Best Football Facemasks 2021 [Buyer’s Guide]

Football is good fun but tough game, as you need to be strong and fast to win the game. In fact, you can’t ensure you won’t get any injuries during the game. The risk of suffering from teeth or facial bone damage actually freaks a lot of players.

To rescue the gamers from this circumstance, football facemasks were invented. It supports you without inducing any limitation in the game. But, there are a lot of football facemasks available in the industry now.

If you’re having difficulty choosing one, have a look at this carefully compiled list of the best football facemasks now on the market.

best football facemasks

How to Choose a Football Facemask

When the action begins, having the ideal facemask that aligns with your own position and security needs is essential to carry out your very best.

The one thing between your face and your opponent is a lean piece of metal. This very important piece of protective equipment is intended to help protect your face from the action you experience on the football field.

Therefore, what can it be you should search for while buying a facemask? Let us get to it.

1. Purpose

One of the chief purposes of the best football facemasks will be to defend you on the area. That is why you need to look for a protective, durable and demanding one. If you want to buy a facemask to improve your eyesight, then it’s very good to go too.

As I mentioned previously, a football facemask can also state who you are. If you would like to express yourself to the area, you can definitely find one among so many on the industry now.

2. Material

Most of the facemasks are made of carbon steel. 

Carbon steel is well known to be the most frequent choice among football players. It’s durable and demanding and also affordably offered on the market. It’s only related disadvantage is that it’s heavier when compared to other two materials.

If you are in search of a lighter football facemask, which remains capable of providing durable protection that you need, then the stainless steel left football mask is ideal for you. However, be aware that you might want to pay more for this type compared to one made of carbon steel.

Titanium, on the other hand, is popular for being the top pick often preferred by faculty athletes, professionals, and elite high school clubs. Facemasks made of the material are famous because of their lightweight construction designed to enhance the player’s speed. They are also superior concerning durability and strength.

Be sure to choose your pick of football facemask out of facemasks made of the substances mentioned above according to your football position and on-field responsibilities.

best football facemasks coastalfloridasportspark

3. Playing position

There are different places on the area, and each place is confronted with varying dangers and dangers during a game. These dangers will determine which facemask to buy. To begin with, you have to check the pub configuration of the facemask because it plays a significant role in the amount of security and performance it can deliver as well as its appropriateness in your place on the field.

For some places, added visibility is essential to success. An open cage facemask has horizontal bars at nose level and below, but is available around the eye area to maximize the participant’s field of vision.

All these facemasks are designed for skill players such as quarterbacks and wide receivers, who need to have the ability to observe the entire area and the ball in any way time. They are also good for kickers and punters, who need enough visibility to aim.

Some models are intended to offer extra protection for skill players that demand open vision and protection. Many open cage models include eye protection in the form of an additional vertical bar in the players’ peripheral view or the jawline to assist reinforce eye and oral protection.

Best football facemasks

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask

They used carbon steel- which is the most frequently encountered faceguard substance – to make this facemask. This makes sure the strength, durability and sturdiness of the mask. It’s also constructed with a double-wire bar which provides extra protection for your lips and eyes regions.

The DNA faceguards are planned to fit the large-offset DNA helmet. Thus players can remove and put on the football helmet with ease. More to the point, the visibility and vision of these gamers will improve thanks to its eyebrow design. The effect absorbance of the design actually amazes me. It’s acceptable for different places in the sport.

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  • Highly Dependable
  • Carbon steel substance to ensure the strength, durability and sturdiness
  • DNA matches the large- cancel DNA helmet
  • Boost players’ vision and visibility
  • Impact absorbance
  • Suitable for different places


  • Heavier than some other brands

2. Schutt Sports Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard

Designed using carbon steel, so it’s safe to state this facemask among the most frequently used facemasks you may find on the football field today.

The 17-bar setup of this equipment is quite impressive. Such configuration is truly impressive since it guarantees to lessen the grab points for the protection to permeate their hands in your face.

The Schutt Sports VEGOP II YF Vengeance Football Faceguard also showcases exactly the exact same layout that top defensive players in NFL are all searching for. With that, we can safely state it boasts of an intimidating fashion and extensive protection.

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  • Has a Powerful and Fantastic Appearance
  • It’s constructed with a Powerful and affordable carbon steel
  • Works ideally for many football positions
  • It has an extensive brow design for more security and visibility


  • Not an ideal choice for youth football players

3. Xenith Prime Football Facemask

The Xenith Prime Football Facemasks are just another piece that matches all players, particularly the ones that are proficient. This can be an open mask so it keeps your vision clear as you are on the field.

It is constructed of carbon steel using polyethylene powder coating. This is to make sure the strength as well as durability. In case a big hit occurs, this facemask can totally withstand them. One note is that this facemask doesn’t fit Xenith’s small-size helmets. You can follow the setup manual. It’s quite simple to wear.

The Xenith Prime includes different colours. All seem really cool. The facemask is quite light. Players will feel totally comfortable with this.

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  • Fits all players especially skilled ones
  • Carbon steel with polyethylene powder coating substance
  • Powerful and durable
  • Comes with Various colors
  • Cool look
  • Easy to follow the advice and easy to put on


  • This facemask simply matches Xenith’s helmets and facemask clips

4. Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask

Schutt Adult Vengeance DCT EGOP-II-TRAD Facemask includes a powerful new feature with Schutt’s Most Recent technologies, which makes them among their safest and most advanced masks around the field as the durability, flexibility for gamers, and highest visibility using innovative design.

They’re made of carbon steel, which includes high performance and durability. Remember, this is a cheap alternative that matches industry standards for security and durability.

With many different colours, you can select what suits your preferences. It will look good in the area without compromising your security. It’s durable and can meet the needs of different users.

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  • Overall construction is great
  • Fantastic protection for consumers
  • Available in various colors
  • It is affordable
  • Can work well with various players


  • Just a little bit thick

5. Schutt Sports DNA ROPO UB Carbon Steel Varsity Football Faceguard

It’s actually a superb option if you are trying to find a budget-friendly face mask because it’s given at a reasonable price without skimping on its toughness and durability.

It is also suitable for the DNA Pro+ as well as the DNA Pro+ Elite helmets. It has strengthened oral care designed to satisfy the needs of various players who have different playing positions, including quarterback, tight end, wide receivers, and punter.

I’m also happy to say that this facemask already includes attachment hardware. This means that it comes complete with most of the situations you need to attach or connect it to your football helmet. It’s also hardy while also preventing you in managing problems when attaching it to your helmet.


  • Requires less time and effort to attach to a helmet
  • Highly durable and demanding
  • Satisfy the needs of different players and playing places
  • Comes with the mandatory attachment hardware
  • Cheap


  • Slightly heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do football players wear masks?

Football players wear protective masks that cover their nose, face to avoid facial traumas or even protect from current accidents. Based on the participant’s position, they will choose appropriate football facemasks accordingly.

2. When did football helmet get facemask?

Until 1949, the NFP officially took the plastic helmet, ending the leather helmet period. From the mid-50’s, single confront bars were placed on the helmets. It was the first time.

3. Which facemask fits my football helmet?

The facemask that will fit your football helmet is determined by the brand of your own helmet. That means there’s not any particular facemask that may be recommended. As among the best investments you can make to finish your football protective gear, you need to ensure that you purchase a facemask, which will be appropriate for your football helmet. This way, you wouldn’t end up wasting your money on a product which doesn’t fit.

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4. Can a hardware kit come with a football facemask?

In most cases, the football facemasks are not included in hardware apparel. You’ll have to purchase it separately. What the kit often contains are all the hardware necessary for attaching the football facemask to a helmet.

Often, the kit consists of stainless steel cage screws, cage straps, and stainless steel cage T-nuts — all of which are beneficial in attaching the facemask to your helmet.

5. Is it true that the facemask come with clips to fasten the helmet?

The answer is actually determined by the kind of facemask you choose to buy. For instance, if you’re using a helmet using a minimum of one face mask bar then there’s a fantastic possibility your purchase will have a mounting bracket designed to secure a visor to the bar.

The mount will also arrive with a clip so you may configure and fasten the football facemasks and its settings bar into the helmet.

Final thoughts

Overall, to select the best football facemask, you need to comprehend what works for you. Knowing your position, the purpose, the helmet brand which you have, and also the protection level that you expect.

This article has just introduced you to the best football facemasks in the industry right now. We hope you can find the most compatible football facemasks for yourself after reading this article.

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