Top 10 Best Junior Tennis Racquets 2021

Junior tennis players want the right piece of equipment to take the game to the next level. Before it is time to put money into a full-sized racquet for the first time, a more compact choice makes sense for players that are not close to completely grown yet. 

This is where junior tennis racquets become involved. They can still feel and perform at a comparable degree, but they are a bit easier to control.  Below are the 10 best junior tennis racquets on the industry right now. Have a look at the list and find out which one is more acceptable for you.

Best junior tennis racquets 

1. Wilson Serena Williams Junior Tennis Racquet

Help your little girl swing like Serene Williams with this Wilson Serena Williams junior tennis racquet. It’s one of the best kids tennis racquets for women that are venturing into tennis because it features an easy-to-manage, lightweight aerodynamic framework.

For increased swing, this racquet is made lightweight and has an aerodynamic frame. The oversized sweet spot provides a forgiving play your little woman needs in order to develop the skill.

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  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Durable frame and strings
  • Fine grip


  • A little bit stiff frame

2. Tennis Rackets for Kids from Street Tennis Club

Street Tennis Club is a job of a US-based household. It strives to develop decent tennis products that can enhance in development of a child’s skill in tennis. Skills like techniques, balance, and hand-eye coordination. With this racquet, your child will be able to provide far better strokes and establish more contact with the ball thanks to the welding series and construction.

It is made up of aluminum, which makes it lightweight so as to assist in improved strokes and boosting confidence in the courtroom. It is pre-stringed, made from polyester, and simmer to get greater contact with the ball. The grip is made from polyurethane and designed for smaller hands. This product also offers an engaging online movie game for children to learn about this sport.

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  • Lightweight
  • Strong feel
  • Good for beginners


  • Bad copies of it have some problems such as the paint could be deciphered readily and bad stringing job

3. Wilson Clash 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

When Wilson first launched their Wilson Clash lineup, it was marketed towards gamers starting now. It makes sense in a lot of ways for younger kids to learn how to play the game with one of their junior racquets.

Offered in a 25-inch or even 26-inch alternative, it’s one of the most comfortable racquets on the market nowadays. It looks a lot like the normal Wilson Clash, and younger gamers will discover that it’s pretty easy to dial in and begin seeing success.

The graphite article puts it at a higher course than other choices out there, which can be excellent for those seeking to learn the game and advance appropriately. Balance is quite solid with this racquet, and that’s important to make sure there are no chances of arm injuries for younger gamers trying a lot of.

It might not have the capability to put the same sort of spin on the ball as some of the other models out there, but it has an open string pattern just the same. It is an excellent way to understand modern sport, as Wilson set a lot of technology into this.

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  • Graphite flexibility and composition makes for comfortable play
  • Open string pattern teaches the modern game
  • Very easy to move


  • Just two-length Choices
  • String snaps fairly easily

4. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

This racquet has the advantage of comfort, going easy on the wrist and hand. It is designed for juniors who are looking to elevate their skill and makes for great age-appropriate gear. The brief length of this racquet makes it easy to swing while the beam, as well as the head size, are equivalent to mature size racquets to allow easy control, spin, and power. It’s very stable as well.

The racquet is made up of aluminum and comes pre-strung. The head size is 107 sq. in., weighing 6.7 ounces whereas the racquet’s length is 23.0 in., using a series pattern of 16/19. Depending on the size of this racquet, the weight and length of the racquet differ.

This racquet is great for starters since it is lightweight, comfortable, and has a good grip. It is available in a selection of sizes, so based on your child’s height, so you can purchase the ideal size. With the ideal dimensions, this racquet can provide relaxation and assurance in the court.

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  • Good grip
  • Easy on the hand and wrist
  • Stable


  • This is only Great for starters

5. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Among the most exceptional characteristics of the Ti S6, a Tennis racket is that it comes in so many sizes to accommodate a variety of ages and skillsets. Starting out in 19 inches extending up to adult size, a lot of men and women get great use from the racket. When purchasing, you can choose from five different grip dimensions, and also the size is 115 square inches.

Moreover, the racket comes pre-strung, is extra-long in duration, also contains high customer reviews that prove the racket is much more than just a fantastic name.

The manner that the racket has been designed makes it lightweight, so it is a breeze to move around effortlessly while maintaining control of the racket and volleying with ease.

The pre-strung strings have a fantastic amount of tension to create for steady shots and quick returns, and the sweet place covers the majority of the head of this racket. Additionally, it’s nice to have a choice with grip sizes as well as head size.

The manufacturer has a wonderful reputation, however, the shock absorption from the grip does not do much for fast-coming balls and goes straight to the wrist.

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  • Lightweight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Variety of sizes


  • No cover
  • High price
  • Low shock absorption

6. Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket for Kids

An excellent small racquet designed especially for toddlers that the Weierfu Junior Tennis Racquet is the best addition to your kid’s game. Easy to control and lightweight that the racquet is a great starter option for toddlers aged in 2-5 decades of age.

The racquet has small grips made for toddlers but also provides a surprisingly good texture material.

Stylish design and beautiful grip feel, the Weierfu Junior Racquet is the best racquet for all those parents seeking to involve their children in tennis. Fantastic racquet for beginners and in particular young women.

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  • Fantastic grip
  • Stylish design
  • Large head size


  • Slightly heavy

7. Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet

If your child loves Spider-Man, this tennis racquet from Marvel is great.

It’s a red, black, and blue paint job with white strings that feature a bold Spider-Man picture. Additionally, it has a fun red grip that’ll make certain to stick out in the crowd.

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  • Lightweight
  • Look great


  • Inadequate information

8. Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

The business still keeps the familiar painting on the racquet, but the material isn’t the same. These racquets are aluminum, plus they don’t perform like a greater level racquet. Since it is designed for casual play, it does not make too much of a difference, especially with appearing at such a cheap price.

There are also a lot of different size options for this racquet, which certainly is useful. Some might consider it as a marketing ploy, but slapping the Nadal paint on this racquet helps significantly.

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  • Very inexpensive
  • Perfect for game introduction
  • Looks like the real thing


  • Tough for players to advance too much without buying another racquet
  • Strings break more readily

9. Wilson Pro Staff 25 Junior Tennis Racquet

The legendary Wilson Pro Staff Junior motivated the great Roger Federer, offers unparalleled feel and playability.

The large 100″ head style offers consistent striking of the ball along the lightweight construction makes it easy to generate speed and power. BLX technology provides the racquet an amazingly soft texture when using the ball and supplies excellent player feedback.

The Wilson Pro Staff includes unstrung and weighs in at 240g using a 16×18 string pattern designed to give maximum spin and control.

Offering plenty of spin, power, and control the racquet is certain to make your child stand out in their next tournament. A superb investment that the racquet is durable, lightweight and also the design will make your child feel and look as the great Roger Federer.

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  • Unparalleled texture
  • Quality building
  • Significant brand name
  • Fantastic design


  • High-end Budget

10. Wilson Youth/Juniors Recreational Tennis Racket

The brand name Wilson is trusted all over the world, and your young tennis player may be beating you around the court in no time with the support of this racket. The moment you examine the racket, the first thing that catches your eye is the bright pink color, which stands out from space.

A bigger sweet spot and oversized tennis mind help with management to assist junior players to progress their skills. Furthermore, its’ flexibility and range of dimensions is convenient for young gamers to grow into, and it works great with cushioned teaching balls or regular tennis balls.


  • Multiple sizes for when the kid develops
  • It is lively, bright and it attracts attention.
  • Lightweight and durable


  • The cover isn’t made in Addition to the racket

Buyer’s Guide

Understanding the logistics of buying a proper tennis racket can be challenging, but you can take advantage of this buyer’s guide to assist you along your way.

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about buying the best junior tennis racquets.

1. Frame/Head Size

When you’re taking a look at a tennis racket, the mind size references that actual hitting place (or stringed area) within the racket’s frame.

The larger the head size, the larger the sweet spot which is the area on your racket that provides the maximum power and most substantial response.

Beginners are suggested to acquire oversize or super oversize rackets because they’re easier to play and so are forgiving, though intermediate and professional players that have tuned their abilities over the years and developed precision and power usually stick with mid-sized or mid-plus.

2. Grip Size

There are many ways which you can figure out which grip size is ideal for you, but if you hold a racket on your forehand and you’re able to slide a finger between the end of your fingers and your palms, you have got a good grip.

Nearly all men look for grips that are three or four, and then grip five is for people with big hands.

If you still aren’t certain, you can measure your hands with a measuring ruler or go to a sporting goods store to get the assistance of an associate.

3. Material

There are many tennis rackets available on the market and several substances that comprise the frame. Professionals recommended purchasing a racket that’s produced from a blend of graphite and titanium.

They support it because the mix gives a good weight that is not too heavy, and makes for a remarkably durable framework. Beginners often get great use out of rackets that don’t readily break.

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4. Weight and Balance

Heavier rackets offer more stability, are powerful, and absorb more shock, while lightweight rackets make it easier to maneuver. Most professional players select heavier rackets for much more electricity since they’ve finely tuned their management abilities.

Lighter rackets typically get recommended to beginners and intermediate players who demand time to build up the upper body strength to restrain a heavier racket. But, one is not better than the other. The decision is ultimately up to the player and their personal preferences.

5. Brand

Choosing a tennis racket brand might be the most difficult portion of your purchase because there are so many to select from. Most sporting goods stores only take a select number, which makes it easier to narrow down a number of the nicer manufacturers while department stores have a broader variety.

The only way that you’re likely to know which brand you prefer best would be to test it out. You are guaranteed to find your best junior tennis rackets from one of these lines.


1. Where Can I Buy Junior Tennis Racquets?

The best junior youth tennis racquets can be purchased online at amazon. However, if you’re looking to exhibit the racquet first, then going to a tennis pro shop or sporting goods store is the best option.

2. How to Choose Tennis Racket Size?

If you are just starting to play tennis, then it’s suggested that you opt for a racket with a bigger head size because it is more forgiving and has a bigger sweet spot, though more sophisticated players can go with smaller dimensions which helps them with their precision due to the bigger metropolitan location.

If you’re training, learning management, building strength, and studying the game, choose a larger head. If you’re an intermediate player who would like to finely tune their abilities, go with bigger head size.

best junior tennis racquets

3. Junior tennis racquet vs mature ones as a beginner?

Junior racquets are specially created for kids. Manufacturers made it this way for simplicity of use while teaching them the right habits. Light racquets are perfect for smaller children. For older and bigger children, a full-size racquet like 27 inches and above is a fantastic option. Provided that they can swing it easily and they already have great techniques.


Tennis racquets for kids who do not have the body and power of an adult to handle adult racquets. This makes it crucial to identify and buy the ideal racquet for them. 

There are specific considerations worth remembering before purchasing one. One critical part is the height and age of your child. Another is if the child has developed an interest in the sport.

If so, for further purchases, it will be wise to invest in quality tennis racquets and help hone your kid’s skills, abilities, and capabilities. Again, deciding on the right weighted racquet makes the sport of tennis more enjoyable for the child and above all can help prevent injury.

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