Best Baseball Cleats 2021 Reviews

In a match where every inch, every second, and every play counts, acquiring the ideal baseball cleats is essential to get the competitive edge you need. With this guide to the best baseball cleats for 2021, you’ll find picks for the top cleats that suit you. At precisely the same time we’ll also share the essentials that will help you buy the best baseball cleats

Best baseball cleats

1. New Balance Men’s 4040 V4 Metal Baseball Cleats

The New Balance 4040v4 can be easily the most popular cleats on the market. New Balance offers a good selection with many different color choices. Most players have stated that these are extremely comfortable.

The capability to earn the cleat your own by customizing colors, choosing between low-top and mid-top and choosing between metal and rubber sets this shoe over the top. New Balance Men’s 4040 V4 Metal Baseball Cleats is worth buying and owning.

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  • Great relaxation
  • Affordable price
  • High durability


  • Some customers say they run a little small.

2. Mizuno Men’s Heist IQ Baseball Cleats

This brand is well known for producing athletic shoes exclusive for baseball. And this Mizuno cleat doesn’t disappoint. The IQ in the title stands for”Innovative Quickness” which describes these cleats perfectly. They also make it possible for you ideal flexibility since the outer areas of the shoe are made with substances like synthetic and mesh.

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  • Made of good material
  • Flexible and agile
  • Easy to break-in


  • Inadequate info

3. Adidas Men’s Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Cleats

These baseball cleats simply look fast. And that was Adidas’ intention when they created that the Afterburner series shoe. The shoe itself is coated completely in mesh so you’ll get the lightweight feel of  fast baseball cleats. The only real itself is made from Litestrike EVA, which is regarded as the lightest midsole available on the market.

The further protection on the toe gives you additional protection for longer shoe life, whether you are practicing drills or playing the big game. If you have a look at the cleat portion of the shoe, you will notice its waved pattern at the bottom that provides you ultra gripping ability.

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  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Beautiful design
  • There are many color choices 


  • Not the most comfortable

4. Under Armour is known for producing a fantastic product.

The Leadoff cleats are made from high-quality leather and offer great durability without weighing a player down. They come in at, approximately, 13 ounces making them one of the best baseball cleats on the industry.

You’ll discover that the net tongue and EVA midsole make these cleats more comfortable than the average pair. They are fantastic for all players, and the plastic cleat usually means it can be used on many surfaces.

They’re also surprisingly cheap by Under Armour criteria. Some people aren’t a fan of plastic cleats, but it’s the ideal set of plastic baseball cleats you’ll discover.

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  • Fantastic traction
  • Option for low-top or mid-top
  • Sleek layout
  • Flexible cloth


  • Some customers say they run a bit narrow.

5. New Balance Men’s L3000v3 Metal Baseball Cleats

This second offering in cleats from world-famous New Balance are in the ballpark of their very best in footwear for this significant American pastime. And although metal cleats on what are among the best baseball cleats around today may not be what all players are after, they’re excellent for extended grabbing practice sessions.

The exceptionally durable design of these metal cleats also allows wearers to put them into the test — unconcerned about if they’re likely to fall apart after only a couple of games.

If you like metal cleats, this is the safest and most suitable choice.

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  • Suitable for outfield grabbing
  • Long-lasting cleats
  • Really comfortable


  • Narrow spike base

6. Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 Molded Baseball Cleats

Edgy players that generally lose their balance from time-to-time on difficult surfaces are bound to love these well-designed Mizuno cleats. As the spikes are more malleable than plastic cleats, they feel really comfortable on various surfaces.

Moreover, the perfect alignment of the spikes underneath the wearer’s feet supply the kind of support energetic outfields look for in the best baseball cleats. And in case you’ve got a great game, you’re likely to get even more noticed using their cool design.

If the purchase of low-top sneakers for baseball as well as proper support is what you aspire to, you likely won’t get too many different options in precisely the same league as this sport footwear.

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  • Superb soft grass traction
  • Properly aligned cleats
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Run slightly Tiny

7. Adidas Men’s Icon Bounce Baseball Cleats

The adidas Men’s Icon Bounce Baseball Cleats feature an Ironskin toe-cap for security and rebound cushion for comfort and support. It comes equipped with a Stealtrax outsole plate for added traction. Available up to size US17 in eleven different colour combinations.

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  • Lightweight and quickly
  • Reasonable Price
  • The breathable section on top of the cleat to help prevent feet from sweating.
  • Affordable Price


  • Sizing will run narrow (heading a half size up is recommended).

8. Under Armour Men’s Harper Mid Rm Baseball Cleats

It stands to reason that if we are extremely enthusiastic about baseball, we’ll want to use only the best in baseball gear. Baseball players that spend a lot of time on soft-surface fields can’t go too far wrong with this pair of stability-promoting cleats.

Indeed, just like with most products out of this well-known brand, the Under Armour Harper Mid Rm Baseball Cleats do not disappoint. As well as providing superb grip on slick surfaces, these cleats have excellent breathability.

Experienced players will frequently expect their recent buy of cleats to be of superior quality. The porous material on this set of baseball cleats is great for players tired of footwear that do not protect their feet from effects of persistent perspiration.

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  • Bang-up breathability
  • Great grip
  • Cozy midsole


  • Could be flexible

9. Nike Men’s Force Air Trout 4 Pro Baseball Cleats

If you’re searching for intense speed, you will want to check out Nike cleats. Created by Mike Trout, these mid-tops are fantastic for getting to the ball immediately. Like the other cleats in our list, these have a nine-cleat layout that gives ideal traction. Plus, your entire foot is encouraged by an Air-Sole design. You will feel super fast and lightweight in these Nike Force Air cleats.

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  • Lightweight
  • Look stylish


  • Inadequate info

Different Types Of Baseball Cleats 

1. Molded Cleats

Choosing the type of cleat you ought to use can be tricky. Molded cleats are one option. They are made up of either plastic or rubber and they usually are budget-friendly and have a very long life.

They do not offer as much grip as metal cleats do, but they also don’t damage most surfaces and work very well if you are playing in the sand. Some leagues do not allow metal cleats in any way, so you might have to get molded cleats irrespective of your taste. Check your league’s rules to confirm.

2. Metal Cleats

Metal cleats will be the most popular and best baseball cleats for older players. They had to be the only selection for players generally and there are still many gamers who prefer to utilize them. They supply the maximum degree of grip of any of the cleats, which is the reason they’re still popular.

They operate well in dirt and grass, but should not be worn turf, since they will not work and they’ll wreck it. Typically, youth leagues won’t permit the use of metal cleats whatsoever as a security precaution, but they can still be found at high school and college leagues.

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3. Turf & Training Shoes

Turf cleats will be the last type of cleat that you should think about and operate as either an indoor or indoor training shoe. They’re created specifically for use on turf, whether indoors or outside. They won’t operate on real grass at all.

If you play both turf and grass, you should consider getting interchangeable cleats so that you don?t need to buy two pairs of sneakers. Otherwise you need to consider buying two pairs of cleats so you don’t risk damaging the turf or still can get traction when you’re out in the grass.

4. Interchangeable Cleats

If we’ve been able to find that which we consider to be an ideal pair of shoes for baseball except for a lack of durability in the cleats, then we might want to mull over the notion of growing footwear using interchangeable spikes. Obviously, if you’re sick of having to acquire new cleats as a result of wearing down the spikes too quickly, then having the choice to simply put into a fresh pair of spikes is likely a fantastic way to go.

Factors to consider choosing the best baseball cleats

1. Materials

The two most commonly used materials used in the building of baseball cleats are leather and synthetics. Genuine leather is known to last longer, is a bit thicker, and costs more. Some of the advanced synthetics are lighter and provide superior flexibility and relaxation.

2. Ankle Support

Mid top, low top, or high top? Neither has been proven in terms of performance. For example, if the participant has had trouble with ankle injuries before, they may elect to get a high top shoe. In most cases, pitchers will prefer a low top shoe for good flexibility on the mound and to prevent chaffing following a few innings of pitching.

Some players find a high or mid top restrictive and therefore prefer a minimal height cleat. Of course, low tops will be a bit lighter and better for the bottom runner, while high shirts will be a little thicker but shield the ankles better.

best baseball cleats

3. Sizing & Fit

You shouldn’t ever wear cleats that do not fit you well. To know whether you have the ideal size, you need to see just how much room is left through your toe. There should be approximately a quarter of an inch between the tip of your toe and the tip of the cleat.

Your heel should also be secured down with a comfortable fit. You don’t want your heel falling around and giving you blisters. Your shoes should fit you snugly, but not loosely. Consider the cushion in your cleats also. You’ll be on your feet a lot and will need to be comfortable.

Final thoughts

We hope that these reviews have provided enough variety to help you discover the cleat that is right for you. Whether you are playing six days a week or only a couple of times a month, we think these are the best cleats for baseball, baseball, kickball, or any other game with similar physical requirements.

Make sure you obtain the set that fits comfortably and can help you feel confident in the field and on the base paths.

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