Top 7 Best football helmets 2021 ( Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re about to become an expert player, it’s more imperative that you ought to find out what the best football helmets are. When purchasing the best football helmets, you must understand how it can assist in preventing accidents and other concussions.

And we gave you all of this necessary information in this report. We expect it can help you to find out which one is the ideal option for you to have the best performance on the field.

Best football helmets reviews

1. Riddell Victor Youth Helmet

These youth helmets are made for high school players or youth players to possess perfect balance when playing across the area. The technology of Riddle Speed reduces adverse wreck effects across the entire helmet. The over liner is removable, water-resistant with possessions built-in.

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  • Perfect balance and limit adverse concussion effects
  • Have patented side impact protection


  • Restricted facemask selections
  • Limited chin strap options

2. Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet

The Schutt Air XP Pro VTD II is a great cool-looking design. With a plethora of colours to select from, this is a fantastic helmet for high school athletes.

Inexpensive football helmets are tough to find, but this price packs great quality, also. Statistics even prove that this helmets success. Presently, 50% of NFL skill players utilize a Schutt helmet.

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  • Affordable cost


  • Faceguard is separately sold

3. BARNETT Heat Pro Helmet

Are you trying to find the best football helmets for conducting back? Here you’re the Barnett Heat Pro Helmet. This item is reasonable and appropriate for a variety of tasks, and playing football is among them.

Concerning the substance, Barnett utilizes 100% nylon and spandex using all the EVA foam and airings. Because of this, it’s quite well-cushioned, and it may do the job properly in keeping your head dry and comfortable.

And the big plus of this item compared with the bulky football helmet is it’s washable and straightforward to store. Additionally, it includes an adjustable and soft palate strap for an excellent fit.

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  • Multi-purpose helmet
  • Fantastic cushioning and comfortable
  • Reasonable cost
  • Washable and straightforward to store


  • Do not have the facemask
  • Okay protecting ability

4. EliteTek Soft Padded Headgear

This item is very cheap compared with all the tough helmet with facemask. Plus it comes with various sizes for both youth and adults.

What we like most about this item is the quick fitting design. It is the quickest fitting and the most protected design on the market. And although it does not look as sharp and bulky as Riddell’s merchandise, this thing can still work properly to protect you against cuts and abrasions.

It passed the International Rugby Board thru stringent testing. And it is accepted for full contact . The hole round the back head makes this helmet quite comfortable and breathable. But it does not have a facemask, therefore it can’t shield your face.

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  • Reasonable price
  • For both adult and youth
  • Quick fitting design
  • Breathable and compact


  • Don’t have the facemask

5. Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet

Riddell Speedflex is one of the top helmets on the Virginia Tech helmet security status.

To safeguard the wearer from impact, Speedflex features a polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate tends to be quite durable and effectively distributes impact to protect your head.

The PIPS (Patented Side Impact Protection) system provides protection in the sides, whereas the Flex System engineered into the shell, facemask, and clip further dampens shock throughout the helmet.

Speaking of the facemask, Speedflex sports that the HS4 facemask using a quick-release mechanism. For extra comfort, the interior liner of the Speedflex helmet conforms to the shape of the wearer’s head, while the Ratchet-Loc chin strap adjusts easily and is soft for comfort.

In the end, Speedflex isn’t the safest football helmet you can find, but it is pretty up there. If you don’t wish to invest close to a grand on a helmet, then Riddell Speedflex will provide an ample quantity of protection to your mind.

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  • Quick-release facemask
  • Soft and comfortable chinstrap


  • The soft palate strap won’t shield the chin against hard Effect

6. Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet with Mask

It strives to provide a secure and flexible match that may greatly prevent the effect of hits from the opposing team. Although this Xenith X2E helmet is designed especially for youth, it is made with the same high-quality substance as an expert degree.

Light helmets with cubes that are made from ABS plastic. A shock absorption system allows the helmet to adapt to some hit. Additionally, the Xenith X2E+ comes with lots of features.

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  • Integrate shock absorber and shock suspension technology.
  • Lightweight
  • Give a custom fit capacity
  • Comfortable


  • Inadequate info

7. Schutt NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish On-Field Authentic XP Football Helmet

Schutt NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish On-Field Authentic XP Football Helmet

These football helmets are designed to deliver perfect equilibrium and it doesn’t move around or irritate within the specialty. Additionally, the crash or concussions impact will be decreased with the most recent technology. The multi-directional method in Schutt NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish On-Field Authentic Air XP guarantees a zero effect on athlete’s health.


  • Have a real metal facemask for greatest protection.
  • Good helmet for maximum athletes.
  • Affordable price
  • Have plenty of fits sizes ranging from 7 to 7.2.


  • Have limited options for chin strap and facemasks

Buyer’s Guide – How to choose the best football helmets

Our minds come in different shapes and sizes as it comes as no surprise that we all have varying needs. A football helmet may guarantee to have the best quality stuff but harm prevention doesn’t just boil down to the durability of a helmet. It’s also about it fitting well, practicing proper care, and lots of more.

Below is a guide about how best to buy the ideal helmet.

1. Know the diffrent part of a football helmet

Football helmets are generally made up of the following parts: the shell, padding on the inside, a face mask, and a chin strap. Additionally, it has a tiny hole at the top for ventilation. Of course, the high quality and design of every part will differ between brands. Some might even have additional features that may interest you.

Having said all that, it’s vital that you find out what makes you feel comfortable and protected. Getting familiar with the different parts of a football helmet will help you identify your requirements. Moreover, it may also help you understand how it protects your mind from concussions.

2. Pick Right Size

Football helmets that perfectly fit your mind will be the safest.

Fit – It not only enables you to feel comfortable but also will help protect you prevent accidents. You can not concentrate and reveal your best possible as your brain is too tight or too loose. And when it guarantees your eyes, tragedy is inevitable.

Choose the perfect size by measuring your head circumference and use it using size charts from producers.

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3. Choose the Facemask

Stainless steel is the cheapest and the most massive materials. Meanwhile, titanium and carbon steel is more expensive but lighter and harder.

Also, the best facemask layout is the layout that is included with metal bars across both mouth and eyes. It functions better in protecting your face while still enable you to see everything about it. You can also see some helmets with the wide-open metal bars or multiple crossbars.

And last, you ought to choose the helmet which accompanies a quick-release face guard system. It’s a virtual feature since it is going to allow you to detach the facemask instantly when you get injured or in certain emergency cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I know if my helmet fits properly?

Firstly, you should decide on the right helmet on your head by quantifying your head’s size and comparing it with the company’s size chart. Then you need to try it on and attempt to move your mind. If the helmet sits one inch above your eyebrows and can’t twist around your mind and you feel comfortable, it’s the right one.

2. The way to wash football helmets?

Using helmets constantly can soil them with sweat and dirt. Thus, routine cleaning is essential. Cleaning them with a soft fabric could help. A soft fabric also makes certain that the football helmets aren’t stripped off it’s covering.

No. The sole reason to pump air into a football helmet would be in case the helmet features inflatable pads along with also an airliner then you do not need to pump air into a football helmet.

There are various sorts of football helmets on the market and some of them include inflatable jaw pads and airliners. This is particularly true for the more recent versions of football helmets. These pads must fit snug and comfortable as they’re meant to protect sensitive areas of the head.

best football helmets

3. Are football helmets 100 percent concussion-free?

No, they’re not. The injuries and injuries in the football field are unavoidable and often come with different levels the helmet can’t control. And that’s the reason you should pick the helmet using a quick-release confront system. Consequently, when you get hurt, the doctors can easily get rid of the facemask and cure you.


Any participant in any game can maintain a head injury with even the best head protection. Safety is of the utmost important criteria when playing football. Possessing the ideal football helmet that suits your tastes and your needs can prevent any sudden injuries. Refer to our instructions above to choose the best one.

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