Best Basketball Shoes 2021- Buying Guide

Each year dozens of basketball shoes have been released offering enhanced technology components with new and striking colorways. While it’s great to have options, sometimes it’s overwhelming when looking for the best ones to play within. To help guide you in your search we created a listing of the best basketball shoes.

Best basketball shoes 2021

1. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

This shoe could have very well taken the best shoe in either the point guard or shooting guard spot with this listing. The reason why the Dame 5 is here with this listing is the other two guard shoes wouldn’t hold up in an outside court. The sole on those kicks are heavy and inflexible, no other guard shoe in the luxury will function as well as the Dame 5 on concrete.

Just like the other guard shoes, we have tagged as”best.” You may expect fantastic features that’ll sustain summit-level scoring. Wonderful balance, support, and lockdown will have you dancing fools.

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2. Under Armour Curry 2 Basketball Men’s

The Holy Grail of Under Armour shoes, the Curry 2s have to be the most sought after shoe of the signature collection. It has become the summit of Under Armour’s research and technology, the company caught lightning with this particular group, and no one from the business was in a position enough to recreate a shoe with so much quality.

A point guard can definitely unload their entire bag of motions together with these kicks on.

Balance and service offer you a lot of safety whilst mixing up your own handles. Superbe lock-down, laces appear high for extra ankle protection.

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3. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Men’s Basketball

The follow up to James Harden’s premiere shoe, vol. Adidas brought out a brand-new kind of lacing system for the Rocket’s scoring phenom. The blossom struck gold with this shoe layout. A shoe that will be a godsend to any scoring guard. Either in the one or both.

The cushion on the Harden Vol. Responsiveness, impact resistance, and image perfect balance make this a simple shoe to play within. Pair that with all the lightweight nature of the knit boot and the wonderful support, you will be bursting into cuts and to the bucket prior to your match-up can float.

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4. Nike Lebron XIV

The successful successor into the LeBron XIIIs (13s), Nike took everything that has been great with the XIIIs and made it harder and more powerful.

This shoe has received much criticism for bulking up and being slower. Yes, this really is a heavier shoe, precisely what you want at the Center position.

You’ll see plenty of pillows and support from these kicks. Take these shoes to the paint and deliver your match-up to school. These shoes are made for aggressive strong play and plenty of action. As a big guy, these shoes will feel great on your own feet.

Just like most big man shoes, take some time to break them in properly. Since the material was intended to take a beating it should take some convincing to get to mold to your foot.

5. Nike Kobe 1 Proto Mens Hi Top Basketball

The Kobe Proto 1s are a monster unit of a shoe. Perfect in the toes of big men who push power in the earth. The minimal ride and minimal pillow keep your weight low for an amazing court feel. With firm security provided all around this shoe and a wonderful compact body, you wouldn’t want to take anything else once you’re battling down low.

The thick leather in these kicks will get better with age, especially on an outside court. The bottoms are compact with deep grooves, to bite into an outside court and provide you exemplary grip. If your match-up isn’t wearing a pair of Kobre Proto 1s, I will guarantee you experience an edge under the basket.

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6. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Shoe – Men’s Basketball

Adidas has this habit of making some amazing game-prepared shoes in a silent manner. While these kicks can come off as un-expressive from the oh-so-loud basketball culture we’re in, you will be straight slaying competitions all season long in these dad shoes.

Looks aside, these kicks could be quite well the best performance shoes out of 2016. Top-marks in all categories: grip; support; relaxation; lock-down; venting; substances; cushion. In case it helps you during game time, the Crazy Explosive will have it.

Any participant can find value out of those Adidas workhorses. For guards that need something lighter, so I would suggest the primeknit regular edition. Bigs will require extra protection from the regular models.

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7. Adidas D Lillard 2 Mens Basketball Shoe

The equilibrium and pillow out of the sole make this deadly weapon on the toes of a scorer. What makes this shoe really stand out is the ankle and complete foot service they supply.

The method by which in which the shoe is able to pull itself through your heels and towards the front end of your foot, while keeping a low-cut is phenomenal. You will benefit from a complete range of ankle motion from a low-top, while still feeling as safe as a high-top shoe.

I wouldn’t suggest these shoes for large men. It is lightweight with good indoor grip, but do not expect a great performance outdoors.

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How to find the best basketball shoes that match your playing style.

The list above is an excellent way to find basketball shoes that perform well overall, but not each basketball shoe will function exactly the same for different kinds of players. Quick guards will require unique shoes than big and heavy centers.

But how can you know what kind of shoe you need? In the subsequent paragraphs, I want to enter more detail and let you know exactly what to search for to find your perfect fit!

Let’s discuss the main characteristics of basketball kicks and what you want to look for when You’re in the market for a new set:

1. Design

There are 3 different styles of basketball shoes out there: Low tops, mid-tops, and high tops. Traditionally, most basketball players used to play in high tops that fully covered the foot of gamers, but nowadays, more and more players are sporting low-tops that look more like routine training shoes. Let’s take a closer look at each style and their pros and cons:

  • Low Tops

Low shoes deliver maximum flexibility and are frequently very lightweight. They are perfect for guards that want to feel more light and quick on their toes and don’t want to add unnecessary bulk. Bigger and slower men do not gain as much from reduced tops and might start looking for the protection of greater cut sneakers. Low-cuts were made most popular by the Kobe signature line:

  • Mid Tops

Perfect for forwards or wings that don’t need all the flexibility of a minimal top, but also don’t like the bulkiness of true high tops. 

  • High Tops

This is the way basketball shoes used to look like for decades. High Tops supply a great deal of foot protection, support and are often nicely cushioned. Perfect for big men that are searching for maximum security when they’re fighting below the rim and don’t mind losing a little bit of flexibility in exchange for greater safety. A popular example is the Lebron signature line.

Best basketball shoes coastalfloridasportspark 2

2. Fit

The fit is just one of the most essential things to think about when buying new shoes. You want to be firmly locked in and not slipping left-to-right or front-to-back at all. If it is possible, it’s almost always a fantastic idea to try on shoes in a shop. If that is not an option, I love to get shoes in two distinct sizes, keep the better fitting pair and use the return policy for another one.

If shoes are somewhat tight at the beginning that is okay, they usually widen and be more comfortable because you break them in. If you are unsure which size to get, or you have unusually wide or narrow feet and you are looking for a particular match, then check out this list of shoes. You are able to filter shoes to just include thin -, or wide-fitting shoes, and discover which model runs big or small by reading the more thorough review.

3. Material

There’s a wide variety of upper materials used in basketball shoes these days which range from conventional nubuck leather to synthetic mesh or high-tech cloth materials such as Adidas PrimeKnit or Nike Flyknit.

Cheaper materials like Mesh or alternative synthetic uppers often begin rather stiff and require just a little time to split in. High-tech materials are often reserved for more expensive signature lines such as Air Jordan’s or even Kobes and are extremely soft and comfortable from the start.

Besides aesthetics and comfort, contemporary materials utilized in basketball shoes do a very nice job and do not differ too much when it comes to performance. Just select whatever substance you personally prefer and can afford.

4. Durability

Games are intense, they require your body to lead a great deal of energy and power, a lot of which will come out of and through your toes, which are in your shoes. A game prepared set of kicks need to be tough enough to resist warfare.

Yes, a few basketball shoes seem nice, dripping in swag, but never forget that baseball shoes really are a weapon, a tool. Any shoe made of sub-par materials wouldn’t last half a season on the feet of serious ballers.

best basketball shoes

5. Support

The more intense a game is, the more volatile and physical it can get. Think of a nuclear reaction reaching meltdown. All of that energy needs to be contained. The same is true for you as well as your shoes. Support comes in the foot and the entire foot, generally speaking, is essential for large guys, where getting stepped on is a guarantee.


Keep in mind that all of these basketball shoes will accommodate any player or position as long as the shoe question satisfies your specifications or requirements. Performance reviews comprise a comprehensive look at each shoe’s pros and cons, price, weight, engineering, along other performance particulars. Click the image or link to see the full performance review for each shoe.

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