Top 5 + Best football cleats for wide feet 2021

In order to become the best football player you could be, you should make sure that you are wearing just the best football cleats for wide feet. It will allow more space around your foot, boosting your general comfort and functionality.

When searching for football cleats, stick with the manufacturers and versions you know are made to accommodate wide toes, instead of trying to match in something that is too narrow. You should also examine the material of the cleats, and even the cut of these cleats to find the perfect set for you.

Take a look at our top selections in detail so that you can decide which among these is the best wide football cleat, and which is best for you.

Best football cleats for wide feet reviews

1. Nike Mens Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleats

Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD wide football cleats provide support and endurance on the grind on. It delivers a lightweight cushion, whereas its 12-Cleats configuration provides an improved grip. All these cleats impress with impeccable quality and efficacy, which makes them a great choice for gamers who want to run with this kind of shoe.

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  • Offers premium quality and functionality
  • Provide exceptional value for the money.
  • It’s a watertight touch
  • The quality exceeds its cost
  • A lightweight design
  • It Doesn’t require too much time to break-in


  • It runs a small fit.

2. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

Adidas is another reliable and reputed manufacturer that offers the best football cleats for wide feet — among which is its own Performance Freak X Carbon Mid Cleat for guys. We think one thing which sets it apart from other people and, as always, which makes it exceptional is its 100 percent synthetic/textile construction. Additionally, it has a sturdy and comfortable synthetic outsole.

We’re pleased to say that this product has the most natural and elastic top. This could be a result of this tech-fit upper which offers flexible and natural support as well as a gentle, smooth, and sock-like fit. This top-notch is also known for its high degree of responsiveness and stability.

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  • Very versatile and flexible
  • Abrasion resistance
  • A mid-cut style for the adequate and decent support of the ankle
  • Promotes a natural, smooth, stocking-like fit
  • High Degree of stability and responsiveness


  • The space for the tongue is little for adults

3. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Mens Football Cleats

Another notable product on our list of best American football cleats for wide feet is your Untouchable Vapor Pro 3 in the legendary and reliable Nike brand. Like other branded cleats, this version also provides you access to different colours. That means you can readily choose one that is suitable for you.

Nike used synthetic and mesh materials for its upper area. The combination of these materials provides a great benefit to customers, in particular those who want a durable, breathable, and supportive cleat.

The most striking part of this cleat is that it gives a comfy, glove-like fit which obviously wraps the shape of your feet. It also will help to significantly enhance your performance and speed.

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  • Molds your feet in a natural way
  • Multiple color options
  • Breathable and supportive Due to the mesh and synthetic materials used for its top notch
  • Provides adequate support, particularly for lateral movements


  • Initially really tight and difficult to wear

4. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Shoe

Our pick for the best football cleats for wide feet is your Under Armour Highlight MC shoes. These are a fantastic all-around football shoe that can work for an assortment of positions.

The design of this Highlight football shoe is a high-top design with a high stitched top. It’s a form-fitting CompFit ankle structure to provide you a comfortable feel. This can help you have better increase and rate.

The shoes also have a 3D molded tongue that will increase the overall comfort of the shoes while providing you a better match. The rotating shaft of the shoes measures about 7.5 inches in the arch.

The Highlight football shoes have a wide array of features, including the hot melt framework with a super-high stitched top. This will give you comfort as well as stability.

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  • 3D molded tongue
  • Form-fitting relaxation
  • Full-length TPU cleat plate


  • We did not find any

5. Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

Another great selection for football players with wide feet is your Nike Alpha Menace Shark cleats.

These football cleats are designed using a medium-top, therefore it’s involving a high-top and a low-top. This is especially nice for gamers who do not enjoy the restrictive sense of a high-top, but who also want to have more firmness than you can receive from a low-top.

The Shark outsole also adds to the ferocious quantity of grip. These cleats also come with all the Nike Fast Flex technology, which allows the foot to move more naturally within the shoe.

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  • Shark rubber outsole
  • Nike Fast Flex technology
  • Durable


  • They’ve a Propensity to run small

6. Zephz WideTraxx Football Cleat

Another famed pick for best football cleats for wide feet is the Zephz WideTraxx. It is offered in extra-wide sizes, and that we believe is good for anyone who’s having trouble locating a cleat that’s compatible with their feet. The most amazing thing about this cleat is the fact that it’s suitable for almost all game positions.

This is due to its mid-cut length, which further increases flexibility and allows it to operate regardless of the position you are playing. The simple fact it is a rubber cleat is also an advantage as it’s suitable for different sports along with football.

It is made up of blend of materials, especially tough artificial rubber and TPU. The mid-cut design used within this cleat makes it to provide your ankles the essential rigid support.

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  • Provides good ankle support
  • Quite Inexpensive
  • Compatible with wide feet
  • Works well for almost any playing position, making it a versatile Item


  • Just One color of this cleat is available

Tips for Buying Football Cleats for Wide Feet

1. Consider Types Of Football Cleats For Wide Feet

High-Top: High-tops are usually used by lineman and normally fit wide feet very well. They also have a high amount of foot support for lateral motions, allowing for the maximum efficiency possible.

Mid-cut: Mid-cut cleats are made to offer you some support for the ankles while allowing the participant to be more maneuverable on the area. Also, mid-cut cleats will be the primary selection for many running backs, defensive backs and wide receivers.

Low-cut: They are typically made from lightweight materials and offer the maximum flexibility and relaxation overall of any of the reductions. The disadvantage of the shoes is they often have more durability and also offer less security for the player’s ankles.

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2. Choose cleats the right size

Cleats are available in different sizes. But since you’ve got wide feet, you need to pay more attention to this variable. You need a set of cleats that will provide you a perfect match without hurting your feet.

It also has to prevent your feet from slipping back and forth front and sideways. Remember that this can be of crucial importance for you if you’ve got wide feet, especially as some football cleats might be uncomfortably narrow, making you experience pain when playing or practicing.

It should be noted that different brands may have sizes that differ from conventional shoe sizes. As a result, you want to shop with reputable retailers, in particular those who have a hassle-free return policy, so you can go back the cleat if necessary and then replace it with one which matches perfectly.

3. Consider material of football cleats

Cleats may be made from synthetic material or 100% pure leather. In most instances, cleats are made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials. Pure leather cloth is easily the most costly of the three. But it is also the most lasting of all of them. Leather may also expand with time and can readily adapt the broadness of your wide feet.

If you’re interested in finding a lesser option, you can opt for synthetic. This makes it appropriate for children as they tend to outgrow their cleats quickly. It is also suitable for amateurs who want to invest in a high-quality cleat for their hobby.

You can even pick the combined synthetic and leather material as it offers the perfect balance between durability and cost. You get a product that has a decent lifespan without needing to spend a lot of money.

4. Choose cleats with a Removable tongue

People with wide feet should choose shoes with a detachable tongue. This can help you control the dimensions of the upper shoe. If it feels tight, then you can loosen the laces.

5. Performance Increase

The offensive posture players like the quarterback or the running back rely more on rate, whereas the defensive-position gamers like the linebacker require more grip and stability.

Therefore, select a Football cleat with characteristics that guarantee high-performance in the features you desire. Cleats that fit will increase the blood circulation to your feet, giving you greater performance overall.

best football cleats for wide feet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a different cleat because I have wide feet?

The chief reason is that almost all cleats are not constructed with wide-footed players in your mind. Your feet’s specific shape is usually wider across the gram ats is not constructed with wide-footed players in your mind. Your feet’s specific shape can be wider across the gr rim region, as such you may need additional support on all sides and soles.

This can help keep you keep stable during your practice and matches. You also need a cleat that is tailored to the width of your feet due to the additional space needed. There still has to be some space on your feet so you can move freely. But, it’s imperative that you give this space without sacrificing the specific fit.

2. How to try on wide-foot shoes?

When trying on football shoes, individuals with wide feet are more fearful of having pain and cramps in their feet. Lots of new kickers often agree to choose shoes with an extra toe box so as not to damage the sides of the toes. The truth is, however, you need to consult with the experience of choosing football shoes that make the nose less redundant.

The width of the shoe is much more comfortable after a while (because of stretching). If you choose long and just horizontal football boots, then the width will become a bit looser after a while. This makes football boots unsafe and hard to play. So take the time to choose the best football cleats for wide feet that best suits you.


The article already introduced the best football cleats for wide feet. Selecting football shoes for fat and wide feet isn’t difficult if you use the adventures we discussed previously.

Regardless, when you are searching for football cleats, ensure that you pick the pair that can help you be the best player you can be.

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