Best Football Knee Pads 2021 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide ]

Like in any other sport, football involves a great deal of running and jumping, which can lead to unwanted injuries to your knees. Because of this, a knee pad is a significant piece among the various protective gears that a football player must have as it can protect you from decreasing or another impact during your sport.

Knowing this, we have searched the marketplace for the best football knee pads and compiled them into this list that will help you create the best purchase. Take a look at these 7 best knee pads, all of which are among the most popular in today’s market.

Best football knee pads

1. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

A great advantage of this product is that it boasts of a unisex design, making it appropriate for both women and men. It’s lightweight, which is a fantastic thing as this helps to aid the effortless movement of players. It can also safeguard your knee irrespective of the contact sports you are playing. Such design gives players the relaxation they need since it follows their natural movements. You may check out our guide for the best girdles.

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  • Ergonomically designed
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Provides the best knee support and protection
  • Can be used for any other contact sports
  • Features a unisex design
  • Highly lightweight and flexible
  • Available in different sizes


  • Slightly bulky
  • Offered in just black colour

2. Schutt Sports Vinyl-Dipped Skill-Position Football Knee Pads

This is one of the best knee pads chiefly designed for football that we’d indicate to a football player. The impressing facet of this knee pad is the fact that it’s made out of high-quality vinyl material. We believe this substance is what causes this knee pad really durable.

The Schutt Sports Vinyl-Dipped Football Knee Pad is very impressive in providing a fantastic amount of protection concerning preventing injuries, especially for athletes and players who hold skilled positions. This knee pad offers a superb fit, whether you need small football knee pads or massive ones. This is principal because the pads are all compatible with both small and large knees.

The vinyl material used in this item also has a gentle touch to the knees, making it provide relaxation despite its sturdiness. This knee pad is really comfortable to wear. Additionally, it boasts of a lightweight and user-friendly layout.



  • It is user friendly
  • Made of high-quality vinyl
  • Good for small and Massive knees
  • The item offers comfortability without undermining its lightweight
  • Great fit with wide knee coverage, offers complete coverage
  • Comes in white colour
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price


  • Somewhat difficult at first

3. ADAMS USA Tuff Light Knee Pad Set with Foam Air Cushion

Coming in at number three on our list of best football knee pads is an entire set of the knee pads. If you are interested in purchasing a knee pad set, this particular product offered by ADAMS USA is among the best that you can get. This knee pad set is lightweight, just enjoy the knee pads, as stated above. This assures users it will never be that difficult to wear on the field.

There’s no need to worry about this merchandise limiting your movements as a player, considering its lightness. It gives comfort in conjunction with its own lightness as it also uses a foam pillow which helps to keep the knee secure during impacts.

The product has dimensions that are just sufficient to the vast majority of football players. Another substantial feature of this knee pad is its ability to perform its job of providing incredible knee protection to several types of users. It may even protect the knees of athletes who are a little heavier side.

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  • Lightweight construction
  • Does not restrict your movements
  • Uses a foam pillow to provide relaxation


  • Not so Inexpensive

4. Mcdavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads

Another highly impressive football knee pad that we suggest you should check out before you make a last knee pad purchase choice is the McDavid 6440 Hex. This knee pad may also be employed to protect your chin and elbow asides from its regular knee protecting characteristic.

Another fantastic thing about this product is that it utilizes superior and unique hex technology, which is a closed-cell foam padding that provides the player the protection and support they need when playing crash or contact sports. The use of these techniques makes the knee mat really lasting.

Having said that, expect to have the ability to enhance your performance in the football field. Another thing we truly like about this knee pad is the fact that it uses moisture management technologies. Such technologies makes you remain cool and dry throughout the sport.

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  • Highly durable
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Protects not just your knees but also your elbows and outwards
  • Offers assistance when enjoying a collision or contact sports
  • Ensures that you stay cool and dry, thanks to its moisture management technology
  • Offered in different sizes


  • Available in only black colour

5. Schutt VKP-SK Skill Position Knee Pad Set

Another football knee pad that captured my attention is that the Schutt VKP Varsity Football Knee Pad. I think that one strong point of the football knee pad is its lightness. It’s lightweight in a manner which you can play the game without worrying about it affecting your performance.

It still lets you move with ease. The fact that it has a sturdy vinyl-dipped structure is also a significant advantage. It usually means the knee pad will give you the maximum degree of protection from impact possible. It’s because this material is known to be strong enough to protect consumers.

It’s offered in a varsity size, also, so if you’re part of a varsity football league then you will discover this knee pad working perfectly in your favor. Another thing I noticed about it’s it is well-made considering the fact that it comes in Schutt, a truly reputable brand.

Furthermore, it is intended to provide you comfort with its extra cushion. The issue is that some users still find its texture somewhat lacking and thin.

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  • Guaranteed to be lightweight
  • Will not weigh down you nor hamper your performance in the Area
  • Made from sturdy vinyl
  • Works well for varsity players


  • Some find its padding slightly lacking and thin.

6. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Knee Pads

The Gear Pro-Tec Z-cool is undoubtedly one of the best products out there in the market. This knee pad functions well as a childhood knee pad, adults knee pad, and kids knee pad. This knee pad is sold in pairs just like most knee pads, and you will have the ability to provide full protection for the knees.

This knee pad enables you to break assured because you realize that it truly works in regards to giving your knees the security they desperately need while you are on the football field.

We are also glad that despite being a great performer so far as protecting the knees is concerned, it will not influence your moves negatively in any way. In reality, it is very lightweight you are still able to move around the field with ease and play at your best.

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  • Works for different football players of different ability level
  • Lightweight construction
  • Enables easy movement even when you are wearing it
  • Versatile and sturdy construction
  • Provides sufficient ventilation and air flow
  • Comes in different sizes


  • It’s a single-colored knee pad

7. Schutt Youth Vinyl-Dipped Knee Pads

One assurance for runners purchasing this model is that they will really do it quicker after acquiring this knee attachment. The only care that anyone with this product will have is just about winning and not about any injury occurring to their knees.

A player is therefore recommended to run with this Schutt kneepad that has been constructed out of deep vinyl in order to supply a softer touch to the knees. It finally offers an extremely lightweight design that’s quite simple to use. The player should just put it under the socks to get the sport and then will be assured of complete security throughout the game.

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  • Look great
  • Soft and Comfortable


  • Not enough information

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying A Football Knee Pad

There are several things you should look out for before you make a The factors to consider include the following:

1. Types

A good deal of different sorts of knee pads are manufactured by companies and they are intended for many purposes for example acrobatics, dance, work, and for our core purpose today, sports. All of these mentioned knee pads not only have to supply for their principal functions like protection and support but provide exact properties such as versatility, comfort, lightness, breathability as well as stylishness.

These pads are meant for the security of the knee against different injuries like bruises, bruises, wounds, and abrasions but from the thought, that security isn’t the sole feature that is necessary by knee pads, a way has to be devised by producers about how best to make a combination of protection with different characteristics that are necessary. One of those efforts is in employing different substances that may supply a maximum of the features that are required.

The cushioning also is just another difference among knee pads, so they are having the kind made from a hexagon or they could be seamless. They also differ from each other with closures. Knee pads may deficiency closures if they have the sleeve kind but the adjustable type has Velcro closures that aid in wrapping.

best football knee pads

2. Size and Fit

Before you buy a knee pad, ensure the size fits your knee thoroughly. Because if it matches incorrectly, then it might be not able to present your knees the suitable coverage they require. If the knee pad is too big, it may be slipping down or up, and this will ultimately result in discomfort and decrease its capacity to prevent injuries to your knees.

A knee pad that is too small will also cause discomfort because it has a tendency to reduce blood flow from the lower portion of the knee, and this is awful to happen during play. Getting an ideal size and cushioned knee pad is a priority to avoid these things from occurring.

3. Materials

There are several different varieties of materials used by producers in creating their knee pads. But, there are a few substances that actually stand out and consequently, are used by many manufacturers as a consequence of the excellent qualities they include.

There are a number of materials utilized in creating giving the knee pads their shock-absorbing ability and this is most likely the most indispensable part of this equipment.

The frequent material used here’s a synthetic foam known as polyurethane but has of late started to be substituted by gel-like material that’s good at the absorption of shock and can be also quite elastic which provides the wearer a much better movement range but still offering protection to the knee in event of a drop or trauma.

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4. Security and flexibility

Another crucial component that should play a significant part in your final choice is the safety of your knee pad. Discover ways to secure and fit the knee pad set up. Additionally, figure out the level of its own security. Be certain you can readily and properly fasten it into the knee pad pocket to enhance security.

It is also vital to select a really flexible product — one which will never cause distress when you are wearing it. It should be able to correct dependent on the particular position you’re in. Ensure, however, that it is still capable of offering the security you desperately need.

5. Ventilation

One other important factor to consider is the breathability or venting within the knee mat. Be aware that playing the field with the knee pad might cause you to feel sexy. Bearing that in mind, you will need you, which includes ventilating channels so that it is going to remain breathable and deliver you as much comfort as possible.

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For athletes, especially football players, knees are the most important yet easily hurt body components. Therefore, picking a proper knee pad is of utmost significance. We hope that this article is useful in helping you pick the best football knee pads for your next match to protect yourself and boost your confidence in the area. Do not forget to share your decision with us in the comment section.

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