Best Badminton Shoes 2021[ Reviews & Buying Guide]

Badminton is a superb game that requires precision and abilities. The game also needs speed and agility from its participant. As a participant of the game, you must be able to run quickly from 1 corner of the court to another to either defend or smash the shuttle back into your opponents. A vital tool that can help in this regard is a fantastic set of badminton shoes.

Badminton shoes are made to help fulfill the distinctive movements of badminton. Receiving the very best badminton shoe for you may be hard due to the various kinds on the market. This review will give you the essential information that will enable you to get the best badminton shoes.

Best Badminton Shoes 2021

1. LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes

The non-marking gum rubber sole of the shoe is abrasion-resistant and anti-skid. Along the inside front and toe area of this shoe is an excess layer of reinforcement. This feature offers exceptional product performance and makes the shoe long-lasting.

The numerous pivot points on the sole of this Li-ning Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoe result in a flexible sole, which makes the shoe to feel and perform exceptionally fast and comfy. The multiflex rubber sole also provides total grip and boosts your performance. Another quality of this shoe is the X structure technologies that’s a tighten device for your heel. This feature helps to adjust the tightness of the shoe according to your need.



  • Improved protection level
  • Offers impressive grasp
  • It comes with a soft inside to prevent injuries


  • Quite heavy
  • Unsuitable for players with wide feet

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes

The Asics Gel-Blade 7 Men’s Squash and Badminton Shoe includes the Asics Gel cushioning system that’s provided in the heel. This quality of the shoe helps to shield you from the hard impact players of this badminton match-make when changing direction on the court.

The Trussic System Technology of this shoe provides you the advice and stability you want to remain on the top of your game. Another feature of the Asics Gel-Blade 7 is your net insole and Ortholite Sockliner allowing your foot to breathe as you perform on the court. The standard width of this shoe is acceptable for a wide range of foot sizes.

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  • Durable and sturdy shoe
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Provides optimum grip
  • Removable arch support


  • Quite expensive

3. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes

The Head Grid men’s badminton shoes with a rubber sole are made from synthetics. Their program range is vast, from squash, pickleball, babysitting all of the ways to our favorite badminton.

They are really indoor quality footwear that on the plus side does not even leave marks. The top region of the shoe is a combination of synthetic leather and air mesh.

The Head’s cooling system is also contained and guarantees the breathability of this shoe during a performance. Moreover, in addition, it absorbs and subsequently gets rid of excess heat. The HyBrasion technology ensures longer durability and protects your foot from calluses.

You can select either the white/navy or even the orange/black version of those men’s shoes.

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  • This pair of sneakers will grant you fantastic support and traction
  • The traction on those men’s sneakers can favorably affect your match
  • Comfort and traction will also be guaranteed and will lead to the general user experience


  • The breathability of the shoe during activities is somewhat but limited.

4. Yonex SHB 47 EX Indoor Court Sports Shoes

The following badminton shoe model on my list is the Yonex SHB which is appropriate for indoor activities such as ping pong, volleyball, tennis, or badminton. Similarly, to other Yonex sneakers, they also feature the Yonex power pillow that functions as a shock-absorbent element that helps with movement changes too.

The design and general look of these shoes are unisex, so men and women will be equally happy with this product. These shoes are available in a white-blue combination or a red and yellow mixture.

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  • Terrific shoes to get a badminton match
  • They have a great grip on the courtroom and fit comfortably
  • The power pillow with this model is far better than on previous ones


  • You may want to walk in them before a match to stretch them out.

5. ASICS Men’s GEL-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoe

This is one of the most affordable shoes by ASICS, and it has an exceptional design that makes it distinctive from others. Though this pair comes in a blend of red, white, and black with a timeless look, it still looks better and attractive.

Do not be tricked with its fair appearance from the box. Once you wear it and step in the court, you are going to get to know this set is a complete beast.

Aesthetics-wise, it has a thin profile which is really great since it offers better ventilation. And being light your rate increases and in addition, it provides better equilibrium.

The leather stuff in addition prevents wear and tear, no matter how you use them. But due to the white color, you’ll need to take additional care to keep it clean.

One thing, you as a player wouldn’t like is the thin padding, although the cushioning is comfortable and absorbs influences. However, I believe, thicker padding would’ve been more comfortable. Overall, you won’t have some issues playing badminton with these shoes on.

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  • Smart and durable construct
  • Attractive design with a thin profile
  • Better ventilation
  • A fantastic grasp of the bottom sole


  • Thin padding

Buyer’s Guide

Below are some important things to search for that really defines a pair of fantastic badminton shoes.

1. Weight

The weight of this shoe may severely impact how you go around to the badminton court. As a result, you ought to go for shoes that are lighter in weight. More lightweight cloth costs more. As a result, if you’re on a tight budget, you need to limit yourself to this assortment of weight. Anything more than four hundred grams could make the experience a tad bit uncomfortable. And anything less than four hundred will add to the cost of the badminton shoes.

2. Ankle Support

When you jump, twist or run backward, all the angle changes originate out of your ankle, which means your ankle needs a free assortment of motion.

For this reason, badminton shoes have been designed with less ankle support to make certain that the participant can easily move forward, backward, jump or even go sideways quickly.

Though there is some ankle support in case your badminton shoes have a lot of it, your ankles won’t be flexible and would not develop proper strength for your match. It may even lead to an ankle injury because your ankle is not utilized to extreme physical strain.

Start looking for badminton shoes that allow a flexible ankle movement.

3. Ventilation

Because badminton is a very extensive game and involves rigorous movements throughout, your feet will sweat a lot, and your shoes will become wet quickly. This most condition is the perfect place for fungi and bacteria to grow, leading to a very bad odor and much worse, Athlete’s Foot.

For this, your badminton shoes must have proper ventilation so that your feet stay cool and dry and prevent any uncomfortable situation that might distract you in the match.

best badminton shoes

4. Cushioning

Cushioning is very important for you to receive your very best expertise but more importantly to prevent injuries. Badminton entails lots of jump, and so whenever you leap or lunge, the strain is placed on your knees when you land. Best badminton shoes act like a suspension mechanism to split the load your knees take. This then prevents some knee-associated injuries.

Badminton shoes are anticipated to have great cushions inside them. As you tend to move speedily in various directions always, there’s no time to waste in any way.

A good cushion absorbs the impact of the movements you do. These shoes have the top technologies programmed to be able to do a better job at protecting your feet during the game. The good cushion pushes your toes back very gently constantly.

5. Playing Surface

Badminton is generally performed in indoor courts. Wooden and artificial courts would be the most frequent kinds of surfaces. Apart from these, you will find concrete and acrylic surfaces as well that folks use to perform outdoors, but they are not as common as wooden and synthetic surfaces. Synthetic courts are generally wooden floorings on which artificial mats are laid.

 Nowadays, people don’t play on cement surfaces a lot. The hard surface of cement does not provide sufficient traction and falling on a cement surface could result in severe injuries when compared to other surfaces. Wooden and artificial courts provide exceptional traction. 

One of those, wooden courts are somewhat more slippery. For cement courts, you should prefer regular plastic shoes.

For wooden, synthetic, and acrylic courts you need to choose badminton shoes that come with gum rubber soles. Applying them for other outside activities can lower the quality of the shoe. It results in lesser shock absorption, comfort and traction. 

However, you can use some badminton shoes for other sports as well, which you can play inside. You should, however, note that badminton shoes especially target badminton. Hence, they might not do the job in addition to regular shoes utilized for other sports. 

For occasional use, you don’t need to be worried. Coming back into the badminton shoes, the degree of comfort and grip every shoe supplies gradually increases with cost. But for the typical individual, badminton shoes at the budget-friendly price segment should satisfy your own requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Wear Badminton Shoes?

You should wear badminton shoes, as opposed to regular shoes. They supply specific characteristics such as a cozy fit and lateral stability, among others. These attributes are crucial to moving around a lot more quickly on the badminton court. In the absence of traits like stability, you are more prone to slip. As a result, there is a greater chance of injury.

2. Could Volleyball Shoes Be Used for Badminton?

Volleyball shoes, like most indoor court shoes, may be used for badminton and will not leave marks on the court. But, badminton has a lower center of gravity to permit for quicker moving around the court.

Volleyball shoes are an ok first alternative if you play with multiple indoor sports and are not looking for a shoe that is specialized. This could help you prevent severe injury.

3. Are There Badminton Shoes For Wide Feet?

Yes. Although badminton shoes, generally speaking, appeal to the average audience, specific products cater to wider toes.


As a reader of this article, you might be a beginner in badminton sport or a seasoned maestro. Either way, there are numerous factors that you ought to consider before purchasing a set of badminton shoes. The post talks are in-depth about the many essential features that a fantastic badminton shoe has to supply. These include playing surface, traction, durability and flexibility to both breathability and price range.

With our sharing, you can easy to choose the best badminton shoes.


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