Top 10 Best Football Visor 2021 [ Reviews & Buying Guide ]

Football visors are an important addition to your football helmet. These visors help protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays and also from high-impact collisions. Furthermore, they also can keep your opponents from reading your eyes and imagining your next move. Whether you are a beginner or a professional football player, you’ll require the best football visor at some stage in your lifetime. Here, we’ve listed the top ten best football visors available online. Take a look.

Best football visor

1. Under Armour Men’s Football Visor

The Under Armour Football Visor will protect you about the playing field. The shield is made of polycarbonate that is durable and lightweight. This helps them provide protection without any additional weight. The shield includes an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

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  • Tagless design
  • Made from polycarbonate material
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comes with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating


  • None

2. Barnett Visor Clear, Football and Lacrosse Helmet Eye-Shield

A brand that continues to increase in prominence is Barnett. With positive reviews from the general public, this bestselling visor is one of the clearest available on the market.

The Barnett Football Visor comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. This guarantees clarity and durability in all states. The shield eliminates glare and controls light intensity. Since this visor can be used with childhood and adult-based helmets, you can anticipate a simple attachment using its 2-clip construction.

With a product like this, you’re investing in a visor that checking many of the boxes people want to get in the present football industry.

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  • Simple setup
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • The very clear visor can help you see what’s in front of you


  • Adjustments have to be constantly made to keep the visor joined to the helmet

3. EliteTek Football Facemask Visor

The EliteTek Color Football Visor includes a color tint that allows 60% light transmittance. It’s a multi-angle color reflection that offers a vast selection of colors. This blocks the harmful UV/blue light. It’s the ideal fit for most football and lacrosse helmets. It may be connected with a two-clip system which allows rapid and easy attachment and removal.

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  • Blocks harmful UV/blue light
  • Perfect fit for many football and lacrosse helmets
  • 2-clip system for fast attachment and removal


  • Tough installation

4. Unique Sports Clear View Football Helmet Eye Shield

The Unique Sports Eye Shield is made from 3 mm thick, distortion-free polycarbonate lens. It has anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. The shield includes a precision-wrapped lens that eliminates blind spots and glare. It fits most football helmets. It has a two-clip system that enables fast and easy attachment and removal.

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  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog
  • The two-clip system allows fast removal and attachment


  • Scuff marks will start to show themselves over time

5. Schutt Sports Football Optics Elite Helmet Visor

The Schutt Sports Optics Elite Eye Shield is made through injection-molded high-impact polycarbonate. It has an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. The shield has no distortion, thanks to its perfect curvature. It fits most of Schutt helmets.

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  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog
  • Zero distortion through perfect shield curvature


  • Does not fit helmets not created by Schutt

6. Oakley Football Shield

If you’re seeking a number of the trendiest football visors around, Oakley does exactly the work done correctly. 1 thing you’ll find about this product is the fact that it is extremely durable. Made of plutonite, an extra-strong artificial substance, you will not have to be concerned about this item breaking.

Furthermore, Oakley visors remove any distortion, and it can be a problem for other visors which are constructed of polycarbonate. The blue light will likewise not be a problem for you. UVA, UVB, and UVC rays will not be a match against your quality visors.

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  • Clarity wherever you are looking
  • Visor contours to any helmet
  • Stylish design


  • Difficult instructions to comprehend.

7. Under Armour Standard Football Helmet Visor

It is hard to be dissatisfied with this visor once you get it because of the myriad of perks it comes with this work toward ensuring that your security on the field as well as improving your operation by not dragging your head down. The product is created from a high-quality, strong polycarbonate material that also serves to keep it incredibly lightweight, while the anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings increase the overall quality of the visor.

You won’t require any additional tools to utilize this since the quick-release clips make it quite easy to attach and remove, with the added bonus that they are also a universal fit.

According to football visors’ testimonials, this kind of merchandise from Under Armour is one of the most widely utilized when it comes to youth football, so this ought to be a great choice for your little one.

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  • Look super-cool come match time
  • Lightweight
  • Good durability 


  • This visor Might Not Be ideal for all situations

8. BARNETT Football Eyeshield Visor, revo Blue, Eyes-Shield

As a result of its polarized lens, this visor will do a terrific job at reducing glare on the area. Not only that, but this Barnett visor is quite inexpensive, so it’s a great buy for the dollar.

Polarized visors may make a difference on the field — I actually had to learn this the hard way. I’ve mentioned earlier that my initial visors had little to no scratch resistance — well, they did a very bad job at reducing glare as well. The end result has been bad visibility on the field and perhaps even eye harm, though my eyesight is as sharp now as it has been back then.

Anyway, to decrease glare, you should purchase a football visor using a polarized lens like this Barnett visor. Most luxury visors have anti-glare capabilities as well.

The glare aside, the Barnett polarized visor offers scratch and fog resistance, protection against UV and blue light, and fairly nice quality. Having said that, the polarized lens is not the sole advantage of the Barnett visor, though it’s certainly its highlight.

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  • Wallet-friendly
  • The polarized lens is great at reducing glare
  • Resistant to fogging and scratching
  • Blocks out UV and blue light


  • Might be illegal in certain contests because of the colored tint

9. Nike Gridiron Eye Shield 2.0

As a somewhat advanced visor, Nike Eye Shield 2.0 offers the high-quality Nike Max Optics lens as well. The lens is designed to minimize glare and distortion from any angle, and it doesn’t fog up or scratch. On the other hand, Eye Shield 2.0 seems not to provide some UV or blue light protection, so keep this in mind.

Interestingly, the Eye Shield 2.0 visor comes with shock-dampening clamps. These should produce the visor more resistant to shock, although I would not say that modern visors are fragile in the first place. Still, you may expect Eye Shield 2.0 to be more demanding than many different visors available on the marketplace. All in all, if you have one of those recorded Riddell facemasks, then Eye Shield 2.0 might be your best option.

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  • Designed to fit popular Riddell facemasks
  • Shock-dampening clamps to safeguard the visor from the effect
  • Does not fog up or scrape


  • Does not seem to block out UV

10. EliteTek Clear Vision Football Visor

Having an overall score of 4.5 stars from over 380 customers on Amazon, this visor will certainly prove an ideal choice for your next purchase.

In reality, any airborne contaminants or poking can be prevented from harming your eyes due to the visor, improving your confidence and fostering your performance in the area. Additionally, as it is difficult for other players to grab your facemask, any harm related to the neck or head will also be avoided.

In any case, it also features a universal fit and therefore can be employed with helmets of various sizes, allowing gamers of all ages to utilize it for security. The coat with this visor can also be resistant to impact, fog, and scratches. But, installation into helmets can be very challenging.



  • Universal fit
  • High-quality and protective guard
  • Approval for a Variety of leagues
  • Resistance to impact, scratches and fog
  • Confidence boost guaranteed


  • Slightly difficult íntallation

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Football Visor

There are a few things that you should look for when finding the best football eyeshield for you and your playing style.

1. Purpose

The first thing you want to know is what you require a visor for. People buy visors to protect their eyes from sunlight, to determine the field better, or to protect eyes from opponents poking them. Figure out why you want a visor and push ahead with the next thing to take into account.

2. Material

The material of the visor will tell you how durable & resistant it’ll be. For all of us, there is no better substance than polycarbonate. But with so many different brands on the market, you will get a broad selection of substances or synthetic formulas that are patented.

The entire goal of these materials is to be resistant, durable, and powerful without reducing visibility & comfort. Lightness is also quite useful to take into account.

3. Fit

This is essential as not all visors are harmonious with your helmets. If you just make a buy without contemplating this, you might wind up wasting your money for not being able to install your recently bought visor into the helmet. Additionally, some visors aren’t approved for official games, so make sure you consult the sellers or your coaches prior to buying one.

best football visor

4. Type

When it comes to football helmet visors, it’s essential for any purchaser to first accumulate enough comprehension of them to be able to distinguish between particular kinds. Among the more popular ones is the clear visor because this one was designed with the purpose of protecting its consumer from sustaining any attention injuries.

High-quality clear visors may even come with some form of protection from fog and glaring while also being resistant to sustaining significant damage. Another popular kind is that the tinted visor since this one acts for redirecting sunlight away from the eyes in order to better protect them as well as permit the consumer to view better when playing under the sunlight.

5. Lenses

Lenses should be another thing you should figure out before you make your purchase. As an example, if you find a visor that you enjoy, search through them and see what your peripherals can view.

6. Ease of installation

Although this may sound insignificant to some, it might be quite confusing for first-time buyers if their purchases don’t come with installation instructions or necessary tools for helmet attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you look for a football face shield, you start having doubts about whether they are for you, whether you need one, or if they need special attention or maintenance. We answer most of the common doubts you could possess:

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1. How do I know whether the visor is the right one for me?

First, make sure it fits your size needs. Some visors are just for youth helmets, the others are only for mature helmets, and some can match all of them. Then check your league rules so it is possible to select a visor which works together. These two variables will inform you if the product fits your needs or not.

2. Why Are Tinted Visors Illegal In Football?

Tinted visors are illegal at high school football to allow coaches to learn whether the participant is conscious without having to take the helmet away.

That said, in schools or leagues where tinted visors are illegal, they may be allowed for gamers who have health conditions that mandate tinting. But you will need to check with your mentor to see if tinted or colored visors are allowed.


Deciding on a transparent or reflective football visor isn’t easy once you aren’t certain what to go for. Even after reading different variables of eye-protectors and a lot of other details associated with these products, you might still be doubtful about buying one of them.

Luckily for you, the best football visor is the one that fits your needs the most. Thus, be certain you go for something that meets your requirements first. Then, you can say that is the perfect item. In this manner, you will not be disappointed with your choice.

It’s hoped that the 10 recommendations included in this article may assist you in picking the ideal football visors for protecting your eyes on your next football matches. Leave a comment to talk about your decision with us.

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