Top 7 Best Football Back Plate 2021 Reviews

To make certain you’re fully ready for any game for a player, you need to ensure that all of your body parts are covered using the right protective equipment. 

Like all other protective gear for football, an excellent backplate is a necessary item for many players. A great back plate guarantees that you’re protected and you may still perform with no down you.

Football backplates can easily be attached to a majority of shoulder pads and they protect the spine, lower back and kidneys of a participant from harm by lessening the impact received from hits on the back. Back plates are created for adults, teenagers, younger gamers and so are lightweight, simple to remove rather than bulky. Some players also favor custom football back plates. Nevertheless, below is a summary of the best football back plate in the market.

Best football back plate

1. Schutt Sports Football Backplate for Shoulder Pads

With this back plate under your jersey, you are assured of protection that can be accorded by such a great football accessory. It’s an adequately wide back plate ensuring the lower torso is shielded. When combined with a good rib protector, this rear plate does a superb job of maintaining you injury-free in moments of impact.

The corrugated aspect of this trunk is another major reason to have this wonderful product. This gives the rear plate all the power required to offer you a player maximum security on the gridiron. This is also a well-ventilated accessory and whatever the weather condition serves nicely to keep the wearer cool and dry throughout the game.

In addition to all those perks that we have mentioned previously, this back plate’s inner liner is quite comfortable and the participant can wear it for lengthy periods of play with any strain. It also turns out to be very mild. Additionally, it comes with some attachments for both high and low points of attachment based on the height of the participant’s torso.

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  • It is a light and comfortable back plate
  • It is well ventilated
  • Grommets are provided to give more options for attachment


  • There are a number of players who may not find it broad enough to them

2. Battle Sports Back Plate

I love this football back plate out of Battle Sports because of its unique color options, though it has plenty of other things to boast about as well. If you would like to stick out on the field, then the Battle back plate might be the best choice for you. I particularly enjoy the golden variant of this back plate, but the white/red with Pennywise’s ominous face appears super-cool as well.

What also grabs the eye in this back plate is its thick foam protection. This is only one of those thicker back plates on the current market, and you might expect far better impact protection from it than in my other picks. However, it also may be heavier.

The build quality here’s also great — as expected for the purchase price. The mounting hardware — especially the screws — is kind of bad though. The screws have a tendency to become loose and split, so you may want to replace them with something better.

The adjustability of this Battle back plate is excellent too thanks to the three x 2 mounting hole design on each strap. All in all, the Battle football back plate is a great option if you want something eye-catching on the field. The caliber and protection below are outstanding as well.

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  • Fantastic quality and protection
  • Lots of colors and styles available
  • Has dimensions both for youth and adults


  • The included screws are pretty flimsy
  • The youth size is somewhat small


At number six is a football back plate that’s solely designed for youth football. The Schutt 79922100 Sports Back Plate is the go-to option if you are looking for among the best back plate for young footballers. It’s effective in giving a participant’s back the protection it requires. It may considerably handle impacts, strikes, and stress on the area.

One other good thing about the back plate is the fact that it easily attaches to all youth shoulder pads, particularly those provided by Schutt. This demonstrates the flexibility of the protective gear. Its design makes it fit nicely to any shoulder pad, also it’s easy to attach and set up. All the screws and hardware required for its proper attachment and installation are already included in the bundle.

The well-ventilated, high-density EVA shape and the breathable fabric used for its overall construction makes the Schutt 79922100 Sports Back Plate breathable also. This makes this particular back plate one of the very comfortable choices for your youth football player.

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  • Easy to install and attach
  • Compatible with all youth shoulder pads
  • Uses a breathable cloth and EVA foam
  • Comes with all of the screws needed for proper installation
  • Keeps your back protected from knocks, pressure, and affect


  • The screws that are included are prone to coming off

4. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Back Plate

Another back plate which we’d suggest to anyone who is on a hunt for a premium excellent football back plate is the Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity. An wonderful part of this football back plate is its Z-COOL moisture transport system which works effectively in promoting good air circulation and ventilation.

We also noticed the effectiveness of the Z-COOL system in wicking away perspiration, thereby ensuring you keep cool and dry throughout the match. The Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Football Back Plate also makes use of a 3-D flow system, which is quite amazing because of its ability to raise the comfort level of the plate when worn through evaporating sweat.

We are also pleased to inform you that a reinforced vented plastic is used in the insides of this back plate. This is because this material makes it it more lightweight and comfortable while keeping you secure for quite a long moment.

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  • Offers great air circulation and ventilation
  • Can absorb perspiration and moisture
  • Evaporates perspiration with the aid of its 3-D flow method
  • Uses reinforced vented plastic for its interior


  • It’s not compatible with additional shoulder pad brands except for individuals from Gear Pro-Tec

5. Gear Pro-Tec Razor Back Plate

The final back plate on our list of the greatest football back plate is your Razor Football Back Plate from the respectable brand, Gear Pro-Tec. We are one hundred percent sure that this back plate will never don’t satisfy you with its quality and overall functionality.

This rear plate does a fairly good job in regards to lower back protection. It can absorb hits, affect, and stress nicely, so the particular areas of the body it purposely protects are definitely safe from potential accidents.

The HEX foam material used for its side panels ensures that it offers maximum protection. This substance also works along with SAS TEC foam, which is helpful in secure your backbone from injury. The outside of the back plate is known to be corrugated, making it extremely strong.

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  • Highly durable and durable
  • It guarantees that a Fantastic player performance
  • Designed to ensure the participant’s safety
  • Protects both the back and the backbone
  • Additional strength guaranteed because of its corrugated exterior


  • Might not be compatible with big-statured football players

6. Xenith Football Back Plate

This rear plate from Xenith is a great selection to get Xenith shoulder pads. But, even if you have pads from other brands, this back plate should still use them.

The highlight of the football back plate would be the straps. The back plate has a couple of mounting places to get the straps, letting you adjust the strap spacing. In this manner, the Xenith rear plate should be in a position to work with most pads on the market, even the Douglas pads using their narrow mounting hole spacing.

The standard and the build of the Xenith back plate are excellent as well. In fact, at its price point, this is one of the very highly-rated back plates you’ll find (at least, on Amazon).

In conclusion, the Xenith rear plate is a great high-quality alternative for owners of Xenith shoulder pads. But don’t be worried if you have pads from other brands also — thanks to its adjustable straps, this back plate must utilize most shoulder pads on the market.

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  • Adaptive nylon-coated straps
  • Available in youth and varsity sizes
  • Excellent quality


  • Only available in black

7. Riddell Sports Back Plate

This rear plate stands out due to a number of reasons, the obvious one being its Chrome Finish design. You may use this product with shoulder pads if you want an elevated level of protection for your lower back. The fit it has is universal which means it may be attached easily to many models of shoulder pads with the necessary hardware being contained.

Basically this Riddell Sports Back Plate Chrome Finish isn’t only fashionable but also has the true potential of maintaining the person wearing it to be safe from accidents during exercise or even during the game. In the end, security is the most important aspect in regards to such an item.

Despite the constant stress, the trunk is subjected to, it looks like it’s the capacity of lasting for many decades. This means this item is a wise investment since you most likely don’t want to purchase a new one for each football season.

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  • Look great
  • It can be set up so readily


  • In order to avoid letting it hang too low, you might have to drill new holes in it.

What to Look For When Buying a Football Back Plate

On your search for the ideal back plate created for your particular needs, it is necessary for you to be in control. You’re able to gain such control should you ensure that you gather as much information as possible about how to make your pick. Among the factors which should direct you during the selection process are given below.


Size is very critical in making the last buying decision when it comes to football equipment. Before you make your final decision, find out which one of the rear plates you’re checking into specifically fits your size and will do the function you want it to carry out.

Never forget that back plates come in various sizes and matches. Some are ideal for teens, while some are ideal for adults. You could even find a youth football back plate in case you need the one for youngsters who are into football.

With the various variants of back plates so far as dimensions and matches are involved, you need to take into account where you will use it. That way, it will be easy for you to choose one that is actually suitable for the intended function.


The weight of the rear plate has a direct influence on your operation on the area. Before you buy a back plate, ensure that it’s lightweight that kids can handle it effortlessly. You can even put on a friend’s trunk to know the form and weight of the rear plate that is suitable for your needs before buying one.

Go for a back plate that is not too heavy to the point that it causes you to have a hard time moving during the game. You ought to be able to move freely and it should never limit your assortment of movement as soon as you get into the field to play with.

3. Strength and durability

Another very important component that should play a role in your decision is how durable and strong your chosen back plate is. Be aware that you need a very sturdy one — what can prevent possible injuries due to physical effect.

Avoid choosing a rear plate, which can be too flimsy as it may only lead to it breaking and losing its function even if it only encountered one collision. Choose one, which already gained reviews for its durability since it’s going to be subjected to body contact.

best football back plate

4. Comfort

Just like any other protective equipment, your chosen football back plate also needs to be comfy. It should let you move with ease. If at all possible, go for that with vent holes since these can cause you to feel cool as you are on the area due to the suitable ventilation it provides.

Besides the previously mentioned factors, it is also highly advised that you bring with you an affirmation, such as a certification or an authorization letter, which functions as a confirmation that the back plate you are planning to use is approved for use by the football league in which you belong.

Be aware that failure to do so might only cause your disqualification so that you have to be really cautious.

5. Ventilation

Another important aspect is that the ability of the product to allow your skin to breathe properly. Throughout the match, you will sweat a lot, as it’s natural, which means you need to check out an option that will let you sweat properly so as to allow your body to regulate its temperature so you won’t suffer from overheating. See our football back plate testimonials above for more info.

Producers have produced several ideas concerning how to permit you to wear this gear as comfy as you can such as producing little holes to allow the air to pass through more easily, giving the dishes a more round-like design, and so forth. Because of this, many of the back plates you’ll find in shops nowadays are much more comfortable than the ones available before.

Our purchasing guide has touched all of these aspects and more so in the event that you wish to buy a pair of football back plates, then here you will discover which ones are the best and more affordable, but also what models you ought to stay away from if you wish to generate a good investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are football back plates used for?

In football, back plates have the extremely important task of providing security to the players while on the field. We all understand what a dangerous sport football can be and this is the reason why a certain gear is expected in order to play it, such as a helmet back and shoulder plates, pads for knees, hips, and thighs, and, of course, the jockstrap with a protective cup.

All of those accessories have their own important roles along with the rear plate for football is no exception. This item can lower the impact a participant feels when they’re handled from behind or even from the sides. The best football back plates require a huge part of the force the impact spreads and had it on a wide area thus maintaining the player securely. As a result, if you play football and you’re handled the total amount of force you feel from the effect is lessened by a lot.

2. Do Wide Receivers Wear Backplates?

Wide receivers receive a LOT of lower rear strikes. With that, wide receivers do wear back plates. By the way, any football position can benefit from a plate. Football involves a whole lot of contact, so every bit of additional security is vital.

Not every football player wears back plates due to their bulkiness and weight reduction. But if you are not inclined to sacrifice on-field safety for extra speed and lightness, you need to wear a plate.

3.  How to assemble a football back plate?

Before you put on your football back plate, then you’d need to build it by attaching it to a shoulder mat. To do that, all you need to do is to look for the two metal holes which always situated at the shoulder pads’ backagain. You should then align the holes found on the back plate to the ones found on the shoulder pads. 

Ensure that the holes have been well-aligned down or up to the stage that the rear plate already covers the lower part of your back. Get the screws and insert them through the lined-up holes onto the shoulder pads and rear plate. The screws must be tightly secured in to fasten them.

Repeat this step for the other shoulder mat, perform the same steps involved in screwing and adding the bolts or screws just in case you notice that there is an imperfect match or in case slipping occurs. Make certain you install them properly and they fit correctly to keep it from becoming a hindrance as soon as you start playing.

best football back plate coastalfloridasportspark 3

4. Is it true that the football back plate includes nuts and screws?

In most cases, highly reputable manufacturers and providers of football back plate can provide you with all the screws and nuts that are essential in attaching this equipment to your shoulder pad. 1 trustworthy brand, which provides all the hardware to your attachment, is Schutt.


If you’re a football player, your defense should be along with your priorities. Luckily, you can acquire such protection with the aid of the best football plate. What’s good about it’s it is not that hard to use.

You can even find light and compact ones which you can readily remove. It’s possible for you to find a football back plate, which is customizable enough which you’re able to make it match your particular requirements as far as size and weight are concerned.

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