t want to devote that much cash. So we try to provide products at all costs. Locate our superior products and our best value for money at both ends of the purchase price range.

3. Vision

Possessing good vision from your helmet is also quite important. Though many have a very similar shape, the cubes and facemasks can vary slightly from model to design which may affect how well you’re able to see out of it.

Your field of vision should not be dramatically reduced by putting on a helmet, particularly considering most do not cut off much of your peripheral vision.

4. Comfortable

This is because you will be wearing your helmet for the whole length of the game. So it needs to be comfortable enough to not bother you throughout the game. Ordinarily, a lacrosse helmet is comfy is its inside is lined well with cushioning.

5. Material

Material on your lacrosse helmet is a must. You do not want something which can’t protect your mind, you do not need something heavy that doesn’t go down quickly. Most modern lacrosse helmets have plastic molds similar to ABS’s, and a few have plastic helmets similar to motorcycle helmets. Within the helmet, you utilize soft cloth for the relaxation of your head.

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6. Weight 

The weight of your helmet is one of the most significant factors you should look for while buying the item. If it is too thick, it may harden the match and cause serious injury to the throat. Of course, if you are more prepared to spend money, your helmet will probably be milder. However, some affordable helmets are still milder.

7. Safety 

One reason you should buy a lacrosse helmet would be safety, so it’s wrong to say that this is vital. All of lacrosse helmets have basic security, but some are far safer than others. You need to invest some money and purchase a high-quality lacrosse helmet. If you’re worried about security. They’re also equipped with safety gear that enhances shock absorption.

8. Parts of a Lacrosse Helmet

Mask — The only thing hidden on your lacrosse helmet is a ball or a stick. That is why it is so essential. They’re always made from metal and offer enough space for them to be visible from the exterior. In the event the quantity of metal is too much on your helmet then your vision may get obscured. Some of the product is designed to provide you a better look.

Chin — It is very important to join the lacrosse helmet to your head to reduce harm. If it is too loose, it may cause you serious injury. Chin Protector is the trick to absolute agility. As soon as your helmet has been installed, you must adjust the ram belt till the helmet is installed.

Lining — The liner is the substance within the helmet. Lining can be produced from different materials, however there are particular things that you need to keep an eye out for on your liner: relaxation, moisture capacity, and shock absorption. The substance ought to be strong and comfortable, so you will stay solid and control the humidity through training or competition. Helmets that were sold before there lining were just for your comfort but now it provides you with additional protection to your mind.

best lacrosse helmets

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do lacrosse players wear helmets?

For this reason, they wear protective headgear to protect their skulls and decrease the chances for a concussion.

2. How long do lacrosse helmets last?

Helmets require annual recertification. If a helmet is not re-certified three years after it’s discharged, it’s not safe for use. But, helmets that are regularly re-certified can be used for even ten decades.


We hope our article about the best lacrosse helmets has cleared things up a little for you and allow you to make a decision about which is best. Comment below to tell us your ideas or if there are different helmets you would like us to examine.

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