Top 10 Best basketball shoes for wide feet 2021

Locating basketball shoes that fit your broad feet can be a real pain. If you are a wide-footer, this may be really annoying as an average pair of shoes will probably fit quite uncomfortably and you’ll have to deal with blisters and stress marks. But there are still a couple of basketball shoes that appeal to wide-footers.

In the following article, I am going to share with you present best basketball shoes for wide feet

Best basketball shoes for wide feet

1. Adidas Kids Unisex Pro Spark Basketball

Manufactured with the textile upper along with the synthetic overlays to achieve all the reinforced stitching to keep the shoes bear the pressure and the heat that develops across the whole surfaces of the shoe. With the demanding usage still, the stitches wouldn’t turn loose in addition to break by the moment.

Labeled to be an imported shoe, this Adidas Original will be the best shoe for the big children from age 8 to 12 years using the rubber-based outer sole of the excellent grip and softness which you could feel with all the taking along every step.

It includes the OrthoLite Sockliner and the midsole filled with the cloud-formed foam when stepping from the toes that provide the additional level of comfort and cushioning to operate down and function best at the basketball court taking all of the toll with leaping and pressing every inch of their shoe without breaking anything.

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  • Lace-base closed
  • Bigger shaft
  • Cloud-foam middle sole for extra comfortability


  • Turns nasty also easily

2. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

More prominent and broader with the higher comfortability that you so demand from possessing one of those remarkable and trendy basketball shoes to take your gambling level to the greater folds of succeeding. Really sporting the right and fitted shoes can raise the trust to hit and dodge the ball .

So for the same, here we come with Beita, the ultimate basketball shoe manufacturer who does not create but craft the right and best-at-work shoes added with all the softness and cushions to feel comfortable.

As it comes with the rubber only, the jumps and landing are constantly not hard felt in which the impacts are pressed and handled evenly, whereas the body weight is absorbed thoroughly and makes you keep decent contact with the ground.

The textile-based upper designed with breathable with all the molded heel shield provides you with the great structure where it lets you lock the foot and keep in the ideal place with taking additional cushion to protect your ankle from becoming injured through greater support and positioning.

It’s loaded with anti-slip material which also guarantees the durability and longevity that it is easy to sense when playing with the basketball game for the first time.

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  • Comes in the dimensions of 12
  • Anti-slip and Difficult PU leather
  • Venting holes on the upper for breathability


  • Somewhat heavier in the weight

3. Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis,

It is on my list of fantastic basketball shoes for feet. The Orthofeet is equally athletic footwear as well as a medical gear to deal with plantar fascistic. People who are unaware of the term should know it is a foot’s medical condition. The material offers the best support to the wider foot.

The performance shoes are true to size. To be particular, the heel of the foot. So, in case you have issues with the heel, then you should have a look at it.

Orthofeet shoes are for individuals with foot issues. Thus, it should not surprise one to find out that the substance is quite comfy to wear. The Bunions has a premium insole with a number of layers of cushions inside . As a result, you get enhanced leg support, which helps to ease the pain.

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  • Exceptional comfort
  • Protects the foot
  • It helps to alleviate the pain
  • Comfortable sock liner
  • Quality material with assistance
  • Perfect for individuals with wider feet


  • The shoe grip isn’t satisfactory

4. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

They are crafted using a rubber sole for managing and maintaining the weight and the consequences that it receives in the times of playing and rushing all around the basketball court.

The Perfect shaft size to maintain your toe intact as it goes to about 6 to 12 inches straight from the arch level which will never allow your feet slide out from the back.

Best for wider match with mid cut ensures that the people with wider feet can enjoy a whole lot of comfortability and feel safer wearing this Adidas Men’s Ownthegame shoe using the lace-tightening closure to get the best level of fitment with trimming it to your preferred position.

It’s stitched with the cloth liner with maintaining the superb heel pull for receiving and keeping the right-sided turn when running and landing from the jumps that would help to keep your feet in the ideal condition as much as possible.



  • Produced with 100 percent fiber
  • Bigger and comfortable shaft
  • Durable outsole with textile lining


  • Somewhat hard at use

5. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoes

Lebron is famous for his movement on the court. His fast turns, unexpected accelerations are to die for. But that is something you need to work on yourself, but , you can sting the track like the man himself with the LSXII.

The maze grip pattern on the shoe sinks its teeth to the ground to make sure you’re constantly. On the other hand, the wide grooves do not let dust stick. So, traction of the LSXII never gets compromised, unlike other shoes.

The Lebron Soldier packs the same heel zoom air setup of phylon for the best grip, such as most Nike shoes. In the exact same fashion as AJ33, it absorbs the consequences from leaps like a boss.

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  • No prospect of slipping
  • It is quite versatile
  • The shoe is still lightweight
  • Protects toes by taking care of impacts
  • Perfect for the broadest feet


  • The outsole rubber wears out quickly.

6. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

The Curry 3 is obviously better than its predecessor in many ways including how it addresses the worries about the toe region being overly narrow. This one however, a lot of people find it just right because of their broad feet. That gives you more power, so you can challenge yourself to do better.

It has Threadborne top material is a clever design as it gives directional power so as to support the needs of players out there. Get exceptional comfort in your arches, heels and forefoot through its meta-wing carbon fiber shank material that retains these areas stabilized no matter how much you proceed.


  • A Fashionable shoe
  • It’s lightweight
  • Comfort and support
  • It helps in facilitating quicker moves.
  • The grip of the shoe can be excellent
  • It has excellent cushioning


  • Some said it tends to appear large on the toes

7. Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

The Pro Bounce will really make you function as a pro. Most men and women find the fit just right for them and there are no problems about it being too narrow. This shoe includes Adidas’ signature rebound cushion, which will help encourage excellent comfort while maintaining reliability. Additionally, it offers midfoot stability through its thermo foam material.

The bottoms feature a grip pattern similar to that of a Tetris design. This is why it works great when it comes to grasping flooring surfaces and preventing slippage.



  • Durable
  • Additionally, it includes pockets that is comparable to cloud pockets
  • Look trendy


  • Inadequate info

8. Under Armour Men’s Spawn Low Basketball Shoe

The bigger feet have a greater possibility of having the toes moving extensively wider in diameter, and locating the right and fitting shoe is always the hurdle!

Formed using the cloth and synthetic material, the combination of the two believes to be forming the shoe that is lightweight and resistant-free, where you can expect to possess it using and wearing for long and always giving your best performance on the basketball court.

Rubber-based only with the Micro-G foam put on the midsole delivers the extensive cushioning that you can even feel about the landings and taking away, and it would absorb all the effects without hurting your toe and ankle.

TPU movies embedded across the interwoven layers and the PU coated mesh together with the multi-layers bring greater support in the design along with the exposed meshed regions formed to supply you with the design for exclusive breathability, which doesn’t allow the sweat build.

And then the padding round the tongue along with the collar regions for extra comfort to play the basketball for hours as the sock liner in die-cut EVA placed inward for incorporating the proper cushioning and the help for underfoot that will help to keep feet feeling soft and stay soft all the time.



  • PU coated mesh
  • Micro-G foam onto the middle-sole
  • Combined with textile and synthetic substances


  • May feel stiff onto the first wears

9. Nike Air Force 1 Basketball Shoes

Don’t be surprised when we tell youthis new Nike is the first in line to utilize Nike Zoom Air Technology. The set must cushion that enriches the spring-back movement at a desirable rate because of the presence of pressurized air and inner fibers.

It’s its focus on responsiveness as well making it a great deal for wide foot gamers. This pair also supplies full traction to its customers due to the best-fit strategy that’s utilized before fabricating the item.

Also, but the aesthetics of this pair can also be top-notch. It comes in various colours and color combos that could be paired with various personalities.

Nike has also set its attention on offering a great arch for support to participant’s knees so they can play easily without any worries about any harms.

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  • Very comfortable and soft sole
  • The pillow is spring-like which assists the gamers to move fast without any hindrances
  • The brand has a huge line of products that are similar for broad footers
  • All these are exceptionally durable due to its high-quality leather material


  • The design of these pair May Not bring a wide range of people

10. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

As the name of the item, the quality is very remarkable as well. The inner part is designed to be breathable so the toes could be comfortable. The mesh-like cloth also enables the inner part to be soft to eliminate any chances of irritation.

The sheath is all high-quality leather which helps you once you make abrupt cuts and proceed; giving you the grip you desire. The pillow used is Micro G which not only gives a gentle feel to the feet but rebounds up the step upward with force. Moreover, it has rubberized in high-temperature zones for grip to help you do better.

The sturdiness of these shoes are guaranteed even with very high pressure. In case of low pressure, the brans has provided the pair with nonmarking rubber. 

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  • The sole is built of rubber that Offers the player with traction
  • They are super lightweight


  • The set don’t comprise shock-absorbing qualities

Buyer’s Guide – How to choose best basketball shoes for wide feet

There are many things to be thought about. Based upon the playing style you have got to choose the right traction, the perfect cushioning, along with other stuff to get the best possible deal. So, let’s break them down one .

1. Material

The best basketball shoes for wide feet needs to be constructed from a material which not only breathes and allows good air flow, but also moves. Manufacturers are making it a lot easier to discover flexible shoe for wide-foot players.

Flexible (i.e.: knitted or woven) material utilized for the broad basketball shoe upper tends to adjust as your foot moves. Non-flexible synthetic substance (i.e.: synthetic leather) does not stretch and supplies “give.” Shoes may tighten, pinch, or cause pressure or blisters as a result.

Be aware that flexible knitted or woven materials may not offer continued full support or stability with time. They can over-stretch with aggressive long periods of playwith. Also be mindful that, as your sneakers made of flex-material era, the risk of ankle or knee injury may grow.

2. Traction

The men’s basketball game is all about movement, whether with the ball or off the ball. So, it’s essential to move freely and do all of the things on the courtroom without falling.

The ideal material is vital for incredible arch support. Thus, look for a pair of sneakers that bite its teeth into the ground.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

3. Padding

No matter for a player what kind of playing style you’ve got, the shoe has to be well padded. It ought to decrease the effect of the jumps. The padding needs to be soft but not too soft in all areas.

That’s why most basketball shoes for players have a thick layer in the heel, while the toe has a thinner layer of cushioning. Also, the midsole has to be firm to help the alterations.

4. Ankle Support.

This is another important factor to take into account. Basketball players tend to be vulnerable to ankle injuries because of the character of the sport. It ought to have a cushioned collar in order to encourage the ankles when you’re making sharp and sudden movements.

5. Style

The basketball shoes of the participant have to look great and should also supply support. But it is not the main thing on the planet.

The rubber outsole is also vital for the player. Adidas got stylish shoes for wide feet. Nevertheless, a pleasant looking absolutely fit pair of shoes is something everyone loves to flaunt. But do not get too distracted by it, the substance and support matter the most.

6. Durability.

What sort of materials were utilized in its top and slopes? Two-sided reinforced materials might be found in high-wear regions in order to generate the shoes last longer. Also look for those with good toe cap which can protect your feet from harms in addition to give you enough stability while playing.

Best basketball shoes for wide feet coastalfloridasportspark 2


There was a time when people with wide feet didn’t have many options when it came to basketball shoes. Now, thanks to technology, there are a lot of brands which especially manufacture shoes for people with wide feet. After reading the in depth review of the best basketball shoes for wide feet, we hope it would be easier for you to decide.

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