Best Football Shoulder Pads 2021 Reviews

Among the biggest challenges football players face is staying healthy for the whole period of the long season. The best way to keep 100% healthy is by having the right type of safety equipment for your own position.

Shoulder pads are a critical piece of equipment for every single player on the field. Have a look at our comprehensive lists below for guidance on finding the right kind of best football shoulder pads at 2021 to your age and place so that you are able to stay healthy and secure throughout the entire year and post-season.

Best football shoulder pads 2021 reviews

1. Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads

It’s not surprising that Schutt is back on our list. Schutt had implemented among the most modern technologies for their Y-Flex 4.0 version, which is the AiR Management System.

Air Management System, is a system made with honeycomb foam cushions and microscopic air chambers. This component of these pads is sealed at a fabric trapping the air inside the pillow.

When the impact occurs on the arch, the force is distributed over the cushions. The impact energy is dispersed over a larger area, reducing the force of the impact.

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  • Suitable for your quarterback and defensive positions
  • Layout of the arc cut comprehensive for an extensive range of motion
  • Designed for maximum flexibility
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not Great for all other positions

2. Sports Unlimited Prospect Pro Adult Football Shoulder Pads

If you’re a newcomer from the football field, the football shoulder pads that can completely protect body parts are undeniable.

With flat padding and breathable foam, you can move in comfort like a pro with this protective equipment! Also, your opponent’s purpose will be harder to achieve with nothing to grasp when you are operating on the area.

As though that weren’t enough, it is possible to make the most of the lightweight foam cloth out of this product for lasting protection to the shoulder part.

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  • Great for all positions
  • Breathable but durable
  • Flat cushion design for complete movement
  • Offers full coverage for players


  • Not Acceptable for young Men and Women

3. Douglas Battlefield Lineman Shoulder Pads 17S

For defensive linemen, you get a little more size to hit the blockers off the line and reach the quarterback. These pads have a popular flat-pad design to distribute energy. Pair these with the”air management system,” open-cell foam, as well as the lightweight design, you get a lot of maneuverability and security. They also feature reverse cups, enormous epaulets, and a strong, solid plastic front piece for impressive hitting and blocking power.

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  • Durable
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Expensive

4. Schutt Sports Varsity AiR Maxx Flex 2.0 Football Shoulder Pads

Many consider the Varsity AiR Maxx Flex 2.0 that the ideal shoulder pad for high school quarterbacks and receivers that are broad for maximum protection with the support of its rear plate and small arc cut. This ensures that you work well on the football field.

The open-cell foam structure of the AiR Maxx Flex football shoulder pads is also quite impressive also. It contains small and tiny chambers which may trap air, which can be beneficial as it makes taking and managing hits more effective.

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  • Promotes a high range of movement
  • Flexible
  • Can handle strikes, thanks to its small tiny chamber design


  • It takes several days to break-in

5. Athletic Specialties Adult Football Shoulder Pad

If you’re searching for an affordable option that will improve the fit, comfort and safety of your shoulder pads, then it’s worth investing at the shoulder pads out of Athletic Specialities. For those that need an extra layer of protection, these pads may be the right option.

Athletic Specialities provides adjustable and removable shoulder pads to help absorb impact in the acromioclavicular joint and provides additional security. With memory, you can reposition them even remove them to get a precise adjustment of your shoulder mat.

Blend this with non-binding straps under the arms. It is certainly a substantial investment when it comes to the most economical and advantageous choice.

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  • Designed to fit under the shoulder pads
  • Foam can be trimmed for a custom fit
  • Non-binding straps beneath the arms included
  • Ideal for extra protection and support


  • Quality could be improved

6. Xenith Velocity Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

It’s time to show off your best performance this year using the Xenith Velocity Varsity Adult Football Shoulder Pads. Get protected every time you play Aware-Flow® shock absorbers that emit air that reduces strong blows and abrupt movements. The floating sternum and spine supply you with a secure and flexible shock absorber for full portability. A belt-like chest and low-profile design complete the pads.

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  • Maximum chest.
  • Lightweight
  • It’s not necessary to give up protection
  • Simple cleaning and upkeep
  • Durable


  • The price is a bit costly

7. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

If you are looking for high-quality football shoulder pads, we advocate the XV HD football shoulder pads in the famed Schutt brand. Many players prefer the high-density EVA foam within this pad because they discover that it gives more durability, air-flow and shock absorption.

The use of high quality substances helps to increase the range of movement of the pad. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity is among the best NFL shoulder pads for receivers.

Many players are also very impressed with the charm and lightness of this item. While it’s lightweight, it keeps the capability that will help you perform professionally over the field.


  • Supports high performance
  • Air-flow thanks to elevated corrugations
  • Fantastic impact absorption
  • Keeps players comfortable


  • This is not a good alternative for players with little physical form.

Features To Look For In Football Shoulder Pads

1. TPU Cushioning 

 As concerns have been raised about the aggressiveness of the sport, protective gear was updated. Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) is generally placed into the torso, back and shoulder areas and is not susceptible to degradation like other forms of padding.

2. Rigidity 

 What makes a good football shoulder pad? For the most aspect of it, it ought to be equipped with a rigid exterior. This helps to guarantee it is extremely shock-absorbent and may courageous from the rigors of the match.

3. Mobility

Your preferred shoulder pads should be made so as to not interfere with your mobility. To ensure this, you’ll have to put money into the lightest pads that are still capable of protecting and performing your shoulders and arms.

In case your shoulder pads are too thick and restrict your ability to maneuver, they will cause you to walk abnormally. Not only will this affect your operation, but it could also make you more vulnerable to injury.

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4. Ventilation

Typically, you’ll discover that appropriate ventilation comes out of holes drilled right into the shell holes.

It’s also worth thinking about the materials used for padding often have a specific impact on ventilation. Ideally, you will want a waterproof, breathable cushion such as the shoulder pads using Z-cool cooling technology.

5. Contact Dispersion 

Seeing since it’s a contact game and a comparatively competitive one for that matter, this protective equipment has to be fortified with touch dispersion capabilities. That way, the effects of the blows could be distributed accordingly to decrease any damage.

6. Fantastic Range of Motion 

A limited assortment of movement can be the danger of any football player. Because of this, the shoulder pads picked should be sturdy yet allow for the type of flexibility necessary to maneuver from 1 end of the field to another.

7. Damping and Padding

The damping ability of your shoulder pads will have an immediate impact on its overall functionality. Too much depreciation will have an impact on your freedom, but too little will lack security.

Ideally, the padding you choose should be TPU, that can be padding in thermoplastic urethane. Most brands incorporate this exceptional padding to the back, shoulders and chest of the pads. TPU padding can provide better security as it absorbs more force and impact compared to other options and lasts longer.

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Buying Guide – How to choose the best football shoulder pads

1. Playing position

If you’re just starting to practice your hobby for a footballer, this place might not be among your first concerns. If you are still in the stage of testing different locations or playing as a professional, you should opt for multi-position shoulder pads. Several leading brands provide universal pads that work in addition to position-specific pads.

But if you know which position you are likely to play, you need to make an educated order based on precise and valuable information. By way of instance, if you are a receiver or quarterback, you will require shoulder pads that provide the freedom necessary to perform the essential moves in your position.

If you’re in a position like a lineman, then you know that you are very likely to receive the most significant number of effects and hits on the field.

The point here is, ensure that you buy the shoulder pads offering sufficient protection and mobility for your preferred position for the best performance.

2. Choose the brand

Do not ever underestimate all-around efficacy of a brand that’s dominating in their specified niche. It requires a great deal of time and dissemination of high-quality products. So, the best spot to get the best football shoulder pads would be by a reputable brand.

3. Consider reviews

Creating an informed purchase is a luxury that the modern consumer should not take for granted. Reviews provide firsthand insight into complicated details concerning every other product out there. Make the most of this advice and it might lead you to the best option out there.

best football shoulder pads

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand makes the best football shoulder pads?

You’ll find on the site all of the shoulder pads of the brands Schutt, Xenith and Gear Pro-Tec. All of these utilize their innovative technologies. They’ve an entire shell (or arch) made of hard plastic or with a foam glued into the tank (Xenith Apex) which functions as the initial bulwark upon effect.

2. Why do Football players wear shoulder pads?

Football players wear shoulder pads to absorb the majority of the effect if players are hit. The pads protect your shoulders, collarbones, chest, and spine

3. How do I wash football shoulder pads?

There are various ways to wash shoulder pads depending on the material it’s made from. However, the ordinary shoulder pad have the same cleaning process, which involves using detergents or washing agents.


The article has just shared the best football shoulder pads for you. It is a significant football accessory that each participant wants. This will allow you to get rid of accidents and also help you on your sport functionality. Now with football shoulder pads, you will do your best without having to worry about injuries. And also the result of the game will be amazing.

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