Best Football Girdle 2021 Reviews

Protective gears are crucial for any player wanting to pursue a career in intense contact sports such as football. Among other protective bits such as helmets, mouthguards, and gloves, football girdles can also be extremely important since they may guard your body against any effect you may encounter on the field.

The problem is there are too many options in the marketplace these days, which could confuse you. In this post, We will review the top best football girdle. Next, I trust you can find the right product on your own.

Best football girdle

1. Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short

The only few things they left out is the way flexible and breathable these shorts are. They incorporate a protective but loose fit for people who prefer more freedom of movement.

The Shock Doctor girdle features an elastic-hemmed cup lock system for flexibility and comfort–a wonderful way to prevent constant fidgeting and adjusting.Still, on the cup, it’s designed using Ultra Carbon Flex Cup technology to provide athletes with shock effect absorption of around 100mph away from your very important organs.

This girdle is ideal for football elites who want a bit more flexibility than many football shorts offer. Perfect for you if you don’t enjoy the rugged compression of regular football shorts. Throw in the high shock diffusing element, and you have yourself a pair which can resist the rigors of this game.

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  • Vented protective pads
  • Relaxed fit for Additional freedom of movement
  • Stylish design


  • The tailbone pad could have used a bit more cushioning

2. McDavid Hex Integrated Football Girdle

Some would assert that McDavid Rival Hex Protective Girdle Pant doesn’t provide adequate protection due to the somewhat sparse padding found on this item.

If you look carefully, you’ll see that the cushioning discovered with this girdle is actually situated where it should be. Particular areas on the body which receive a great deal of damage from outside impacts are protected with just enough padding to distribute the force of the blow without adding to the majority.

To a point, you would have to agree that these girdles are not suited for positions getting more punishment than what is absolutely necessary sothese girdles shouldn’t be used by linemen. All these girdles are fit for gamers playing other positions that require a lot of flexibility and freedom of motion. So, receivers, quarterbacks and many others can benefit from this girdle.

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  • Boost performance
  • Made using the highest quality materials


  • Some places Aren’t appropriate wearing it

3. Adidas Techfit Ironskin 5 Mens Padded Football Girdle

The standout design on this Adidas set is the Techfit technology that focuses your muscle energy to boost speed, strength, and endurance. Despite a proper compression fit, the Adidas girdle has a ventilated climacool to keep you cool and dry as can be.This football girdle is a superb option if you would like something that feels elite, if you are training or playing. Also, the plush elastic waistband adds to the ergonomic factor of these pants.

The textured padding on these shorts and the tough cloth means they will stand up to a lot of punishment.


  • Sturdy, reliable padding
  • Ventilated design


  • A bit too tight.

4. CHAMPRO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5 Pad Girdle

The Champro Tri-Flex might be equally as popular as any other manufacturers. But this doesn’t mean its quality is poor. In fact, this girdle can be considered one of the best in football.

The tri-flex cushion system brings excellent protection and versatility. The Dri- Gear technology may elongate the atmosphere and wick all the moisture. This can keep you cool, dry and very comfortable.

You don’t need to use distinct pads. The cup pocket provides you additional protection. You can even insert your own cup if you want.

This girdle is made from a polyester/spandex blend. The 4-way stretch fabric makes it easy for the wearers to maneuver towards any directions without restrictions.

Plus, this girdle offers an excellent price. You can find a fantastic excellent product by paying a fair quantity of money. It is really cool.


  • Adaptive Because of tri-flex cushion system
  • Moisture wicking thanks to Dri-Gear technology
  • Have cup pocket
  • Reasonable price


  • Integrated pads must be thicker

5. Nike Boy’s (7-16) Pro Hyperstrong Core Football Shorts

Besides this protection against shock and impact brought about by the strategically positioned cushioning, you’ll find the additional support this product offers extremely useful, especially on long and tiring game days. Besides, the abrasion-resistant flat antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of this product will also be among its attractive selling points.

Like every other Nike products, this comes in a rather expensive cost, but this well-ventilated pair of girdles is truly worth the expense judging from the numerous benefits it can offer.

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  • Durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Conforming to your body shape
  • Well-ventilated


  • Rather expensive

6. Sports Unlimited Adult 7 Pad Integrated Football Girdle

It features hard thigh pads and knee pads to stay informed about the elements no matter the factors or affect.

The overall substance and ventilated crotch and panels help keep you cool and comfy. Additionally, it prevents odor buildup by allowing plenty of air flow.

These are excellent value. Easy to wash material that’s soft to the touch fabric for added comfort. The seams on these make them so that you know these pants are designed to work on the area.

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  • Good value
  • Seven integrated pad design, including knee pads
  • Flexible fabric to Improve comfort
  • Seams made to reduce the risk of chafing


  • Functional pants but maybe not the most trendy in that price range

Buyer’s Guide – Factors you should consider to buy a football girdle.

1. Materials

Materials are a vital criterion to keep an eye out for when picking a football girdle. The fabric of the girdle must be very stretchy and cozy.

There are 3 notable materials which compose the cloths of football girdle: polyester, spandex and nylon. While their unique benefits are well-documented, cotton substances knock the remainder off the park as a result of the unrivaled durability and comfort.

2. Padding

Padding is arguably the most important criterion to take into account in choosing your choice of a girdle. Just as you’ve got it at the review above, there are different girdles with different quantities of girdles. The reason you would buy a football girdle at all would be to be protected against impacts. So, if a girdle is really worth purchasing, you better be sure it’s optimum padding.

best football girdle

3. Versatility

Imagine getting a football girdle which you might also make use in different fields of sports. Interesting, is not it? If you ask me, I would state, that’s the actual meaning of getting the best out of one’s cash. Being lightweight and comfortable with stretch mesh provides you a couple of choices; this finally saves you of some cash.

4. Find the right size 

Before anything else, know your size, and in particular, your waist size. You can know your size readily by means of a tape measure around your waist. Give a higher allowance on the size when ordering.

5. Price

It’s not a huge deal if you are inclined to spend money on an expensive girdle. However, the quality and technology should be good enough to trade off. Luckily, you don’t need to pay the most money to get the best girdle. There are numerous choices that come with reasonable prices. Detecting a girdle with all the features you require and the cost which you can afford is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you wear a padded girdle under padded football pants?

Up to your taste, you are able to wear the girdle beneath or over the panties. Ensure that the girdle covers the lower area properly. And you can wear football pants across the girdle.

2. Must I Wear A Football Girdle? 

Must you maintain injuries? Football is a competitive game; you, consequently, need your girdle. A football girdle protects high impact and contact areas such as the hips and thighs and considerably reduces injury danger.

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3. What is the best way to get a football girdle clean?

Together with the washing machine set to get a cold water wash, add a mild detergent.This is to maintain a pH level of under 10. You might remove the pads before washing but many manufacturers and trainers advise leaving the pads intact. Do not hang the girdle in direct sunlight. Make sure that the piece is totally dry before storing.


The girdle is crucial in soccer because it retains your hip, thigh, and tailbone pads tight to your body, assuring you that you’ll be guarded on the lower half of the body when making plays on the football field. Hopefully, our tips above will help you opt for the ideal football girdle which suits you.

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