Top 10 Best Lacrosse Cleats 2021

Looking for the best lacrosse cleats to your game to help you be the quickest and most famous participant on the area.

Your lacrosse equipment and cleats need to be comfortable because there’s no sitting in lacrosse. Your feet, and more importantly your own footwork, get you where you have to go or get you in all sorts of trouble. A great pair of lacrosse cleats keep you comfy, secure, and confident in every one your moves.

In sports such as lacrosse, there are numerous shoes options and cleats available to help you be successful on the field. We also hope to help guide your buying decision by offering some advice as to what to search for when buying your cleats and we will answer some of the more frequently asked questions about lacrosse cleats.

Best lacrosse cleats 2021

1. New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe

If you aren’t a lover of the restrictive, stiff cleats afterward the New Balance Freeze 2.0 lacrosse cleats would be the merchandise for you. Designed to fit more like a sneaker, they are extremely lightweight and comfortable like the shoes you came to the match in. The speed and quickness you get with those cleats is unmatched, making the quick moves to the internet easier than ever.

The double density TPU plate makes these cleats even lighter, without sacrificing the flexibility and stability you want. These lacrosse cleats possess Lamitex substance to protect against any stretching and also improve the ankle stability of this cleat. In general, these are our choice for the best lightweight lacrosse cleats and you are likely to get a top product for a price that won’t break the bank.

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  • Extremely lightweight and breathable cleats, great grip on the area in all weather conditions


  • They are not as protective as a few other cleats, and therefore are for players needing quickness

2. WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer | Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

Most cleats all look exactly the same and have been using the same design for many decades. WHITIN offers a fresh and one-of-a-kind take to training shoes that have several special design elements which help them stand out.

The WHITIN cross-training shoes take a more anatomically correct layout language which makes the shoes feel natural on the toes and reduce the unwanted force on the toes.

WHITIN uses a blend of adaptive materials and a low-weight structure that provides lacrosse players the mobility and flexibility they need to be successful. The thin sole design means that there is less burden on the shoe and gamers will get more feedback from the floor so they can feel much more comfortable with their movements.

The lack of a large heel means that there is less resting strain on the athletes and the ankle may feel more permitted to take on more sophisticated moves. The wide variety of style options also enables every athlete to discover a version of the shoe that fits their interests and style.

The WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer provides lacrosse players a special alternative to the traditional cleat layout that was created with innovation and performance in mind.


  • Anatomical and ergonomic layout
  • Supports freedom and foot comfort
  • Offers a Wide Array of colors and options


  • No cons mentioned

3. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

Advancements in Lacrosse cleat technologies have led to new and exciting designs that guarantee to make the sport more intense while also improving on safety.

The Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Lacrosse cleats offer you a new level of protection while still preserving all the requirements of a helpful cleat. The combination of stability and comfort these cleats offer makes them among the greatest options for athletes who prefer to push boundaries without needing to worry about safety.

Just taking a look at the Highlight Mc tells you a very different narrative than many other lax shoes. The upper top that utilizes CompFit ankle construction delivers new heights of ankle security without needing from a player’s mobility.

The materials used to assemble those UA cleats is similar to their other performance shoes which use synthetic substances to improve durability and breathability at the same time.

The 3D molded tongue of the shoe covers most of the front of the lower shin and added enhanced protection that more traditional cleats simply can not offer.

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  • Lightweight and flexible substances enhance the usability
  • Shock-absorbing insole protects against impacts


  • This Shoes are not accessible wide.

4. Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite Lax Mens Football Cleats

If you are competing at the top level or you are seriously interested in lacrosse, look no farther than the Nike Alpha Huarache Elite if you are looking for your next pair of lacrosse cleats. This is a simple option, with huge technological improvements like the flywire lacing system which protects your foot for all those explosive cuts.

The elastic TCU plate gives these cleats a pure feel as they move with your foot as if you’re wearing sneakers. This gives you optimal lateral movement for braking, accelerating, and quick lateral movements. These Nike lacrosse cleats also give you amazing comfort, with a barbell at the top to get a slide on texture and breathable mesh material.

This is a challenging shoe to beat, offering a high top style and great ankle protection so you’ll remain in the match. These shoes also come in a lot of different colors and patterns to show off your swagger. The Nike Alpha Huarache Elite gets our choice for the best lacrosse cleats of 2021.



  • Superior lateral motion and traction, lightweight texture and enhanced acceleration, comfortable slip on match


  • The Cost is on the higher end but those cleats utilize a Good Deal of innovative technology

5. The Original Razur Spats Cleat Covers with Patented Debris Inhibitor (TDI) Technology

Having the peace of mind knowing that your shoes will stay clean and protected means you can focus on playing lacrosse at its Greatest lev

Just because you’ve got some new cleats does not mean you are totally prepared to take into the area and start playing lacrosse. The Razur Spats Cleat Covers offer your cleats protection and assistance from the rugged and rough terrain that you will likely be playing with Lacrosse.

The thought of the cleat covers is to keep dirt and turf debris off and out of your new cleats so they are able to last as long as possible and remain clean. The Patented Debris Inhibitor technology these guards arrive with is able to stop your cleats from wearing down with overall wear and tear.

The substance that is used to produce the sleeves enables them to be stretchy and malleable so that they can adjust to various shoe sizes. The sleeves also come in many colors so that you can match them with your team’s uniform for added style and protection.

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  • Unique and durable technology
  • Offers protection and support to gamers
  • Works on an Assortment of different shoe types
  • Comes in a Variety of colors


  • Inadequate info

6. Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite

Nike’s Huarache 6 Elite cleats are implemented using a tongue that’s created out of mesh materials. As a result, you?re able to wear the cleats and feel super comfortable. The net design is also great for supplying you with a great deal of flexibility.

This adds to the comfort features. We also enjoyed how the layout is lightweight since it allows you to move with more speed.

There is a range of 14 TPU pegs available that are lightweight. They are excellent for providing you with a whole lot of traction to keep you stable constantly. In addition to this, they created these cleats with a personalized fit.

We were impressed with how they’ve incorporated a high-quality VaporTek liner. This is a particular liner that works well to prevent moisture from building up. The special lining wicks away the moisture to keep your feet cool and dry. Nike have done such a good job with the design for these and you’ll look sweet on the market.

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  • Look stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive price


  • No many color choice

7. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

The Under Armour cleats are low-cut in design with a woven collar onto the ankle section that gives you a comfy sock-like fit, and they are made from a synthetic material that makes them lightweight and great for stride. If your toes are not prone to ankle injuries, this design is the right for you.

These cleats provide exceptional grip for producing those sharp turns when playing lacrosse they come with a combination of both conical and bladed studs which hold onto the floor for traction when accelerating or making sharp turns.

These cleats have a super foam insole that provides you excellent shock-absorbing capacities when running down and up. Also, the toe and heel unit is made of a special TPU coating for enhanced comfort and toe protection in case of an impact.

We recommend the Under Armour lacrosse cleats for playing at the muddy and wet ground as they include a combo of both curved and conical studs, plus a secondary cleat for more grip when making sharp turns and lateral movements.

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  • The insole is made of foam for comfort and shock-absorbing capabilities
  • A variety of colors to Pick from
  • The secondary studs are Fantastic for creating sharp lateral movements
  • The toe and heel section are specially coated for added protection
  • Made from the lightweight material


  • The low-cut cleat layout is not Great for those prone to ankle sprains

8. New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 Lacrosse Cleat

The upper portion of the shoe is 3D woven to the plate and made of synthetic material for improved durability and relaxation.

The QuixRail multidirectional lugs on the TPU plate offer unparalleled traction and stability since they dig deep on the floor when creating those sharp and sudden movements. And also the plates are flexible enough that you naturally flex your feet when creating those volatile accelerations.

Inside the shoe, there is a new foam insert that will help safeguard your toes from abrupt shocks and they also supply a tight fit to get improved comfort and performance. Also, there’s a full bootie tongue which gives you that custom-like fit when running around the field.

The New Balance lacrosse cleats offer the best traction with its molded rail cleats that gives you confidence in your footing when creating those sharp turns and dodges. Plus they’re lightweight and will not slow you down when accelerating straight beforehand.

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  • Made of synthetic lightweight material for durability
  • The QuixRail cleats provide more grip on any terrain
  • A Complete bootie tongue helps your feet that habit fit for improved performance


  • Not Acceptable for playing in warm weather since the substance Isn’t breathable

9. ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Low Lacrosse Shoes

Though it’s a low-rise shoe, the collar is a bit higher for extra support. Asics has taken good advantage of a demonstrated biomechanically efficient angle for heel growth which is 10mm. That allows for maximum efficiency with every deployment of your own muscles to propel you in whatever way, or to discontinue economically!

The toe is reinforced against abrasion and effect and it features a multi-functional cleat plate that is so light, it’s barely believable. Gel cushioning in your heel offers shock absorption and the insole is removable so sweat can evaporate easier and prolong the helpful life of this shoe! All around, a fantastic purchase I say.

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  • Synthetic but soft
  • 10mm heel gradient for maximum efficacy
  • Removable insoles
  • Excellent brand name
  • Remarkably good Amazon reviews


  • Asics’ sizing seems somewhat off (several user complaints about wrong dimensions )

10. New Balance Men’s Burn X2 Mid-Cut Lacrosse Shoe

New Balance released this new Burn X2 line, available in low, mid, and higher cut, and an entire assortment of colors. These were specially created for unmatched speed, nevertheless, with this in mind, it is a bit strange that they are slightly heavier than the Freeze LX2. Possibly the rate is encouraged by the special plate design, but let’s see.

The knit top with the kinetic stitching produces a snug fit without putting pressure on your knees or being too tight.

This plate reinforces the key points of the toes, improving stability and durability. But, unlike the Freeze LX2, this version has a more conventional plate design, with no side spikes. The spikes are in fact considerably smaller over the Burn X2 version.

This version also has a full bootie tongue that supports your ankles and offers a much better match. And it’s available in all usual sizes at a pretty fair cost.

They are generally very soft and padded in all the right places. On the other hand, the toes are hardy and durable. Hence will not wear snap and off after only a few uses. I like you could use them immediately and also the neat, elegant design.

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  • Dual-density TPU plate
  • Rubberized feet
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft
  • Various Colours
  • All knit upper


  • Should you tie them really tight, the upper part may scrunch up

Buyer’s Guide

Making a buying decision on something as important to your game as cleats needs some careful consideration and you need a big picture to help guide your choice.

To help you understand what shoes to buy, we’ll look at some of the cleat qualities to consider when picking your own pair.

1. Choose Types Of Cleats

Looking at some of the cleats mentioned above, you will observe that we said that some of the sneakers had high-top eyeglasses and some had low-top eyeglasses.

What this essentially dictates is the way in which the shoe will fit and that it is designed for. We’ll look at the high and low top design to understand who must start looking into every.

  • Low Cut

Low-cut cleats are similar to those used by football players and are designed for raw rate. The lack of additional material and padding that larger shoes have caused this manner of cleat additional pliable and ready for fast-paced lacrosse players.

An offensive player who wants to have the ability to go quickly and isn’t worried about the lack of service will definitely want to consider a low-cut cleat.

  • Mid Cut

The mid-Cut lacrosse cleats typically come up marginally higher than low profile cleats, just above the ankle to give you greater ankle support. These are a terrific compromise between better freedom of movement than a high top and improved ankle support within the low profile cleats. Most mid-cut cleats arrive from the extremely comfortable slip-on style, so it feels just like you are putting on socks.

  • High Cut

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the high cut style of cleat is equipped with protection and support in your mind. When you take a look at a top cut cleat used in lacrosse, you will notice a much bigger shoe which resembles a complete boot.

The reason for such a massive cleat is basically to protect the ankle and lower leg of the wearer.

Lacrosse can grow to be a rather high contact sport so the need for protective cleats makes logical sense for those players that face the most contacts.

The use of top cut cleats allows defensive players who might face for contact a way to protect themselves in the overall contact and movement demanded of a defensive player.

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2. Take Materials of Cleats

  • Synthetic

Synthetic, or man-made materials, have become the norm in all sports. They can be easily made to match individual needs and don’t require the same break-in time that leather shoes perform.

On the downside, if they do not fit well once you purchase them, chances are that they’ll never really fit nicely. They’re normally entirely waterproof. Their durability is based more on the production of the sneakers, as some are better-made compared to others.

  • Leather

On the other hand, they’re somewhat water-resistant, naturally breathable and they do mould to your feet for a comfy fit.

They aren’t as durable as other materials. You don’t typically see all-leather lacrosse cleats anymore as they are normally paired up with a synthetic substance. Players either adore leather cleats or they hate them.

  • Mesh

Mesh is a very common material to see on shoes and the substance has also moved into the area of lacrosse cleats. The prevalence of net in shoes is quite easy to see with its manufacturing costs and effortless breathability.

Athletes enjoy meshing for its ability to allow their feet to breath through hot exercise requirements. However, the breathability of the mesh also means it may make it possible for a large amount of moisture to the shoe which makes your toes wet. A net shoe may be great on a hot day before the rain comes together to ruin your day.

best lacrosse cleats coastalfloridasportspark 2

3. Lacrosse Cleats Designs For Different Positions

  • For Defense

Normally, defense positions opt for cleats that are low-tops, which can be pretty close to the appearance of a regular running shoe and more inline appearance-wise with soccer cleats.

They are the most vulnerable kind of cleat, so in the event that you have any kind of ankle injuries or are prone to injury, they’re not the safest kind of cleat for you. Low-tops are very popular, since they supply a high quantity of flexibility in contrast to other kinds.

  • For Midfielders

Midfielders still require a good amount of security, but not as large as attackers do. Because of this, midfielders can do well with mid-level cleats. Even though low-tops are popular with a few, mid-level cleats are definitely the most-used.

They are a nice compromise between being flexible and protected, as they offer more security than low-tops do. These are not great for gamers with chronic ankle difficulties since they do not offer maximum support.

  • For Attack

Attackers and players with ankle problems will do well with high-top cleats. They offer support in addition to protection to the ankles, which is essential for assaulting positions.

Taking a bang into the ankle is all-too-common in lacrosse, particularly for attackers who are literally seeking out competitions. They are a bit heavier than the other styles of cleats, which might make a difference in whether they are a fantastic choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lacrosse is still an up and coming sport and also the shortage of information about how to get into the sort is nevertheless restricted. We will take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding lacrosse cleats that will help you understand what’s on the market and exactly what you should be on the watch for.

1. Is There A Difference Between Lacrosse Cleats And Soccer Cleats?

Like the mentality with soccer cleats, soccer cleats possess the capability to work for lacrosse, but are not perfect. Soccer cleats are almost always quite small and lightweight to adapt the drama style that’s normally related to soccer.

Cleats that are most suitable for the needs of lacrosse players will be higher and more developed for impact resistance, so soccer cleats would not be the best companion for lacrosse players.

Most soccer cleats would do the job for lacrosse players who prefer quicker movement as opposed to the normal touch that comes with the sport.

2. Can I Wear Softball Cleats For Lacrosse?

Unlike some of the other choices that were of a personal choice regarding whether you wore other sport’ cleats, most softball cleats have metal cleats which are not permitted for lacrosse.

The most typically used cleats in softball will possess metal cleat components due to the use of sand as a major playing area for the game. Metal cleats are great for sand usage, but lacrosse is played on turf or grass which is not meant to use metal cleats.

Many softball players opt for plastic bottomed cleats that have the capability to be effective for use when playing lacrosse in the event that you felt the shoes fit your play style.

best lacrosse cleats

3. Are there any lacrosse cleats spikes tipped with metal?

Most lacrosse cleats have spikes made from rubber or TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which provide the necessary grip or grip for one to create those explosive runs and dodges. The reason why most cleats are made of rubber is because of the area condition. The lacrosse field can have natural or artificial turfgrass. Rubber cleats or spikes help stop damage to these turfgrass fields. Should you utilize cleats with metallic spikes, then the harm to the field will probably be extensive.


This listing of the best lacrosse cleats has obtained numerous satisfaction testimonials and are very popular among lacrosse players, you cannot go wrong when purchasing among them.

With so many fantastic possibilities for lacrosse shoes, it really comes down to personal taste and play style regarding what shoes will make you a successful player.

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