Best Hockey Shoulder Pad 2021- Buyer’s Guide

Hockey is a very fast-paced game. You can have a lot of injuries while playing. Among the most frequent injuries is shoulder injuries. It can occur from direct contact with other gamers, boards, sticks or ice. Shoulder pads are extremely important gear within this hockey.

We’ve recorded some of the best hockey shoulder pad available in the marketplace.

Best hockey shoulder pad

1. STX Ice Hockey Stallion HPR 1.2 Shoulder Pad

It employs a whole lot of dual-density foam mainly high-density throughout front to provide you a few of the best coverage. Another cool thing about it’s it is segmented so it is going to move around with you. It’s a little stiff so it is going to take a small bit of time to break in but the amount of protection this opening pad offers is excellent. On either side, it uses medium-density foams that are a bit stiffer than that which you find in the contest so again just great opinions on this pad up to now.

Additionally, it features a removable belly guard that’s not typically found in such opening price points and then for the strapping system that’s a very traditional elastic strap that it does have a tiny pull tab on it so it makes carrying it off a little simpler. The caps used within this pad are somewhat different from traditional shoulder pads.

The cap itself is a bit shorter that has a bit more angle to it so it will sort of give you a small bit bulkier look out there but it is surrounded with moderate density foams below to provide decent comfort and to help disperse some of this energy.


  • High Protection
  • Look great


  • It take time to break in

2. WARRIOR QX3SPSR7 QX3 Sr Shoulder Pad

The Warrior QX3 is the first shoulder pad that made it to our listing. It’s outstanding features that maintain the participant secure and security.

This shoulder pad is designed with the patented Quick Strike fit. This technology ensures exceptional fit, maximum mobility, and protection. What’s more, using its Strike Yellow liner, this hockey shoulder pad keeps you dry and clean no matter how intense the match is.

This knee pad provides two-way protection that protects the wearer’s joints, in addition to keeps his enemies secure too.

But while it could provide ultimate security, the Warrior QX3 is remains lightweight, making it quite comfortable to wear even for extended periods.

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  • Fits great
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Absorbent liner helps the player to stay dry


  • A bit loose-fitting to get a standard built
  • Only comes in 1 color scheme

3. CCM Unisex Tacks 3092 Yth Shoulder Pads

This pad is a huge upgrade from the previous model together with the floating sternum guard making it a two-piece panel construction that gives you a bit of extra mobility to keep the protection

Where it needs to be and gives a full assortment of motion. Sternum shield is going to be a significant bit of compacted plastic so it delivers some great protection for such a vital area of the area. A neat thing about it’s that extends all of the way down to the base of the pad for complete coverage. Either side of the panels are backed by segmented thick medium-density foams to offer you good freedom.

Its distinctive design helps to distribute impact energy away from the body and into the shoulder pad therefore it provides you good protection. It utilizes more medium density foam in the gut area for the greatest protection against any defects that are cloudy. For the match profile, this CCM shoulder pad is a little bit more bulking line therefore it will provide you greater protection than what you would find in the QLT line.

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  • High Protection
  • Good Design


  • Inadequate info

Buyer’s Guide

1. Shoulder Pad Components

Shoulder pads are manufactured of six components, each of which serves a different purpose.

Shoulder Caps: Considering that the shoulders take most of the strikes in hockey, the shoulder caps are the most critical part of a shoulder pad.

Collar Bone Protector: This component sits the top of the shoulder pads and connects shoulder caps. It’s just another very important piece of protection because a broken collar bone could leave you incapacitated for months.

Bicep Protector: The parts right beneath the shoulder caps are called the bicep protectors. All these are fastened to your arms with Velcro and aren’t assembled from hard plastic to ensure unobstructed motion.

Sternum Protector: The sternum is in the center of the torso, along with the centerpiece of a set of hockey shoulder pads is called the sternum shield. It works to safeguard your torso from injury.

Spine Protector: You can think of the spine protector for a sternum protector for your own back. It runs from just under your traps to about 5 inches over your hips. It protects your spine and kidneys from injury.

Rib Protector: The rib shield goes around the sides of the body and generally fits snugly. The fit is elastic, and while most products have a soft foam rib shield, a few shoulder pads incorporate tough plastic shells in certain areas for improved protection.

best hockey shoulder pads coastalfloridasportspark 2

2. Size & Fit

Sizing is the most essential thing to do in case of obtaining the required protection. You can have horrible injuries even while sporting the best hockey shoulder pad, if it has a bad match. So it’s important to understand how to put them correctly. So let us get to the dimension. First, wrap the dimension tape around your torso like an inch under your armpit.

Then note down your dimensions and you’ll find your size at the overall sizing chart inputting your chest dimension and height. If you fall in between two sizes, it will be your personal choice. If you’re seeking closer fit and freedom then go for the bigger size. In case of the need of complete coverage, select the larger size. Now different brands got distinct sizing charts. So be sure that you check the ideal manufacturer’s sizing chart before your purchase.

Now, how to check the appropriate fit. You need to be certain by wearing it on. Your shoulder caps should be square on the surface of your shoulders. Not below or above. The torso should be near your belly button. For your bicep pads that you better look for that adjustable height choice. And the torso shouldn’t move around you. You need to get a locked-in feel for suitable protection.

2. Level of Protection

The security that shoulder pads provide can vary widely based on price and brand. If you are a casual player, learning about different levels of protection might not help you much.

But if you are a specialist (or are wanting to become one), then you must learn about the different levels of protection that shoulder pads provide.

best hockey shoulder pad


You are now acquainted with some of the market’s best hockey shoulder pads. We hope that you have the pad for you from here. We hope you will remain protected and enjoy your baseball career.

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