Top 8 Best Cheap Running Shoes 2021

One of the greatest things about running is that it is relatively cheap. A pair of running shoes and a few sporty clothes is all you want to start pounding the sidewalk. Even in the event that you pay to go into the odd event and join a club, it’s still considerably cheaper than most other sports.

You don’t need to spend that sort of cash, of course, but if you’re looking to pick up best cheap running shoes, then you need to take care to make certain you are receiving a quality pair that meet all your requirements. With this page, you’ll find all of the info you want to be sure you don’t come a cropper when searching down a offer.

Buying Guide- How to choose best cheap running shoes

If you’re searching for running shoes on a budget, then there are loads of affordable pairs available on the marketplace if you understand how to search for them.

While affordable running shoes may not have all of the bells and whistles of more expensive fashions, many pairs are well-made and feature a few top-shelf attributes. Picking the ideal pair of cheap running shoes boils down to deciding what you need most. Continue reading this buying guide to help you determine which cheap running shoes are ideal for your next run.

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1. Types of running shoes

Running shoes are grouped into three categories: cross-training, trail-running and road-running shoes. To determine which running shoes will fit you best, look for a pair made specifically for the floor you run on most frequently.

2. Parts of the shoe

Upper: Upper describes the materials and fabrics used to build the outermost part of a shoe. In running shoes, this generally includes synthetic materials like net, polyester or faux leather.

Upper caliber in cheap running shoes varies considerably. Better-made designs are structured and reinforced with stitches. Lower-quality pairs feel flimsy and have glued panels.

Lining: Quality running shoes are lined, which leads to their general durability. It’s harder to find cheap running shoes that are fully lined, but it is not impossible. Lined styles are normally in the higher end of the price range.

Insole: An insole is that the bit of material inside a shoe that provides additional support or relaxation. Some insoles are removable, which can be important to athletes who prefer utilizing sport insoles or orthotics.

Sole: The only real shoe is composed of 2 components: the outsole and midsole. The outsole is that the vertical layer which touches the earth, and the midsole sits between the upper and outsole.

Outsoles are typically made out of rubber or foam. They might have traction details to provide improved grip on the floor. Some customers believe this is really where economical running shoes fall short of expectations — their outsoles aren’t very durable and shred easily.

Midsoles are also made with foam or rubber, in addition to EVA. It is accountable for providing rebound, cushioning and some shock absorption.

3. Support

Support is considered a top priority for running shoes. Including any cushioning or contouring that helps the foot remain within an proper anatomical position. To a point, it may affect your stride.

So far as cheap running shoes are concerned, it’s somewhat harder to find a set that offers a high degree of support. Fortunately, it may be somewhat remedied with running insoles, heel cushions or supportive running socks.

4. Fit

One final note on durability is that it’s important to get the ideal size if you want a shoe to endure. Using shoes which are slightly too small, in particular, can lead to the upper falling apart faster. Running shoes generally fit smaller than smart shoes and you would like a good amount of space in the toe box for optimum comfort while running, so size up and read reviews to discover about the match of a specific shoe since this can vary significantly, even in the exact same brand.

best cheap running shoes

5. Comfort

 Comfort is kind of an extension of match but goes beyond just how the shoe feels on the foot — it also means looking at how comfortable that the shoe remains throughout a variety of runs. A lot of this also comes down to personal preference as some runners favor highly cushioned shoes from manufacturers like Hoka One One while others like to run on less pillow. The same holds for neutral runners vs. stability shoes.

6. Performance

If a running shoe does not function the way you would like it, you’ll not feel incredibly encouraged to maintain running with them. This covers everything from stability underfoot and durability to its responsiveness and layout.

Best cheap running shoes

1. Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

The Brooks Ghost series is one of Brooks’ best-selling running shoes. Model 12 includes a secure fit in the midfoot and a comfortable upper. It is not quite as comfortable as the newest variant, Ghost 12, but it is still very comfortable. The midsole and cushioning are similar in the two models.

The Brooks Ghost 12 works best in the road, but has a semi-aggresive tread which provides some decent grip paths. The Ghost is at home for casual runs, long runs, and long distance races.

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  • Great for Individuals with high to moderate arches
  • Great if you want lots of cushioning


  • Some may find the heel too broad
  • Some runners whine the midfoot is tight

2. New Balance Men’s FuelCell Echo V1 Running Shoe

Finding a running shoe that balances responsiveness with cushioning is hard. You want to secure your foot with no feeling too stiff. You also need a shoe that can breathe. Too much sweat and moisture causes its own issues.

The midsole of this shoe is really where lots of the work behind its design actually shows. Made to be lightweight, the midsole also helps to transfer heat away from your foot. The midsole absorbs impact and returns that energy, helping propel you forward. This responsiveness also can help to cut down on foot and ankle fatigue while running.

It’s available in lots of different colors, and at the full range of standard US adult sizes. But, they don’t come in wide sizes and tend to operate slightly narrow/small. That means you may choose to order a half-size up from your normal shoe size.

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  • Lightweight
  • Cooling interior materials
  • Highly responsive


  • Narrow fit
  • Broad sizes not offered

3. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 11

The Ravenna 11 is a great running shoe for people that desire a lightweight shoe and also have relatively flat feet. The Ravenna 11 provides a bit of support, so it works best for runners that mildly overpronate. The Ravenna 11 includes two different gel pockets built into the midsole. This sophisticated feature allows for excellent comfort in an affordable package.

The BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning can help to create a light and responsive feeling in the shoes, meaning that you’ll feel nimble on your toes.

It’s uncommon to find a stability shoe for under $110, leaving the Ravenna 11 since the best affordable option if you overpronate. The top mesh is also helpful, since it’s engineered for maximum breathability. This means you are going to stay cooler in your longer runs.

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  • Dual-cushion and sole design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great for those with flat feet
  • Lighting for stability shoe


  • Mesh isn’t durable
  • Not as cushioned as other firmness shoes

4. Adidas Women’s Supernova Running Shoes

The new Supernova is a revelation for Adidas’s Supernova lineup –and for the $100 shoe category throughout the board. Now, it seems like one of the most popular shoes round, with Boost heel cushioning that soaks up braking forces and seamlessly transitions to some soft EVA foam forefoot.

At 10-minute pace or 5-minute pace, the Supernova feels fantastic and livelier underfoot. The mesh upper is likewise great, with no hot spots or muddy pits, along with a snug midfoot fit that opens up into a spacious toe box.

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  • Boost foam is heated and durable
  • Upper fits comfortably protected


  • Less suited to speedwork

5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Shadow 3 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Shadow 3 has a unique design making it the ideal match for mid-foot strikers. It’s quick and comfortable — an inexpensive alternative for runners carrying shorter distances. The Shadow 3 focuses on breathability as one of the core aspects of this shoe’s performance. Those same features also mean that the shoe dries quicker if you get it wet.

It’s also a fantastic option for runners that tend to operate on the front portion of their foot. The Shadow 3 assists to distribute pressure from impact that reduces strain on any one portion of their ankle and foot.

The outsole is made from carbon rubber. It provides superior grip and control, with greater durability than regular rubber. The entire design very comfortable. Like every great running shoe, the Shadow has a responsive but shock-absorbing sole.

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  • Lightweight design
  • Additional breathability
  • Durable outsole
  • Spreads out pressure from the influence


  • Slightly stiff toe
  • Runs slightly small for size

6. ASICS Women’s GT-1000 10 Running Shoes

For the past decade, the GT-1000 has given as an easy and comfy daily trainer that serves a few added stability attributes alongside Asics’s trademark soft Gel cushioning. Overpronators will come across the GT gives them the support they desire, while neutral runners looking for a stable trainer can also slip to this versatile shoe.

Though it’s a smidge heavier compared to the ninth version, the 10 has a new engineered mesh upper for improved breathability. Additionally, Asics has also updated the outsole into the premium, stronger iteration of its high-abrasion rubber.

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  • Plenty of service for overpronators
  • Very durable outsole


  • Sizing runs small

7. Saucony Ride ISO two Women’s

Beyond colour and style, there a couple of differences between the Saucony ISO and the Ride ISO 2, Saucony’s latest ISO version of the Ride. Both are cushioned jogging shoe ideal for runners who want a regular coach and do not overpronate.

The Ride Ride ISO two includes ISOFIT lacing for a gentle upper. FORM FIT sole gives a searchable mold to your toes. The EVERUN topsoil from the Ride ensures the shoe will feel as good as the conclusion of the run as when you first start. Furthermore, EVERUN foam lasts more than conventional foam so you will receive more miles in those shoes.

The top has a fantastic fit, although if your feet might not feel secure enough with all the ISO lacing. They are lightweight and feature a 8 mm drop for a natural running feel.

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  • Great for those with moderate to high arches
  • Multiple cushioning systems for every single region of the foot
  • Comfortable mesh and toe region


  • Heel collar low — might be uncomfortable for a few runners
  • Midsole may be too springy for a few people

8. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18

The Brooks Glycerin 18 sneakers are great for people with sensitive knees and joints because of their massive cushioning. Besides their powerfully cushioned sole, the shoes offer a large amount of support for your arch, meaning that the shoe is extra effective for those who have high arches.

Reviewers praise the Glycerin 18 for its capacity to prevent extra pain brought on by shin splints. Other reviewers claim that the shoes are great for addressing their sensitive Achilles’ tendon. These shoes are good for neutral runners that want an everyday coach, ideal for long runs or slow recovery runs.

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  • Great for recovering from accidents
  • Easy to match for all but those who have flat feet


  • Mediocre aesthetics
  • Toe area tends to fray


With so many different options on the market, hopefully you will confidently choose the best shoe. Cheap shoes but come with quality. Really consider choosing the shoe that best suits your needs and your finances.

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