Top 5 Best Lacrosse Gloves 2021

In the sport of Lacrosse, having the right kind of equipment is important as you hone your abilities. The best lacrosse gloves should help give you that advantage and boost your game. That is because having the ideal equipment matches your natural talent and makes you a general player.

This is true whether you’re a defender, an attacker, or a midfielder. Notice how the top-rated players always use quality equipment. This is where we come in. We’ve recorded down the most important things you want to think about if you’re looking for a lacrosse glove. Along with this, we also have recorded down some of the best lacrosse gloves 2021. So be sure to look it over.

 Best lacrosse gloves reviews

1. Epoch iD Lacrosse Gloves

Epoch is a popular lacrosse brand that have two different protective lineups, the Integra and the ID lines. The Epoch really hits the sweet spot concerning performance vs price. Players report the ID is lightweight, feels fantastic on hand, and is a wonderful glove especially considering its price.

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  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic palm material
  • Great value


  • Lacks some upper version protective features, Ventilation less much as more expensive options

2. Epoch Integra Select Lacrosse Gloves

Consumer feedback on the durability of the glove is blended, but the pendulum seems to swing more towards it being great. Like the Elites, you do need to stretch for the downsides with the exact same muted color options being one. Some reviews notice the gloves do run small so you may want to keep this mind until you checkout.

As the most affordable option on this list, the Integra Select appears cheap only in price rather than quality. This is a superb glove to consider for those players on a strict budget or just entering the game.

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  • Affordable
  • Flexibility and relaxation
  • Durability
  • Lightweight feel


  • Muted color options
  • Sizing (runs small)

3. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves

Don’t let it is awesome price tag fool you though, it’s packed full of awesome features that we mentioned previously, making this glove a true competitor no matter what it is compared to. It is also a very customizable glove in lacrosse, coming from a lot of color combos.

Most users report that the gloves persist for quite a while and are durable, but one or two people said the palm did not last. We would not say not to buy the gloves away that, but keep your eye on palm wear once you purchase them to make certain they’re lasting like they ought to.

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Super comfortable traditional construct, High tech lining and palm materials, additional cuff protection


  • Being a standard fit, these are a Little heavier than their cousin issuer that the Rome

4. Brine King Superlight III Gloves

Jam-packed with the most recent features, Brine King Superlight III Gloves is guaranteed to make you say wow. The mat is well-ventilated and thus helps to keep your hands cool most of the time. Brine King Superlight III Gloves is the ideal combination of power, flexibility, and protection.

Soft Faux leather is used on the outer layer of the pair of gloves and this is exactly what helps to enhance ventilation indoors. Ax suede tempo palm has definitely increased the durability of the gloves to a great extent.

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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Not enough information

5. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Gloves

Strong polyester shell and Lightweight structure are both hallmark attributes of STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Glove. This lacrosse glove is suitable for all players regardless of their playing places. Forget about sweaty hands as Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Glove makes proper use of ventilation.

It does not get smelly no matter how many times you have set them on. A perfect pair that you simply can’t live with no Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Glove offers a fantastic grip too. The elastic drawstring is comprised in it and thus making it really easy to put it on.

It has got nice top ventilation which allows sweat to evaporate extremely fast. Since this lacrosse glove is very lightweight and rarely gets in the means of wrist motions, you can work in your passing abilities and further enhance the overall accuracy of your throws.

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  • Lightweight


  • Not enough information

Lacrosse Gloves Buying Guide: Things to Consider

Deciding on the proper lacrosse glove can be tricky. After all, factors like skill level and play fashion can significantly impact your choices. But, it’s crucial that we set the baseline demands so that we can efficiently comprehend what makes a glove great.

To do that, we have identified two or three key characteristics you need to take into consideration when looking at a pair of lacrosse gloves. Make sure you take note of these.

1. Materials 

The kind of material used to design and construct the glove should tell you a lot about how it would fare in a game setting. It also offers you a fantastic idea of just how durable they are. After all, the last thing you need is to utilize flimsy gear for high-definition games.

2. Comfort 

While safety is paramount, you have to keep in mind that you’re still playing a game. You have to wear the ideal kind of gear that lets you feel comfortable when doing so. If you’re uncomfortable with your gear, then you definitely won’t have the ability to play your best.

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3. Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most crucial elements of lacrosse gloves. Good ventilation simply ensures that when you’re wearing the gloves in the warmth of the match, your hands stay cool and dry.

Look for gloves with great ventilation features as those with poor ventilation result in sweaty hands which may hamper your drama and affect your operation.

4. Grip

If you are or aspire to become a pro-player, you have to employ every means to make sure to perform your best. Of course, you cannot manage to fidget around with your gloves or any other gear when on the field. Ergo, it is crucial to purchase gloves that are characterized with proper texture to enable a solid grip. Poor texture and traction are one of the major red flags when purchasing the best lacrosse gloves.

If your gloves require fixing every now and then or are having trouble managing the stick, you must look at purchasing a new pair of gloves.

Among the most common issues of wearing cheap lacrosse, gloves is the palms frequently rip. Well, the situation is entirely avoidable. All you need to do is think about buying lacrosse gloves that are manufactured using only the best lacrosse technology.

5. Durability

Gloves are a costly investment therefore that it would be best to acquire numerous seasons from a pair and not continue to have to dip into your pocket year in, year out.

When on the hunt for a pair of lacrosse gloves, the material is key to durability. Start looking for gloves that do not skimp on the highest degree of hands and outer substance to stop any wear inherent to usage.

Another important element is stitching. The “pieces” to a glove, the longer it will likely last as it will not have the typical points of vulnerability. STX made a major leap with this creation of gloves by dividing the mold quite literally with one constant exterior piece. It’s elements like this that will guarantee years of use.

6. Construction

We already know that women’s lacrosse is different in men. Girls aren’t allowed physical contact. But stick whipping is permitted in the advanced levels of this game. It’s a no-brainer that women laxers will need to withstand intense blows and whips throughout the game. To be able to shield the palms, wrists, and arms out of likely injury, laxers must make use of gloves.

While specialist laxers have a notion about the most suitable kinds of lacrosse equipment, beginners might just be in the end of their humor when buying lacrosse gloves.

best lacrosse gloves

7. Thumb

Your thumb is the most vulnerable to injuries as a result of high-impact blows in a game of lacrosse. Therefore, you must be sure that you buy lacrosse gloves with additional padding around the thumb region. At the exact same time, you must also be aware of whether an excessive amount of cushioning around the thumb area is restricting the movements of your mind.

A simple solution to this dilemma is to purchase really lightweight thumb pads which are not rigid. Some of the best lacrosse brands have various products as described.

8. Palm

Lacrosse gloves must shield hands from sports accidents. In reality, you have to try the gloves before making the last purchase and attempt to move your wrist in various angles. Lightweight material that’s cushioned well may shield the palms and enhance stick mobility. Make sure


Finding the right pair of lacrosse gloves can be challenging. After all, there’s a myriad of choices out there. That is why we presented a short buyer’s guide that will help you select which gloves are worthwhile. Be certain to take a look at the best lacrosse gloves 2021 we created first.

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