Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers 2021 [ Comparison ]

In amateur and professional football, the function of the wide receiver is of extreme importance. Therefore, choosing the best football gloves for wide receivers is quite important. A set of wide receiver gloves isn’t simply an essential accessory but also a tool to help the participant complete difficult grabs in the simplest way possible when protecting his hands from harm.

The article below provides reviews of 8 of the best gloves made for wide receivers which are now in the industry.

best football gloves for wide receivers

Best football gloves for wide receivers

1. Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves

The Franklin Sports Youth gloves are your best option if you’re searching for premium quality gloves for wide receivers. These gloves give complete safety to the wrist of the player. These best football gloves for wide receivers also deliver excellent coziness and enduringness. That’s why they’re favored by the majority of youths.

Another vital factor of these wide receiver eyeglasses is their long-lasting functionality. On account of the permanence of these gloves, they will deliver similar functionality numerous seasons after purchasing them.

Besides, the gloves are produced using high-quality and long-lasting artificial fabric. So far as offering players excellent traction and security are concerned, these gloves are exceptional.

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  • The gloves are not bulky
  • They have a stretchable cuff for effortless donning and take off
  • The glasses are machine-washable
  • The gloves are comfy when put on


  • The gloves are only available in smallish sizes.

2. Battle Ultra-Stick Football Gloves

The battle is one of the most well-known trademarks in the football industry. When manufacturing this model of the wide receivers’ gloves, then they use the Ultra Blad-Span technology. These are the most hard-wearing and supple gloves in the market as a result of this technology. The gloves offer excellent functionality due to the use of modern technology.

Aside from all these attributes these gloves also give great traction to the players during a match. One other great feature of those broad receivers’ gloves is that they’re impact-absorbent that helps decrease the amount of resonation and impact force that arises from grasping the ball.


  • They are available in numerous diverse sizes
  • The gloves have finger ventilation that keeps you chilly while in them
  • They’re comfy
  • They provide the players with superior traction


  • They are long-lasting.

3. Grip Boost Stealth 4.0 Dual Color Football Gloves

The title says everything. The Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite glove features their innovative Grip Tack Technology which makes it one of the tackiest palms on the market today. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, this glove allows more functionality, better ball control, maximum relaxation, and extended durability throughout the palm and backhand areas.

Additionally, the Stealth Pro wide receiver gloves are created for all-weather conditions. Its material is moisture-wicking and features additional ventilation for longer breathability keeping your palms dry and cool in the harshest conditions.

Additional key features are its durable and tacky grip which meets SFIA, NFHS, and NCAA standards. Offered in multiple sizes and colors using different designs, this glove will have you holding the ball with 100% grip while looking great constantly.

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  • Extremely Sticky Palms
  • Tag on Wrist for Easy Identification
  • Available in Youth and Adult Sizes


  • Some People reviews Gloves Run Small in Size

4. Adidas Adizero 4.0 Adult Football Receiver’s Gloves

The adiZERO receiver eyeglasses deliver great suppleness and grip along with enhanced performance and an excellent appearance. This top-of-the-line offering from Adidas is worth the cost.

The gloves have a durable 4-way elastic fabric that is combined with a one-time 3D overlay and TPU developed to provide you with a long-lasting, close fit.

The palms of the best gloves for wide recipients have smooth Grip-Track fabric that offers safe traction, heedless of the area, or climate conditions. These gloves also have a no-snag neoprene tab that provides a tight, flexible fit around the wrist.

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  • The gloves’ padding provides the fingers with enough protection
  • They are manufactured utilizing a ClimaCool fabric that ensures that your hands are chilly
  • They are available in a wide array of colors
  • They’re best suited for wide receivers


  • None

5. Under Armour Men’s F6 Football Gloves

Under Armour might have put a lot of effort into their shoe department but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely forgotten about the products that attracted them to the peak of the listing.

Under Armour continues to churn out high-quality protective sports equipment and this season, they have the Under Armour F6 Football Gloves to brag about. Do not let the cost fool you, these may be considered very inexpensive but that doesn’t mean it is not cut out to do the job.

It is like having a second layer of skin above your hands. A layer of exceptionally dense skin that will protect you from any impact that is. It’s everything you’d want in a set of gloves from having an excellent clasp to providing the most comfortable atmosphere for the hands to maintain when practicing or playing.

Sadly, these gloves do not come with any customization features concerning colors and if you’ve got big hands, you might find it hard to find the right pair with the right size that’ll fit you like, like a pair of gloves.



  • Price
  • Look great


  • None

6. Cutters Rev Pro

Cutters are considered among the best performance gloves on the market. With these gloves, then you’ll have the ability to grab the ball and keep it in your hands without fumbling and dropping it. The Rev Pro palm features their proprietary C-Tack grip with Cabretta leather to the backhand for a protracted life span.

Along with the tackiness of this C-Tack substance, the Rev Pro’s could be washed and restored to perfection by simply wiping the surface of the glove with a moist cloth. This feature eliminates issues due to excessive sand or dirt and makes them perform in all playing conditions.

The mix of synthetic substances and leather to the backhead area avoids tears and gives the hands a lightweight, flexible, and skin-tight feel while remaining sturdy enough to support your wrist and prevent injuries.

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  • Very Durable
  • Machine Washable
  • Sticky Grip


  • High Cost

7. Under Armour Men’s F7 Football Gloves

In the first moment that you put on the UA F7 gloves, you’ll observe the incredible compression and tacky grip. With attributes like their GlueGrip and ventilated cuffs, these gloves are certain to supply a comfortable fit when grabbing the ball in practice or during a game.

Designed with Under Armour’s unique HeatGear substance, playing from the warmth isn’t a difficulty since the material wicks moisture away from the skin to prevent your hand from slipping and provides a much better fit.

In addition, the glove’s hands come with an impressive diamond grip pattern which maximizes opportunities to capture and grip the ball and also stays tacky throughout its lifespan. Becoming lean in material, these gloves are perfect for skill places that demand an excellent ball feel with intense precision and will help you perform at your greatest potential.

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  • Sticky UA GlueGrip
  • Ventilated Cuff
  • HeatGear Technology


  • Less Ventilation on the Palm
  • Do Not Accommodate Wide Fingers

8. Kids EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football Gloves

The RG-14 football gloves out of EliteTek are one of the least expensive top adults and kids pick for best football wide receiver gloves. They deliver all of the features of a good grip receiver glove at a lower cost than the majority of the others. This makes this one of the best overall values to get an all-around football glove.

These football receiver gloves are made of lightweight fabric that provides great full hand freedom and cooling ventilation. These gloves are unique in that they have no wrist strap, meaning there’s no inhibiting motion and they are easy to pull on and off as needed. Choose from black, red/black, green/black, or white/silver.

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  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Cheap price


  • Not enough information


What are the qualities we are searching for in a good pair of gloves?

Grip caliber

We have already mentioned the value of having the capability to continue to the ball and control it while it’s still in your hands. Thus, you need to make sure that football does not leave your hand unless you want it to.

Gloves that offer a great deal of traction are perfect for this particular job. The standard of the surface against the surface of the football will enhance your grip quality in case you have the proper materials built into the glasses.

And for hygienic purposes, these gloves need to be simple to wash without compromising the grip quality.

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Offers a high level of protection

You’re likely to be the primary goal when you’re out in the area. Thus, you might also try your hardest to protect your number one investment from the sport which is your set of hands.

There are a lot of football gloves designed specifically to provide a good deal of protection by adding layers of cushioning to the outer section of the hands. In this case the back of the hand. Some gloves also extend this protective portion into the wrist and half of their arm.


All of the best football gloves for wide receivers compiled above are of top quality. Every one of these has obtained staggering positive testimonials from actual users. You may pick the size, elegance, and hue you require and be ready to astound yourself. Have fun shopping for gloves that’ll fit you.

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