TOP 7 Best football cleats for running backs 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you would like to be an expert as a running back in football then you have to improve your speed and maximize it so you can get to the end zone and help direct your team to several victories.

While you can’t anticipate your shoes to make you a high-profile and professional running back, the best football cleats for running backs are still helpful in reaching your entire potential. Bear in mind your position as a running back is vital from the football game.

To make your search for the most affordable football cleats on the current market, and the most reliable one at that, made for running backs, below are some brief yet extensive reviews of products that you can surely depend on.

Best football cleats for running backs 

1. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainer

If you’re interested to invest in a cleat from Adidas, then its Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat is most likely the ideal product for you. Holding a running back position should be the cause of you to look for a football cleat that has as much heel and ankle support as possible.

One good thing about its awesome heel and ankle service is the fact that it is the key in maximizing your power to take care of your competitors on the field. It is also beneficial as it can give you a fantastic grip, that’s the real key to preventing yourself from sliding back when you wrestle on the field.

It is durable enough that it may endure for a minimum of one season. It’s a lightweight cleat with the right reinforcement to optimize its grip zones, which is a good thing if you are after optimizing your multidirectional rate.

It is among the cleats from Adidas with the best designs, too.

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  • Provides exceptional ankle and heel support
  • Lower your risk of sliding back when wrestling
  • Promotes simplicity in creating quick turns and stops
  • Exceptionally durable and lightweight
  • Can optimize your multidirectional rate, thanks to its optimal traction zones


  • Pricey

2. Under Armour Women’s Speedform MC Football Shoe

If you are interested in buying Under Armour running cleats, you’ll be sure to enjoy the Speedform Men’s Football Cleat in its own production line.

We are sure that using all the 100% synthetic material used to fabricate this Under Armour cleat, it will further enhance the performance of all football players. One of the reasons for this cleat’s constant fantastic reviews is its ability to provide users with a high degree of comfort.

It’s mainly due to the cleat’s upper component, which molds your feet perfectly. Users may ensured they could perform well in the field without any possible distraction such as the cleat coming too loose.

The Under Armour Men’s Speedform MC Football cleat also has a seamless, well-formed heel cup that can further enrich comfortability while wearing it. It is made in such a manner that it appears like a normal extension of your feet.

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  • Attributes a smooth shaped heel cup


  • Not very Inexpensive

3. Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD Men’s Football Cleat

The Nike Vapor Untouchable Varsity 3 TD football shoes combine everything you need to help you play well.This pair is a good ally in the area; you don’t have to be concerned about the cost because this pair isn’t too dangerous for the pocket and has an excellent value for the money. The Nike Vapor Untouchable is a shoe that is worth buying.

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  • This football cleat has a great match
  • These football running cleats are a bang for the dollar.
  • Fit foot and customization lockdown
  • No demand for a break-in interval
  • Very comfortable
  • Elastic and responsive


  • This football cleat is Somewhat narrow

4. Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe

This cleat was among the cleats I brought up before that look very similar to football cleats.

This shoe is designed for easy on and off by featuring a sock-like textile upper plus they possess the lockdown you need as a running back. The outsole is cleated naturally and that provides the grip you need to do your work properly.

The fit is according to routine so in theory you will not need to go up or down a size to ensure a proper fit. And if that wasn’t enough, you will find 30 color combinations to choose from, even though they might not be available in every size.

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  • Stud Configuration supports cuts and provides advanced acceleration


  • Players with obviously broad feet wouldn’t be comfortable

5. Nike Mens Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleats

Nike also proceeds to respect football players with its existing lineup of excellent shoes such as the Lunarbeast Pro TD football cleat. What leaves a fantastic impression on us would be the fantastic ankle support of this product. The midfoot stability of these football cleats for running backs are also excellent.

In terms of support, coverage, and relaxation, this Nike Men’s running backs merchandise doesn’t seem to fail you. That’s because it works in securely hugging your ankles via a medium-height collar, providing you with the support and insure you desire without sacrificing your comfort. friend.

There’s also a flexible pillow at the base for much more relaxation, so there is certainly no shortage of cushioning in that area. The hook and loop strap provide it another amount of locking and support, and the 7-studs removable TPU spikes guarantee you get unrivaled traction and functionality.

Additionally, it tends to hold well in various conditions and environments.

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  • Provides great support and coverage
  • Easy to split in
  • Comes with responsive and flexible cushioning for comfort


  • May be narrow to some players.

6. Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low Mc Football Shoe

One amazing aspect of Barkley’s match has been the ability to burst into activity at the drop of a hat. The Under Armour Nitro Low can enable you to attain that amount of explosive power and raise your speed with every step you choose as the patented cleat meeting on those shoes help you gain traction and get better acceleration.

You’ll basically slice through the resistance with ease and no one will ever get their hands on you along with your lightning-quick speed!

The Under Armour Nitro Low is made of highly durable material and has a carbon fiber plate to provide you maximum support as you run to the end zone.

It also recognizes the need to keep the player comfortable constantly.

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  • Durable
  • Breathable


  • Not enough information

7. Under Armour Men’s Blur Select Low Mc Football Shoe

Under Armour Men Blur Select Low Mc cleats are more than simply a style design. Many players like the spaciousness and comfort of these shoes. Not necessarily the best football cleats, but it offers the best comfort. The quality and characteristics of this shoe help to enhance the performance of the game. Popular with lots of football players.

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  • It’s thin enough to Give foot protection
  • Offering a barefoot sensation
  • The design is lightweight that helps boost the performance
  • It is extremely comfortable
  • It wraps the foot perfectly
  • High quality of material
  • These cleats look great


  • There are some complaints about lacking cushion

Types of Running Back Cleats

With your running back position, it’s essential to figure out the type of football cleat that absolutely fits your working style. In this case, you have three options — that the low-cut cleat, the mid-cut cleat, and also the high-top cleat. Remember that every one of those types serves its personal goal and purpose for each and every athlete.

  • Mid-cut cleat 

 One distinguishing quality of the mid-cut cleat is the fact that it’s capable of supplying ankle support without putting restrictions on your movements. Most running backs favor the mid-cut because of the extra ankle support it offers. It’s designed in a way that it increases to a ankle.

  • Low-cut cleat 

 Quite like the cleats used in football, the low-cut type is designed from the sense that it ceases prior to your ankle. With that, expect that part of your feet to have lower amounts of security. Despite this, the low-cut variety is still the perfect choice if greater rate, cutting, and freedom are what you are after.

  • High-top  

When it comes to running backs, the high-top cleats are not that famous. It is because nearly all of them managed to see it is heavy and bulky. With that, it is possible for this product to slow you down, which is not a fantastic thing since you are a running back.

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What to Look For When Buying Best Football Cleat for Running Back

1. Type of football field

There are also several types of football field overall that we frequently play, which are tall grass, short grass or artificial grass. So any type of area or end zone should have the ideal types of sand. Here are strategies to choose cleat for every specific backyard type.

  • Firm Ground

Firm Ground is a cleat base used on natural grass. Normally it is made of carbon resin that’s acceptable for short and thin grass.

  • Soft Ground

Soft Ground is still employed for organic lawns. Nonetheless, in SG there is low bud, the dirt is quite soft. These football cleats are usually played in regions with heavy rain or grass is often sprayed with water.

  • Artificial Grass

This is also understandable when artificial grass is growing daily. Notably in Indonesia, because of soil conditions, this nation mostly uses artificial grass. Standard artificial turf bowls will have a rather soft foundation with a slippery phenomenon.

  • Turf

TF foundation is also used for synthetic turf. However, the usage of high and small TF spikes is just suitable for soft soils and artificial turf is not overly thick.

  • Indoors

 This pillow is generally only used on hard and flat courts such as futsal courts

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2. Material

The most visible pieces of a cleat can either be made from synthetic material or leather. You will need to guarantee the cleat is well-built and durable because it offers a degree of protection from hits from opponents. Many running backs favor leather material due to its commendable breathability.

The simple fact that leather is breathable will help your feet feel comfortable during the game. Also, leather is famous for its flexibility. This makes it an exceptional choice concerning comfort and functionality. The purpose, however, is the fact that it is more expensive than synthetic material.

If you are interested in a more affordable option, you can elect for a synthetic material.

3. Size

Cleats come in various sizes and you should find the one that works best for you. Even if one pad meets your other needs, you should not make a decision to purchase anyone till you are convinced of the size.

You should be aware that cleat dimensions are generally similar to regular shoe sizes. The only distinction is in personalization since it varies by manufacturer and brand. For this reason, you should not immediately assume that the size of particular footwear suits the dimensions of the other cleat exactly like a glove-like match.

4. Weight

The burden of a cleat is set by the thickness of the substance used to make it, especially the soleplate. Some football cleats can be too thick to some mistake, which’s why you should evaluate the cleat properly before buying.

This is important because exceptionally heavy cleats will surely make an impact on your performance and exercise. Heavy cleats may be likened to running with plenty of direct shots tied to your thighs.

You will know right away that you’re getting the best cleats when they are light and will keep the endurance of your main body. Additionally, remember that running , as a skill place, is all about pace.

Strength isn’t too important here, since the emphasis is determined by how quickly you play the game. That means you will never want to get held down with a heavy-duty cleat that will cause you to perform slowly on the field. Therefore, you should not rush into making a decision until you’ve found the best one.

best football cleats for running backs coastalfloridasportspark 3

5. Comfort

The relaxation that the cleat provides is the principal factor that determines if you’ll eventually go for it or not. All the variables we have discussed so far sums up to preach the message of comfort. Since your position requires you to be in charge of the ball the majority of the time, you need a pair of cleats that won’t give you even an iota of distress.

Inconvenience when using the cleat will affect your performance. Treat yourself to something to look forward to while making certain your cleats are as comfy as you can.

6. Foot and Ankle Protection

The last thing to consider is the foot and ankle support. Have a look at the cutout layout of the heel, which affects the size and weight of the shoe. Even in the event that you want a lightweight cleat, you will not get enough help on the heel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do I expect my working back cleats to continue?

Most football cleats are made to be quite durable, therefore you are ensured of the ability to survive long. For youth players, they will most likely outgrow their cleats prior to needing a replacement.

However, older kids and gamers also tend to place more miles into their cleats, making theirs last for usually around 1-2 seasons. For all those with feet that have stopped growing, specifically adults, investing in two pairs of football cleats is advisable in order that they could alternate using both, which makes them last as long as possible.

best football cleats for running backs

2. What are the most popular brands of running back football cleat?

Some of the most Well-known brands include Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. Adidas that has earned a superb reputation not just in the American football cleat market but also in the football cleat industry. Most Adidas football cleats are renowned for their build quality, incredible foot support, and comfort.

Nike, on the other hand, has been working in this industry longer than Adidas. The good thing about Nike is it has a reputation for providing stylish, comfortable, and advanced football cleats. The brand is usually more expensive than others, but many believe the general quality is well worth the additional cost.

Lastly, although Under Armour is new in the business, there are lots of positive comments about the brand because of its quality products. The brand is also famous for the impressive fashion of its cleats plus the substantial stability and ankle support it offers especially while running.


Investing in the very best football cleats for running backs is a smart decision that you will never regret. You may improve performance on the fields using the best football cleats for running backs. It helps you have sufficient stability and control over your movements with innovative structure.

We think we’ve been able to offer you some of the best advice about the top running back cleats available anywhere today! We hope you do so well.

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