Top 5 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes 2021- Updated

When it comes to basketball shoes, individuals can get really specific about it. Basketball shoes have turned into a type of fashion. Many shoe companies have made certain that they are aggressive in the basketball shoe market, which includes Adidas. Adidas is known for having the coolest designs on the highest quality make. Their basketball shoe collections are not any different. Here are the five best Adidas basketball shoes you can purchase today.

Best adidas basketball shoes reviews

1. Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoe

And, like these shows needed to be more comfortable, they also feature a Primeknit textile upper that’s unbeatable. The slip-on constructed of those shoes lends them a design that’s unique to Adidas’ construction of basketball shoes.

The cushioning of this pair of basketball shoes is accompanied by Boost, which makes them perfect for gamers that play on indoor courts. These kinds of basketball shoe also have a rubber sole.

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  • Comfortable
  • Look trendy
  • Cushioning provides the required comfort whilst playing
  • Effortless no-lace built
  • Knit upper for comfort
  • True to size


  • The grip falters due to dust
  • Originally a bit tough to slide on

2. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol. 4 Basketball Shoes

This B-ball signature shoe is among the best Adidas basketball shoes due to their innovative design. These shoes, with their ultra-lightweight structure, are designed to hold the hardwood with the utmost precision. They’re an update to the previous signature shoes  in the line such as the Adidas Harden Vol.2.

The midfoot lockdown ring makes sure that your foot remains in position. The midsole of the pair utilizes Adidas’ ultralight Lightstrike cushioning to allow you to move smoothly with a broad room for movement. The rubber outsole of those basketball shoes provides the player with just the right amount of traction. Together with the mind-blowing bounce cushioning in Harden Vol. 4, you’ll never make a poor cut.

Harden Vol. 4 are a pair of basketball shoes that do not just support your motion but also provide you the liberty to reach for the hoop with exceptional speed. With these basketball shoes, nothing could slow you down on the court.

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  • All these Adidas basketball shoes are fantastic for guards
  • They’ve outstanding traction
  • The cushioning is supportive and comfortable


  • The Boost cushioning has been stopped for all these sneakers.

3. Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce Madness

This is the best shoe for gamers who need premium quality materials and innovative performance for an affordable price. Essentially, these are running shoes using extra muscle to provide extra support in a game.

The grip pattern on these shoes is really aggressive, making them perfect for feisty defenders who prefer to play for hours on end.

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  • A sleek design features a flexible
  • Breathable knit upper that provides great protection to all parts of your foot


  • Highly susceptible to dusty floors and long break-in time.

4. Adidas Pro Model 2g Basketball Shoe

Designed for players dedicated to playing every day, the Adidas Pro Model 2G Shoes are a pair you won’t stop admiring. Jamal Murray swears from the lightweight design of the sole that does not let him overlook any slashes.

The Bounce midsole cushioning enhances performance with comfortable drives. With those basketball shoes, you will fall in love with B-ball each and every time that you put them on. The Pro Model 2G shoes are created with a soft impact that will, without fail, keep you busy while playing.

These are a few of the best Adidas basketball shoes because of their Stabilizing Torsion system which provides superior arch support.

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  • The Pro Model 2G shoes are created with Torsion technologies for arch support
  • These shoes are fantastic for everyday practice
  • They’re made with highly durable materials


  • These shoes tend to be a little heel spillage

5. Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes Men’s

These are also mild shoes with a fantastic courtroom feel and are easily among the most stylish options.

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  • Low courtroom feels and excellent traction improve your ability to make surprise breaks and cuts.


  • The extremely low shirt that leaves ankles too vulnerable for some players

Factors to Look for When Purchasing Adidas Shoes 

1. High-top OR Low-top

Low high shoes are lighter, which boosts better movement. However, some players would rather wear high-top and dismiss low-tops completely. This mostly depends on the participant’s preferences.

It is important to be aware that low-tops might turn out to be a much better choice for new players since they enhance your movement. To begin with, let’s try to comprehend the gaps between high-top and low-top basketball shoes.


The best Low-top basketball shoes are loose and flexible compared to high-tops.

They’re specifically designed for basketball players with the function of guards as the ease of motion they offer is unmatchable.


High-top basketball shoes have been expressly made for large players. They are created for optimum ankle and support containment.

The key difference between high-tops and low-tops is normally the weight of the sneakers.

best adidas basketball shoes

2. Movement

So far as basketball shoes go, the most important factor you must consider is movement. When you are playing basketball, you are thinking on your toes, quite literally. In a match like that, liberty of movement is critical. Adidas uses Boost midsole, which assists players to play the game with the perfect cushioning. Therefore, it’s vital to buy a pair of Adidas basketball shoes that enhance movement and lighten the weight.

3. Traction

After the motion, comes grip. Shoes that can hold traction are a must-have for B-ball players. A lot of basketball patterns rely on the connection between the sole of your shoes and the floor. This is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor courts. Whether you’re shooting hoops at the yard or playing indoors, grip is overriding. The traction pattern a shoe lets is one of the most essential things a basketball shoe should account for.


1. Do I need a particular Adidas basketball shoe for outside use?

Not necessarily, although some models last longer when used on hard courts outside consisting of asphalt or cement. For maximum durability in outdoor shoes, a thick rubber outsole is important.

2. What makes a basketball shoe fantastic?

The type of basketball shoes you select should depend on the kind of game you play. For instance, low-tops are made for guards, whereas high-tops are created for power gamers such as centers and power forwards. Bear in mind that a fantastic set of basketball shoes should have the right range of motion to strengthen your moves. They should have sufficient grip to protect your feet from unintentional injury.

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3. Can I wear the exact same Adidas basketball shoes as NBA or WNBA players?

Yes, as Adidas sells several models the pros use. In reality, some players wear their own branded Adidas shoes on the court, which the firm also sells to the public.


There’s a lot to appreciate about Adidas shoes. We wanna tell you that Adidas does not have a lot of shoes at all. These are the best right now. Hope that you can choose one that suits you. 

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