Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats 2021 

Baseball is a popular sport that many people love it. Today, we’re going to be sharing a list of the best drop 5 baseball bats on the market.

1. What is bat drop?

The perfect baseball bat is decided by either your weight fall, length to weight ratio, cone taper, and barrel dimensions. Typically locating a bat that fits you should depend on your age, ability, and size. A weight drop denotes the gap between the weights of this bat in oz to the span in inches. It is typically suggested using a negative sign and the greater the weight fall the lighter the bat.

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2. What is special about a drop -5 bats?

As mentioned using a bat that has a higher fall weight the longer the lighter it is. Deciding a moderate bat allows you to make a significant hit without compromising on the rate. A-5 bat is proven to supply players with massive hits with an unthinkable force.

Drop 5 Baseball Bats are baseball bats whose weight is 5 ounces. Lighter than its length. Trainers will use this weight to help determine which bat is ideal to have the maximum from a player’s swing.

Through the years technology has greatly impacted how the game baseball is performed. Every year we see upgrades in addition to new variants of baseball bats being introduced to the market.

Bats are no longer made of just timber, rather a wide assortment of new materials such as aluminum and these metals have altered the look and texture of this baseball bat. Strict regulations have been set in place concerning the sort of bat that a player can utilize based upon his/her age group.

To make an informed choice, it’s pertinent that you need to first measure yourself for a bat. Choosing the right kind of material and a fantastic quality solid bat is also very important.

However, with an increasing number of choices, it’s often tough to pinpoint the best bat out of a given lot. Here we have shortlisted best drop 5 baseball bats based on careful observations and evaluations:

Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats

1. DeMarini CF Zen Black Baseball Bat

DeMarini is unique because they nevertheless continue to fabricate their bats in the US rather than overseas. The CF series of bats is one of the most commonly sold series of bats.

DeMarini uses what they call a Paraflex+ Composite that’s cured for consistency using the ideal quantity of time at the ideal temperature for a constantly responsive barrel. This healing provides a long-term precision weight distribution. The handle is made for the ultimate weight management and responsiveness feel.

The end cap overlooks that sweet place, and as one of our best drop 5 bats listed here, helps to provide that explosive pop sound and texture down the barrel once it makes contact.

The new X-Lite knob is designed for the ideal fit in a hitter’s hands and was made to maintain traction all the way throughout the swing. The knob is 25% lighter than the previous RCK knob.

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  • The gold and black color scheme looks phenomenal
  • DeMarini gives you 4 different lengths to choose from with this bat in the Drop 5 class, 30 inches, 31 inches, 32 and 33 In


  • No cons mentioned

2. Louisville Slugger Omaha 519

But if you understand how to swing well you can absolutely do some serious harm. For what its worth, the Omaha series of bats are what many elite college players use because they love the stiff feel, big barrel and swing weight of the Omaha. Every one of those attributes hold true for 2019 519 Omaha Drop 5.

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  • Outstanding Durability
  • Favorite Bat of Many NCAA Players
  • Relatively Inexpensive from the Performance Space
  • Stiff on Contact
  • Robust Sizing Options


  • Will Ring Hands if you Don’t Barrel it Up

3. Marucci CAT7 USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat

Constructed with AZ4X the most powerful and most responsive technologies in the Marucci line of bats, the cat senior league baseball bat permits up to 7 variables without any internal rings thereby boosting performance.

It’s created from a one-piece metal design to supply that traditional sense. Ring-free barrel design to reduce dead spots while providing optimum functionality.

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  • Has a comfy grip
  • Comes with all the traditional”ping” sound which has been common with the wooden bats
  • Has a huge sweet spot


  • When compared with other manufacturers is swing is a bit sluggish
  • It pops easily

4. Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Baseball Bat

Far and away Rawlings 2020 VELO ACP gets the lightest swing of all of the drop 5 bats in the marketplace. In other words, although the bats have similar scale weights, the supply of the weight across the bat makes the VELO ACP feel that the lightest. More of its weight is centered towards the hands. In reality, several drop 8 bats weigh more than the Velo. When compared with this very heavy swinging 2020 Select the bat swings 25% thicker. The next nearest bat as far as we measured, in terms of swing weight is the Voodoo Balanced which is 17 percent heavier.

If you are in a league that requires a drop 5 bat but still need all the help you can get concerning swing weight then the 2020 Velo in a drop 5 is the lightest swinging drop 5 there’s. It will feel like a drop 8 that is precisely what some children need.

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  • Ultra mild swing in all versions
  • Loud, conventional ping audio


  • In USSSA and USA does not quite work like other high-grade bats

5. Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Ghost X Youth Bat

If any bat throughout the past couple of years, which you can often find in stock, gives the CF a run for the money from the drop 5 distance it’s the less popular Easton Ghost X at a 2 3/4 drop 5. Great evaluations and not as expensive.

We have hit with the CF at a fall 5 along with the Ghost X 2018 at a fall 5 per lot. While each hitter we spoke to and observed preferred the CF, the Ghost X is not far behind. It becomes fantastic user testimonials and if you shy away from DeMarini’s CF because of durability problems then the Ghost X is the best choice. Considering the price compared to this 2017 CF it could easily be argued the Ghost X would be the ideal fall 5 bat.

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  • Great feel
  • Big barrel and Balanced Feel
  • Easton’s best Shelf Bat
  • Fall 5 USA bat is a Beast


  • No

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

If it comes to buying the ideal fall 5 baseball bat, the buyers will probably have a lot of questions. Here are a number of them replied:

1. Who Should Use An Endloaded Drop 5?

In the market, there are many drop 5 bats with ending loads. They swing with increased swing weight when compared with BBCOR Bats. The former could be a larger hitter as compared to the latter. So, those searching for great punches in their hits ought to go for end-loaded drop 5 bats.

2. Who Should Use a Balanced Drop 5?

The balanced fall 5 is really a conundrum. Indeed, one chooses a fall 5 to get more energy because your swing speed has maxed out and the greater weight gives you more energy. Thus, a balanced fall 5 produces a few logical inconsistencies.

best drop 5 baseball bats

3. Who Chooses An Aluminum Barreled Drop 5?

An aluminum barreled drop 5 will fit a player who desires hot from the wrapper function and much more feel through contact. Therefore, you will find a decent number of drop 5 baseball bats that have an aluminum barrel. Most of these bats are wind-filled. Some, however, are single-piece aluminum bats. Others are hybrids that have a composite handle along with an aluminum barrel.


Finding the perfect bat can be a daunting task especially if you don’t know what to select, but if you’re a potent hitter and loves to have some speed in his hits, then the best fall 5 bats are perfect for you. Coupled with a large sweet spot, the top bat drop -5 bats have been known to provide impressive performances by allowing players to make those home runs while having a balanced swing weight.

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