Top 10 Best Batting Gloves 2021

Batting gloves are important equipment. They could create a great connection between your grip and the handle of the bat. They supply grip for the clasp and absorb the bat vibration if you miss the sweet spot.

There are many varieties of gloves that it can be a nightmare to pick a pair, and that’s the reason we’ve done the background checks for you. In the next listing, we have identified a number of the best batting gloves accessible so you can ascertain a pair to your liking.

Best batting gloves

1. Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

These gloves are built to match the normal curves of the hand, so that they feel natural and responsive. In any case, Tectonic match folds allow some flex without adding volume to the rear of the gloves, and the premium leather quality ensures peak performance for years.

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2. Under Armour Boys’ Clean Up Baseball Gloves

Let your little guy choose from a variety of colours, such as red, green, blue and much more, so that they match his group or his favourite color. Made from 50-percent leather, plus nylon, cotton, polyurethane, elastane, and elastodiene, this set feels super soft against the skin while still offering a good grip and lots of ​durabilities through games. The perforation throughout the fingers and hand also allow for some airflow so hands do not sweat too much. And the elastic wrist closures make for a comfortable fit that will not slip.​​​​​​​​

3. Franklin Sports MLB Pro Classic Baseball Batting Gloves

Despite another four great choices on the list, the Franklin Pro Classic is the finest on the market. The Pro Classic is the best in the marketplace due to it’s durability and relaxation. The one-piece, ultra comfy spandex back along with also the sheepskin leather palm makes it incredibly flexible and comfortable.

Franklin has in the item description”the glove which started it all… signifies the legacy of the batting glove line”. Hall of Famers such as Cal Ripken have utilized it, Mike Schmidt helped design it to make it survive at the maximum level.

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4. Franklin Sports MLB Powerstrap Baseball Batting Gloves

Approved by Major League players, this glove includes a wrist closure that keeps it in place–no matter how fast or hard you swing. You never have to correct it after you lock your hands in place. Additionally, the entire construction is built to last for hundreds of games. The issue with several gloves? They readily bunch up when you are up to bat. Thanks to the leather fabric and that cozy wrist match, you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable slipping.

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5. Marucci 2020 Signature Baseball Batting Gloves

This really is the best deal in the marketplace. You may think $40 is tight to get a pair of batting gloves, but those do not fall short of expectations. This lineup of batting gloves is the expert line that’s offered to the general public. It continually passes the evaluation of big leaguers, so it should work for you as well. Similar to the other gloves the Marucci signature batting glove includes a sheepskin palm.

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6. Spiderz Adult Hybrid Batting Glove

New to our listing are such flashy silicone net palm-designed gloves that come in a lot of colors. Plus, these gloves look fairly cool- but that is not the only reason we like them. They also have good customer reviews, many confirming they are durable and barely look worn after a year of use.

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7. Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Baseball Batting Gloves

Endorsed by Jennie Finch herself, the Finch batting gloves are 50% leather, 40 percent lycra, and 10% synthetic. The leather palm and flex mesh make this set of gloves a solid grasp with just the correct quantity of flexibility.

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8. Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Baseball/Softball Batting Gloves

As you know, the greatest goal of batting gloves isn’t only to shield your skin except to allow to get a better grip on the bat so that you can swing effortlessly –and lots of force. This glove provides anti-slip silicone fingertips to assist you do just that. An additional bonus: You receive a gel pad on the hands, which means you won’t feel the bite when you make a solid connection with the ball. To top it off, there is ventilation through the palm and the side of your palms for extra breathability when your game begins heating up on the field.

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9. Rawlings Workhorse Adult Batting Gloves

This is still another fine baseball merchandise from Rawlings. These batting gloves have a superior fit and are really flexible where they will need to be. They will assist any batter grip the bat so they can fully extend throughout the strike zone without losing control of the bat because they swing. These gloves are made of high-grade leather that is easy and comfortable and the leather also includes some tackiness to it. These gloves just have a really nice texture to them all the way around.

These are a really comfy glove to wear. That snug fit together with the flexibility these batting gloves have in the right areas makes them very nice to wear when hitting a baseball.

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10. Franklin Sports Neo Classic II Series Baseball Batting Gloves

If you prefer batting gloves that function well while they are on but have a more traditional baseball look, then these batting gloves out of Franklin are just what you are searching for. They are flexible, comfortable and provide a lot of surplus grips in regards to holding your baseball bat.

They combine all you need at a batting glove with them. It’s a glove that features soft, supple leather and a great deal of flexibility in the fingers and around the thumb region.

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Buyer’s Guide – How to choose the best batting gloves

Considerations when choosing batting gloves:

1. Size

Batting gloves are available in sizes ranging from youth small to men’s extra large. For most manufacturers, the numerical size of this glove corresponds to the measurement in inches from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm of the participant’s dominant hand. Sizes between 7 and 6 are usually gloves for youth players.

You are going to want a correctly sized batting glove that fits snugly. Wrinkles from the materials by a loose-fitting glove could result in blisters because you take swing after swing.

2. Materials

Batting gloves are generally made with only two materials: leather or synthetic leather. Real leather gloves are generally made using either sheepskin or goatskin leather. Synthetic leather gloves typically replicate suede and other real leather materials.

Real leather gloves have a tendency to feel more rugged and rustic. They tend to be rigid and durable than synthetic leather gloves. A lot of people also often prefer leather gloves since they last longer.

Artificial leather gloves, on the other hand, tend to be thicker, more comfortable, and more flexible. While not as durable as actual leather gloves, they really do offer better mobility.

There are also some batting gloves that come in a mix of both substances. The palm is made from real leather, while the remaining part of the glove is made with synthetic leather.

This option delivers the rigidity of authentic leather to the hands while allowing your fingers to remain flexible, with greater mobility. The substance mostly affects how the glove feels when you’re wearing them so this comes down to personal preference.

You may prefer the classic sense of a leather glove, or maybe you prefer the comfortable fit of a faux leather glove.

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3. Features

A couple of features put different models of batting gloves aside from one another. Paying attention to these attributes can help you find a pair of batting gloves that can fit your swing.

Great Grip: Textured palms, hands, or palm stuff help you get a firm, non-slip grip on your bat so each swing is as powerful as possible.

Snug Fit: Contoured palms, floating thumb layouts, and elastic materials throughout the gloves’ springs bring about a comfy fit without excess fabric to interfere with your ability to grip the bat securely and follow through with your own swings. When in doubt, look at picking a smaller size rather than a larger one.

Padding: A padded batting glove provides comfort, particularly when you have a mis-hit. Padding can also help absorb some of the shock that comes with striking the ball. Some gloves have extra padding at the back of the glove, so shielding the back of players’ hands in the ball.

Wrist closure: This allows the participant to tighten the glove to the desired degree.

While this is less common, some models have a ring with a snap or a button. Gloves may have padding in this area or may use a broad strap to protect the wrist from being hit by a pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the biggest benefit of batting gloves?

Gently allow the batter to hold the bat preventing the bat from twisting in the hands, which could cause blistering overtime on bare skin.

2. Should I purchase one batting glove or find a pair?

As you may choose to wear just one batting glove, most manufacturers provide their batting gloves. Consider wearing both or wear one glove onto your hand to see how your operation is affected.

best batting gloves

3. Should I pick batting gloves with more or less padding in the palms?

It is up to you! If your hands are sensitive, consider choosing batting gloves such as Franklin’s MLB Digitek, that provide somewhat more protection than thinner, more lightweight layouts. If you would rather feel more of the bat, then a thinner glove will probably suit you better.

4. How do I select the correct size batting gloves?

Most producers provide size graphs for their products, complete with directions for measuring your hands and determining which size is best. We recommend having a friend or family member assist you to take your dimensions so they’re accurate — it’s a tough task to accomplish with only 1 hand! Additionally, it is a fantastic idea to read testimonials to discover whether the batting gloves run true to size, small, or big. Insight from other people can help you find the size that is ideal for you.


Purchasing batting gloves ultimately boils down to the way they feel on your hands. Make sure that whichever pair you choose to purchase, you are in a position to swing confidently. I hope this guide has helped you limit your choices and you find the pair that’ll fit your needs perfectly.

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