Top 8 Best Hockey Shin Guards 2021

The shins are one of the very sensitive parts of your leg and getting struck there hurts. That’s why choosing the best hockey shin guards is so important so you can find the perfect protection. We have provided you with a list of the best hockey shin guards available in the market. You can refer to easy evaluation and selection.

Best hockey shin guards

1. Mylec Street/Dek Shin Pads

The expert design of the pad ensures wraparound protection. This shields the muscles at the rear of the leg in injuries. A double foam cushion further enhances security and provides important comfort to the user. 

Additionally, among the greatest features offered by this item is the extra protection to the knee that, as most hockey players might understand, is one of the most demanded places for practitioners of this sport.

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  • The outside is crafted from a synthetic substance
  •  Lightweight design and more-than-average strength


  • Not enough information

2. Mylec Dek/Roller Hockey Shin Guard

While this is another example of a cheap hockey shin shield from Mylec, the difference is that these babies are designed specifically in order to be utilized in roller hockey and that is a very different thing right out there. The distinction is that in case you fall through a match of ice hockey or field hockey you are pretty much guaranteed to stay put.

Should you fall while traveling on a set of roller skates in a high rate, you are equally as much ensured to keep moving for a while these shin guards allow you to continue sliding on the floor without injuring yourself, in addition, to have a hit against the dreaded hockey puck. The increased knee was specifically introduced to allow the user to slip without grazing the surface of the foot.

Even though this is a set of inexpensive shin guards, the protection they provide is as good as any other model’s so if that is what you’re searching for, the purchase price shouldn’t dissuade you.

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  • Thicker-than-average shell
  • Very comfortable


  • Low durable

3. GRAYS G800 Shinguards

Players in the world in the United States, Australia, India, or Australia love these Grays pieces. Our favorite part about those Grays pads is they are anatomically formed to mold to your ankle and shin perfectly. The hard plastic outer shell is definitely going to keep you safe and protected from horrible slashes. This protective piece comes with Velcro straps.

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  • Very comfy
  • Great Design


  • Check size before buying

4. STX Hinder Field Hockey Shin Guards

These are the latest forms of STX shin guards that are specially designed to mold your legs and ankles while wearing them. The interior liner is composed of soft liner padding to allow for minor alterations to fit much better. These are the newest and among the very highly rated item Because of Their durability through numerous seasons.

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  • Durable
  • Cheap Price


  • Not enough information

5. Franklin Sports SG 175: Street Hockey Shin Guards

These wonderful products include a full-flex shin/knee cap design which, loosely translated, means you should not really hurt yourself due to external harm.

These are high-impact plastic shins and knee caps that will be protecting you so what this means is that they should be able to weather any sort of regular game harm in order to prevent you from getting to the emergency room any moment too soon. Like that wasn’t enough of a market, they are actually encouraged by the National Hockey League as licensed products.

The nylon and plastic combination shouldn’t ever leave you hanging out and permit you to immerse yourself in the game without worrying about injuries.

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  • Both adjustable self-stick straps further contribute to the overall feeling of comfort and security


  • The velcro seems a little more likely to rip off after some time

6. Harrow Probot Shin Guard

Maximum Protection is the title of this game for these Harrow protective bits. We love the removable liner so you can easily wash and wash them, so they won’t be stinking up your equipment bags. The removable straps are excellent too in the event you don’t need to utilize them.

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  • Very comfortable
  • Look good
  • Easy to wash


  • No

7. Mylec MK5 Shin Pad

This set of baseball shin guards represents yet another illustration of why Mylec is considered an excellent brand, particularly in which field hockey is involved. The way this item stands out is its own representation of a modern-style shin pad while still retaining all the qualities that Mylec has its customers accustomed to over the years.

Using technologies so as to possess the shin pad perfectly emulates the form of the shin and knee is a great way to not just improve protection but also severely bolster the user’s expertise and the sum of relaxation they feel. With such an item, all details of the game should not just be easier but also more fun since you’ll feel more secure.

Also, we’re pretty sure you’ll be thrilled by the fact that you won’t have to break the bank in order to get such a fantastic instance of protective hockey equipment.

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  • Very good protection
  • High lightweight and breathability


  • The amount of knee padding is restricted 

8. CranBarry Deluxe Field Hockey Shin Guard

Youth hockey shin guards ought to be able to be even more dependable than their mature counterparts due to how kids and teens are still growing so one injury could be that much more devastating for them. Thus, this merchandise from Grays is concentrated only on the security of its wearer and enabling him or her to place everything at stake for the group (in a secure way).

Developed purposely for the bigger player, these shin guards boast a few seriously hard plastic that should keep any strikes from the person who is wearing the equipment. What’s more, the heavy foam discovered anyplace simply adds another level of protection and provides a full shield that is ready to stand guard against external dangers.

We also believe your child will adore that this item comes in black, white, or navy so that it ought to work with a lot of uniforms and attires.

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  • A unique characteristic of this product is the fact that it is specially designed to allow it to be rolled for greater ventilation 


  • These seem to be fitting to young teens instead of small children

Hockey Shin Pads Buyers Guide

So, now that you have a better idea about exactly what some of the greatest hockey shin pads have to offer, you can start to consider the pair which will suit you best.

However, if you’re still not sure about which pair you think would be best for you, and you want some extra guidance, you will want to check out our buyers guide section below.

1. Size

Prior to knowing how to wear your shin pads, you should find out what size you are. This is an incredibly important factor to consider to ensure that you’re able to execute well, while also feeling comfy.

That is why we recommend you take measurements of your thighs. Start by measuring the middle of the knee cap to the very top of your ice skates.

That dimension should match until the period of the shin guards that you are considering.

When you first try on a brand new set of hockey shin pads, then it is a great idea to put on your skates also. This will supply you with the ability to determine exactly how the shin pads will feel as if you’re wearing the skates at the same moment.

We also urge that there should be a small space between the mat and your skin in case you were planning to tuck it in the tongue of your own skates. This is only because tucking it in the tongue of your skates will allow it to be press tighter against your shin to get a tighter feel.

If you’d like the shin guards to be within the tongue of your skates, then it can be sensible to locate a size that is an inch or so bigger to make sure they still fit you securely.

Those are a few good tips that will make certain you’re ready to wear your shin guards smoothly and have the chance to do to the best of your skills.

2. Protection

The whole reason for being curious about how to utilize field hockey shin guards or ice hockey shin guards is you, the participant, wanting to guard your leg. Hockey pucks slightly resemble a snapshot of your favorite drink since they are small, hard and if these hits you, it is likely to hurt, much more so the following day.

The protection needs to be coated by the outer layer along with thick cushioning inside your new shin shield so this is the reason why we would like to obtain a good one.

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3. Considering Your Position

The position that you play can have a huge effect on the kind of shin guards that you should use.

If you play in a forward position, you’re going to be more offensive. Consequently, it’s ideal to wear shin guards which have been made with a lightweight design, while also offering you a lot of flexibility.

Having a set of shin guards which are flexible and lightweight allows you to go on the attack with more precision and speed, while being more portable. Players that have a more defensive strategy to assaulting will also wish to make sure that they have ample protection also.

When it comes to the defense gamers, the goal is to guard the net. Therefore, it’s very likely that you’re likely to be blocking shots with your shin pads.

Because of this, you are going to want a pair of durable guards that you can rely on to keep you protected from all angles. So, you are going to want to decide on shin guards which have several layers of foam and are good at absorbing effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I locate the right hockey shin guards for me personally?

Hockey shin guards may be worn in two ways (within the skate tongue under the skate tongue) and they require different measuring. The best method to make certain you’ve got the ideal fit is by assessing the sizing graphs of the brand you’re picking, which entails information about how the perfect fit needs to feel on you.

best hockey shin guards

2. Do hockey socks go over shin guards?

Putting on that hockey gear for the very first time can be a daunting task and the exceptional characteristics of hockey socks make them no different. The short answer is yes, hockey socks can go over shin guards and you will want to try and cover as much space as possible, preferably everything.

The way to do so is to put in your shin guards but still leave sufficient space close to your ankles for your skates. Remember some shin guards come with straps that can be tightened while others really need the hockey socks over them to be fastened properly so this is an issue of understanding what gear you are putting on.

The reason we mentioned hockey socks are unique is since they are long cotton socks which come open both on top in addition to on the bottom. When you got the socks above the shin pads, then attach them to your garter belt.


Hockey players are vulnerable to accidents while on the park. Shins are one of the worst body parts when struck. To avoid this, it’s important you go to find the best hockey shin guards and other protective equipment such as mouth guards for additional protection.

We hope our listing of the best hockey shin guards can make it easier for you to decide on the very best shin pads in accordance with your playing requirements.

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