Top 8 Best Fastpitch Softball gloves 2021

Fastpitch softball gloves are essential gear. There are an infinite number of choices on the market from a number of excellent softball brands so you can easily get confused and do not know which to select. Because of that, we’ve analyzed the most well-known gloves in the marketplace and have put up this list of the best fastpitch softball gloves so that you may easily choose the right one.

Best fastpitch softball gloves reviews

1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove

Rawlings’ Liberty Advanced collection has perfectly balanced gloves especially tailored for female athlete’s hands. This glove is made from full-grain oil-treated leather, and comes 80 percent broken-in from the box; it is fairly easy to break in and will last you a very long time with appropriate care and maintenance.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced is among the best options if you are looking for a quality fastpitch glove that will last you several years.



  • Requires only a couple of days to break-in
  • Comfortable


  • Laces could have been more lasting

2. Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove

The Mizuno MVP Prime Glove Series are specialist-level gloves for players on a budget in order that they can take your game to another level. The gloves have good padding, and also an easy and comfortable fit for a feminine hand, as they’re created for a female’s hand.

Among those things that we didn’t like is that the stiffness of the leather, it was too stiff which creates the break-in time more. Once you do so, it performs amazingly, definitely surpassing our initial expectations.

Let us discuss the stitching these gloves possess. They have professional stitching and are made of handmade bio leather that gives the MVP Prime an incredible degree of softness and durability.

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  • Perfect fit
  • Soft leather


  • Break-in time

3. EASTON BLACK PEARL Fastpitch Softball Glove

The Easton Black Pearl Fastpitch gloves are great gloves for female youth gamers since they are made especially for them, such as the majority of the Easton fastpitch gloves.

The web pattern on these is woven internet and the back is open. They have a fantastic price and are recommended for younger gamers who are developing. They come in 12″ and 12.5″ sizes and have a very cool black/cyan colorway.



  • Great price
  • Great looking
  • Secure fit


  • Break-in time

4. Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove

Each Mizuno Franchise is made from Java Leather material. This leather is reportedly great at providing players an easy break-in and seasons-long durability. These gloves also contain the Parashock Plus Palm Pad for less sting and much better rebound control, when necessary.

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  • Broad pocket and easy to shut glove


  • Fully closed web design limits visibility, particularly in the outfield
  • 13-inch glove pattern could be too large for some players.

5. Rawlings Heart of The Hide Fastpitch Softball

This glove collection from Rawlings is created for elite softball players and also can be used by high school gamers. Heart Of The Hide is quite good built, has excellent quality and after it’s broken in it’ll perform excellent.

It is constructed from full-grain leather exact same leather Rawlings’ uses to construct their famous baseball gloves. Rawlings made this series with zero chock palm padding for protection and flexible pull-strap closed for a better fit.

There aren’t a lot of terrible things we could say about this glove string from Rawlings, other then the break-in period, that is, as we mentioned before, long on a high-quality glove.

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  • Exceptional build quality
  • Fantastic leather


  • Extended break-in period

6. Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove

These gloves have dominated the games at all levels. The Wilson A2000 has fastpitch glove versions available for all positions and tastes. The 12.5-inch version is very good for outfielders, while infielders may favor smaller dimensions.

The White SuperSkin and Pro Stock leather cloths generate a glove that’s comfortable, strong and lightweight, all at the same time. For extra relaxation, the velcro wrist closure creates a solid and firm grip, so the glove is obviously where it ought to be. And, to eliminate possible glove sting, the Honeycomb cell padding provides a no-sting zone.

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  • An extremely versatile glove that suits all players
  • Honeycomb padding for low glove sting


  • White and light gray leathers cluttered quickly.

7. NOKONA X2 Buckaroo Elite Fastpitch Glove

Nokona is an all-American firm that makes all-American handwear covers, and also the Nokona X2 Buckaroo is merely one of the best handmade handwear cover you’ll be able to obtain. Most players describe them as the”Cadillac of eyeglasses”, due to their premium quality, toughness in addition to the fact they’re 100% USA-made softball handwear covers.

The two-piece crossbreed leather design uses the softer kangaroo leather with a harder, tougher steerhide natural leather, providing a very limited fit as well as game-ready feel right from the bundle. This is an important handwear cover created major gamers that intend to trick their movie match-up. This super handwear cover may be utilised in any position on the area.

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  • Very durable


  • Not enough info

8. Franklin Sports Softball Glove

The hand opening and finger stalls will match a younger high schooler, but just the tiniest teenager’s hands will find it comfortable.

The polyurethane coating on the hands of the Franklin Fastpitch string gloves achieves two things. To begin with, urethane is a difficult material that withstands effects but flexes sufficiently for immediate use on the field. Second, over time the substance will scuff slightly, giving friction to maintain the ball protected.

The most serious of all gamers will likely call for a glove with a longer life span, but for players just getting their first games in, it is a great alternative. Its solid structure and size make it a fantastic fit for bigger childhood players and smaller high school players equally. If you’re on a small budget, you need to provide this glove a chance.

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  • Enormous Pocket Secures Ball


  • Once purchased, the Franklin Fastpitch’s faux leather is slick, causing the ball to move around in the pocket.
  • The synthetic material and net backing loosen up quickly

Buyer’s Guide

3. Type of gloves


Outfield handwear covers are larger gloves, produced diving catches as well as shooting fly balls. These handwear covers are typically longer and deeper with additional support from the palms. The pockets for fastpitch softball can be closed internet since they ought to be really deep as a result of the size of their softball.


A catcher’s mitt is the biggest on the area since catcher needs to have the ability to manage and hold onto broadband throwing. It also has the deepest pocket as well as it does not have really independently reduced fingers like handwear covers for various other placements. Catcher’s gloves are determined differently: they’re gauged around the field of the handwear cover to catch the entire capturing area of the mitt. The conventional size variety is 29.5 to 35 inches for softball.


A first baseman’s glove resembles the catcher’s glove, only longer. It’s likewise not as cushioned around the fingers as well as the thumb of the glove is not cushioned in any respect. The pocket of these gloves are somewhat shallower to allow much faster ball-to-hand transfer. First basemen should keep gloves to around 1 inch beyond the fingertips to keep a greater quantity of hands. The standard size assortment for softball is out of 11.5 to 13 inches.


Infielders need handwear covers created for constant action. All these handwear covers are much shorter and have a shallower pocket than others. Sizing is largely the individual preference. Many middle infielders are additionally a”utility” gamers, which indicates they will play all placements, so that they will opt for the larger handwear cover to assist them from the outfield.


Bottles do not generally require specialized handwear covers. The most important thing for the bottle is advantage as well as the ability to conceal the world. Many bottles choose closed webbing around open to prevent the batter from seeing the round as well as to not disperse the pitch before they begin their motion.

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They are made to shield player’s hand while turning the bat. Every square inch of those handwear covers is particularly designed to provide you the best grasp, relaxation and also efficiency and to avoid stings and also blisters out of striking.

2. Material

The softball gloves can be made from synthetic leather, cowhide and pigskin, full-grain leather or steer hide.


Generally, the cheapest and are recommended for young players that do not play high level because they give sound performance at economical cost.


Fantastic pick for serious players. Cowhide breaks in quickly and is gives fairly good flexibility. But beware: caliber of cowhide can vary greatly from 1 manufacturer to another.


The type of leather which offers heavier weight and endurance. One thing you need to understand it that there aren’t standardized guidelines on what is considered to be premium steer hide. That is precisely why it’s very important to stay with the recognized brands.


Stiff and heavy and needs more time to split in. These leathers are rarely pre-oiled.

3. Price

Softball gloves come in a variety of rates. You can purchase gloves in retail shops, sporting goods shops, and online. Glove is an investment and you need to find the ideal quality for the price you pay. This of course does not indicate that the most expensive glove will; be the best, but do not go for the lowest priced one either. You should be prepared to pay for the quality you expect. Do not let cost be the motive to buy poor excellent glove, since it is going to hurt your performance on the area.

best fastpitch softball gloves


We hope this guide has been a valuable resource for you and your shopping requirements. Again, our aim in creating this manual was to link people with advice about purchasing the best fastpitch softball gloves, while also providing a broad choice of fastpitch softball gloves reviews for gamers to mull over.

Hopefully, we have made your purchasing journey a bit easier by offering you well-researched fastpitch softball glove reviews and answers to commonly asked questions regarding softball gloves.

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