Best Baseball Helmets – Top Batting Helmet 2021

Guarding your mind is of utmost important when in the batter’s box, particularly for new players. So have a look through the list of best baseball helmets and find out what helmet will be the right one for you.

Best Baseball Helmets 2021

1. MACH Matte Batting Helmets with Extension Flap

Rawlings also utilizes ABS plastic to earn their protective shells. No wonder it’s such a common and high-efficient material for shock-absorbing. Making it our best helmet with an expansion flap.

Moreover, there’s high-performance padding, which can be named IMPAX, within the helmet to reduce effects by dispersing incoming force. In addition to its exceptional protection impact, this padding also changes the sense of the broad helmet into a snug fit, making me feel secure and confident!

In order to balance out the cloth’s temperature, there are many venting holes at the helmet to keep you cool and fresh all the time! Actually, we think that the cushioning is a bit too thin in comparison to other brands, which can reduce its shielding efficacy.

However, what we really enjoy about this batting helmet is its smart layout! The MACH EXT includes a detachable one-side jaw guard, which will face the pitcher and protect your chin and face.



  • Cool & breathable
  • Extended jaw protection
  • Great layout
  • Perfect fit


  • Thinner cushioning

2. Rawlings Coolflo Molded Baseball Batting Helmet

The entry of Rawlings Batting Helmets from the softball helmet sector revolutionized the sector to the better. This has made it the ideal softball batting helmet because Rawlings is popular because of its exceptionally great products which boast of great durability and amazing reliability. The Coolflo Molded Helmet by Rawlings is one of the very best and solidly designed batting helmets now on the market. This helmet features a unique venting system that provides excellent cooling when wearing a helmet.

The helmet prides itself in having a distinctive and classy design that goes a long way in ensuring that the helmet is comfy and does not cause any distress to the head. The construction of this helmet is strong and therefore, it can’t break even with the best force from a bat or ball.

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  • Molded finish
  • Unique air venting
  • Meets nocsae criteria
  • Stylishly designed


  • Doesn’t possess a faceguard

3. Easton Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet

The Easton Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet comes with a dual-density foam liner that provides ample shock absorption, and also a BioDri lining cushioning absorbs moisture keeping the head cool and dry at all times. As well as featuring an ABS shell exterior, wrapped ear pads can also be used for protection and durability.


  • Durable protection
  • Double density foam and BioDri lining


  • Sizing of the batter’s helmet may vary

4. DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet

The DeMarini Paradox Protege batting helmet was created using antimicrobial fabric so you are able to match your team’s colors. The usage of a strategically placed ventilation system is devised at keeping your head cool even if the most heated of games, and a very low profile casing gives the perfect fit around the face and mind.


  • The helmet features dual-density padding
  • Keeps the mind cool and dry
  • Affordable prices
  • NOCSAE approved


  • Only a few colours available

5. Rawlings R16 Velo Series Matte Batting Helmet

Some batters really favor the maximum protection they can get from a helmet. If it describes you, we suggest the Rawlings VELO R16. This is a Fastpitch helmet, designed to take high-speed hits with as little harm as you can. To begin with, this helmet comes in plenty of colorways, so you can get one that matches your team uniform well.

The design also contains 16 vents and contains COOLFLO XV1 ventilation to keep your mind as cool as you can, which is actually nice on these hot days. The Heat Exchange vents really supply a vented feel as well, enhancing your comfort level.

The majority of the protection from this helmet stems in the wrapped jaw pads which provide more influence absorption and increase the total relaxation of this helmet.


  • Comfortable
  • Offered in several colors


  • Not enough info

6. Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Baseball Batter’s Helmet

The helmet includes the AiR–XE shell, which is designed to provide a truer fit when maximizing ventilation thanks to the 14 separate vent holes. The ABS plastic exterior offers excellent protection and durability while the D30 polymer interior texture is soft, comfy and shock-absorbant.

The helmet uses the same technology Schutt uses in their soccer helmets, so you know that it’s likely to be protective and durable. There are scores of colors offered and sizes run from XX-Small to Extra Large.

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  • It has 14 portholes that maximize breathability
  • Made from durable ABS plastic


  • Not all sizes Can Be Found in each color
  • It does not have snaps for a chin strap
  • Some users felt that the ear padding began to wear too fast

7. EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet

The EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet combines design, comfort, and flexibility for a protective helmet that is ideal for adult and youth players (both sizes are available).

The helmet features double density foam inner with fully wrapped ear pads for maximum comfort and security. NOCSAE approved, the EvoShield XVT also includes a low profile shell for the best fit and a high gloss finish for a fashionable look. It’s available in 6 distinct colors — Black, Scarlet, White, Charcoal, Navy, and Royal.


  • The low profile design gives an excellent, secure fit
  • Dual-density foam padding Offers ample comfort and protection


  • No zipper strap compatibility
  • You will find pre-drilled holes to get a facemask, but You’ll Have to Buy that separately

What to Consider when Purchasing a batting helmet

Baseball is not a contact sport, so the danger of injury playing the sport is not as high as it is in several other sports. However, facing balls flying past your ears at 100 mph doesn’t constitute as entertaining in anyone’s dictionary, and you do require appropriate protection and gear to play the sport.

Buying the right baseball batting helmet is essential to your performance on the mound so that you’ve got one less thing to be concerned about. Faceguards make sure you don’t hit flush in the face due to an errant pitch or even a foul ball. So, Once You’re looking to get the right batting helmet with a faceguard to Make Sure your child remains protected, Here’s What you need to know:

1. Right size

When it comes to buying a batting helmet, the very first thing that you ought to pay attention to is the dimensions. Just because when the helmet is too big, it will easily whip off or direct to your mind injury when it is stricken. And when it is too small, it is going to prevent ventilation and make your head uneasy.

Hence, the helmet must fit your head snugly. Ordinarily, you can put the batting helmet on your head and shake it alternately. If the helmet moves around when vibration, it’s a bit large for your head, and you should opt for a bigger one.

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2. Faceguard

The majority of the very best baseball helmets these days feature a faceguard, which reduces the risks, especially the prospective nose and mouth injuries during the game. For this reason, you should purchase the helmet with a faceguard to ensure your security.

In fact, you can select a partial faceguard that protects your eyes without hindering your eyesight. Anyway, a complete faceguard made from durable materials (typically plexiglass) also saves you from eye and mouth problems.

3. Ear guards

One common feature of the best baseball helmets is that their ear guards, which serve to safeguard your upper body as much as you can. To be more specific, they could pay for your ears to block it from being hit by a ball. Though originally, ear guards allow you to never hear clearly, you can quickly get accustomed to them.

4. Extra attributes

There are a couple of batter headgears that have some additional features which you can get with an added price. These include of facemasks/guards which will surely aid to secure your face. Sometimes, these come different, and you are expected to affix them to the helmet. Various different helmets likewise consist of chin straps. This may help people with smaller heads because it retains the safety helmet in place. Nonetheless, exactly like the faceguard, ensure the strap is the same as the provider of the helmet in order that they match well together.

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1. How To Clean A Batting Helmet?

It’s important to wash up the batting helmet regularly. With batting helmets with unremovable interior cushioning, we ought to use warm water and mild detergent to clean it inside and out. Taking special care to wash it because If you set it under the water too long or close to high temperature or strong cleaning chemicals, it may be broken. In another stage, we should put it in an airy place to dry it entirely for another usage.

2. Why Do Some Batting Helmets Look Burned?

It is common to see a darkened area on the batting of a baseball player that looks like it had been burned. Actually, that region is pine tar — the sticky, brown substance and is made from the process of distilling walnut timber. Baseball players usually have to adjust their helmets. Therefore it is crucial to place pine tar to decrease slippage. It is easy and time-saving.

best baseball helmets

3. How long do batting helmets continue?

Most helmets are tagged as lasting 2 decades, however, it really depends upon how far the helmet is used, the sort of elements it’s exposed to, and the number of hits it takes. Taking great care of your helmet may extend it’s longevity, but proper precautions should always be taken to make sure your helmet nonetheless provides 100% security.


Whether you’re looking for baseball helmets, then it’s essential to remember that protection should be in the forefront of your priorities. Style and design may come secondary, but keeping the head and face secure, comfortable, and secure is the main element when shopping for the best batting helmet.

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